Ark of the Covenant Raided! Really!

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“Ark of the Covenant? Raided? Surely you’re confused and are talking about the Steven Spielberg mega hit film, right? Right?!” No, I’m not. I’m talking about the real deal, which used to be (note past tense) in the ancient capital city of Axum, Ethiopia, as detailed in the video below. To be clear, I’m not […]

Bulgarian Navy Humiliates Putin in Black Sea!

Bulgarian Navy humiliates Russian Navy? The minuscule Bulgarian Navy? Are you crazy? No, but the very real stories sure are! Or do you deem paintball waged with ASW (AntiSubmarine Warfare) missiles normal? Yes, that’s exactly what I said. And I’m sure you know how awful a bad sunburn can be, but did you know a […]

Area 51 Jobs! Norio Hayakawa Spills!

Area 51. The Navy owned facility managed by the Air Force for the CIA is synonymous with secrecy and the cream of secrets known as black projects and black programs. Training ground under another name for the first US nuclear capable air unit, the 503rd Bombardment Group. The test facility at which the famous U-2 […]

BEK and the Terrified Investigator!


  BEK (Black Eyed Kids), less well known as BEC (Black Eyed Children) or BEP (Black Eyed People), are urban myths to some, but horrific reality to others, including me. The original purpose of this post was to provide new information on the BEK, my preferred acronym, but little did I know I was about […]

JKI Update 3

Update time! I’m being kind (to myself) here, but it’s more than fair to say my productivity, for weeks now, has been practically nil. In my defense, I’d observe that it’s hard to use a desktop computer while bedridden, brain befogged, having vision issues, hands trembling (once hit the same key four times near instantly) […]

BEK Post Coming Soon! Hope You’re Ready!

BEK! Black Eyed Kids (sometimes called BEC–Black Eyed Children). Arguably, one of the scariest things I’ve written about, and it just keeps getting scarier. Apparently, though, people love to be frightened–to the tune of over 400 million dollars in horror movie revenue in 2012 alone, together with another 500 million for horror themed attractions.  But […]

Tesla Tech & SF Join the U.S. Navy!


“Tesla tech’s joined the Navy?” “And what’s this about SF?” Correct on both counts. The great Nikola Tesla dreamed of supplying wireless electrical power, and the Navy has made his dream come true. Except his Tesla coils aren’t beaming power to entire cities, but to a few innocuous looking prop driven aircraft. These are brand […]

JKI/SA About to Launch New Exclusive Series!


By “exclusive,” I mean, in this instance, none of it will appear here. Yes, I have more or less risen from the dead (finally) and am taking maximum advantage of that likely to be brief window (the whys and wherefores to be shortly released on JKI/SA) of productivity to, well, produce. To generate some exciting, […]

Life in Hell, Pt. Whatever


This is just a quick update from the glorious reality that our fearless namesake deals with daily. As if multiple wars, earthquakes and massive volcanic eruptions aren’t enough for an empath and earth sensitive to deal with, there’s this… For some reason, JK’s internet access – dodgy at best on the best of occasions – […]

UFOs, Dulce Base, Area 51–Norio Hayakawa Interview Pt.1 Excerpt

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Karl the Webmaster here. Yesterday, John and I were thrilled to conduct the first of what we hope will be many interviews with one of the leading lights of modern UFO research, the erudite and always interesting Norio Hayakawa, considered by many in the UFO field to be the dean of Area 51 research. Norio […]

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