UFOs: MJ-12, an SF Novel Series & Muslim Shock Troops 2

  UFOs, more specifically, certain military related activities by their occupants in our history of warfare here, formed the subject of Part 1.    In that post, after explaining what Janissaries were, I noted a remarkable congruence between the core scenario in SF writer Jerry Pournelle’s Janissaries and what MJ-12 (the controllers and lethal guardians […]

UFOs: MJ-12, an SF Novel Series & Muslim Shock Troops 1

  UFOs are a topic of continuing interest, despite a growing tide of Disclosure planned (such as the Alien Awareness Program a Three-Star General was invited to join and passed on) and unplanned (more and more leaks every day as the truth inexorably works its way to the surface). But to really properly discuss UFOs […]

#cellphoneattack URGENT!!! Part 2

#cellphoneattack This Means You! #cellphoneattack again, this time with a fresh and multiply horrifying case. Why multiply? The target has been hit not once, but repeatedly over time, whereas the case which gave rise to my first post, which sounded the tocsin call about #cellphoneattack, covered one attack, once. Her handle is anje, and so […]

BEK EBook Done! Sales to Start Soon

BEK - Black Eyed Kids - A Threat Assessment by John Kettler (book cover)

    Our Cool AND Disturbing  BEK Ebook Cover  Image Credit: Mann via JKI BEK Ebook–Production Process As War! BEK: A Threat Assessment is now finished as a complete ebook following several marathon sessions (until 4 AM in one case) via Skype with Karl.  The cover is tweaked, the text pored over, proofed, new glitches […]

Storm Gods and Me Coming on JKI/SA!

  Storm Gods & How the Discussion Began–Teaser Storm Gods and Me is the story of how I took a rather astounding tidbit of higher order information from a Member of Ground Contingents (people who have familial connections with the positively oriented ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces) and used it to have an extraordinary and […]

BEK Special Report Manuscript Finished!

BEK Special Report is now T Minus…   In truth, a bunch! BEK book finished? Really? Is “finished” meant to indicate the BEK Special Report is ready to go; is complete in all respects? No. What it means is that, for now, my work as the author is done. Now it’s time for Karl to work […]

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