Curation–UK Jets Scramble Over North Sea USO/UFO

  Curation of a Hot USO/UFO case Curation is important to do with videos where possible, for a good job of this provides useful context for otherwise freestanding material. The very busy, diligent and prolific UFO research and investigation group secureteam10,  using an impressive array of sources, released the above video on a breaking case […]

JKI Update 4 The BEK-Spec Ops Connection!

JKI update time! If the extended title of the post caught your attention, it was supposed to. There has been a major change of plans by Karl and me on how we’re going to run JKI, and I’m here to tell you about it. Please pay close attention. But before we start, the below video […]

UFOs Light Up The Scottish Sky

John Macdonald was driving at night through rural Scotland when suddenly, he says, an amazing circular bright object appeared in the sky. John Macdonald / Cascade News Macdonald, 65, estimated the object — displaying several rows of brilliant lights — was less than 100 yards from him, hovered for a few minutes, and then vanished […]

SEALs’ Op Goes Red Hot in Raqqa! No Intel for Anyone!

MH-60L DAP at work! SEALs are justifiably famous for their incredible feats of Spec Ops derring do (and doubtless would be more so were the public aware of their other ops). But the very nature of their work is predicated on seeking huge payoff from inherently very risky activities. Sometimes, things go horribly wrong. The leading […]

Pope Lick Monster–Its Strange, Unexplained, and Deadly Allure

Pope Lick Monster? Does the horrid thing view the Pontiff in Rome as some sort of frozen summer treat on a stick? Hardly, for “lick” in this case refers to something altogether different. A “lick” of the sort described below refers to a natural salt deposit of some sort, a place to which animals are […]

Ghosts! Were their images captured at ‘The Shining’ hotel?

Ghosts?(CNN)Is the hotel that inspired “The Shining” actually home to ghosts? Note to JKI readers: I have taken an existing CNN post and added more material to it, notably the video, in addition to changing the title. Program note: Explore the decade that continues to fascinate us today: CNN Original Series “The Eighties” airs Thursdays […]

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