Charter Membership Drive (Redo?) & Upcoming Groove Thang

If It Can Go Wrong, It Will… Karl here, your largely unseen and unheard from Webmaster at JKI. On behalf of JK, I wanted to thank everyone who took advantage of our Charter Membership drive. We’re pretty happy with the results. We came close to selling out, and I’m  sure we would have if not […]

Russian Nuclear Strikes in UKR Confirmed! JKI Exclusive!

Russian Nuclear Strikes in Ukraine–Evidence & Denial Russian nuclear strikes against Ukraine in the Donetsk region have now been exclusively confirmed by JKI’s thoroughly proven  “Deep Throat” military-intelligence sources. This new information amplifies what JKI had previously reported. Two salient factors are the most important aspects of what was provided to JKI. US has ironclad […]

UFOs & ETs/EDs – My Story Pt.1

UFOs & ETs/EDs?! UFOs? Well, I did show you one near Chicago and another over the Antarctic, plus some near the Sun, but for all the writing I do about them, I have never directly seen any UFOs that I know of. Not a one. Nor, in this plane of reality, have I ever, to […]

Russian Nuclear Strikes in Ukraine?! Has Putin Lost it?

Russian Nuclear Strikes in Ukraine?! “Looks that way,” aver JKI’s insider sources. Exclusive! Russian nuclear strikes in Ukraine, on the heels of no less than three known Russian nerve gas attacks, as exclusively reported by JKI here, are, by definition, the very stuff of not merely local, but regional, national and international nightmares. According to […]

JKI Subscription Rollout Imminent!

JKI Instituting Major Change! Moves to Modified Subscription Model! JKI is getting with the program and moving aggressively (or is it kicking and screaming?) into the modern Web. Very real technical limitations on JKI from the previous Web theme, hosting and other Karl issues have been addressed with our beautifully designed (thanks, Karl!) new site, […]

Nerve Gas Used Against Ukraine–Putin’s Doing!

Nerve Gas Used by Putin Against Ukraine Opens Terrifying Global Door. JKI Exclusive! Nerve gas! The very expression sends shudders up most people’s spines, bringing up such awful memories as the Aum Shinrykyo’s Tokyo subway sarin attack, which was but one of largely unreported many nerve gas/agent attacks made by the cult. And now, in […]

Liberation Forces–Special Message to Terrans!

Liberation Forces–Why They’re Here on JKI!   Liberation Forces. The Liberation Forces (LF), the Light oriented ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) working to free us from thralldom so thorough and vile it’s all-pervading have now interrupted, well, themselves (the still incomplete extended post series on the latest LF developments) to bring the humans of Terra/Earth vital news. […]

DHS Debuts Spy Software from Hell!

DHS Super Surveillance Program Utterly Destroys Our Privacy! DHS aka Homeland Security aka Homeland has, according to knowledgeable insider sources, installed a simply vile new surveillance software program on all its servers. Perversely, this was done right around Christmas! Not even JKI’s superb sources know its name, but they very much know that it does. […]

AMRAAM Missile Kills ISIS T-72–Exclusive!

AMRAAM AAM (Air-to Air Missile) Used as Impromptu Armor Buster in Syria! ISIS T-72 Tank Clobbered! UPDATE 12/19/2014  JKI learned a few days ago that the attack on the ISIS reinforced T-72 tank platoon described below occurred in the now understood context of something much larger. According to insider sources who’ve seen the post strike […]

Liberation Forces–Major News! Part 3

Liberation Forces Finally Report In! Prepare to Be Stunned! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! What follows can, and likely will, blow away, freak out, even enrage some of you. Some may be thrilled to know that things they’ve read about, and maybe seen on cinema, are assuredly real. You may expect many of your deeply held beliefs […]

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