BEK Special Report Manuscript Finished!

BEK Special Report is now T Minus…   In truth, a bunch! BEK book finished? Really? Is “finished” meant to indicate the BEK Special Report is ready to go; is complete in all respects? No. What it means is that, for now, my work as the author is done. Now it’s time for Karl to work […]

#cellphoneattack URGENT!!! Part 1

#cellphoneattack  Your favorite device can injure or kill you–remotely! #cellphoneattack Researcher remotely zapped by phone! New attack method can injure or kill. Charge down ~ 70% instantly. The above was my initial warning to anyone bucking the PTB, (such as the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, other alphabet soup agencies, NWO) or anyone else with the requisite […]

JKI Update 7 Spec Ops Book Status & ET/ED Developments

U.S. Spec Ops - Revealed

JKI Update time! U.S. Spec Ops Revealed book status, plus pending posts on biowarfare assassinations and the latest developments–from the macro to my own experiences– on the ever popular ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces will be the subjects. But first, since there are so few videos on the topic of update, let alone funny ones, […]

Real UFO, USO or No “O” at All?

  Real UFO, USO or No “O” & the “Eye” I Don’t Have! Is what we’re seeing starting at ~3:00 a real UFO? A real USO? Is it real only in the sense we think we see an object, when it’s actually only virtual? Who’s to know? Not me! Let me explain. Over time, it […]

JKI Update 6 BEK Book Status, UFO Serendipity & Synchronicity

JKI update time!  Yes, it’s true. It hasn’t been an Ice Age since the last one! Before we commence this, the sixth JKI Update,it’s once again time for some classic not PC drollery. JKI Update–Where Things Stand BEK E-book Shocking as it may be to contemplate for those used to seeing my book projects advance […]

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