UFO Swarm Over Sacramento, California?!

UFO Host Over Sacramento? Let’s See Recently, I received a link to a video purporting to be “an armada of UFOs over Sacramento, CA.” At first, I was blown away. But what blew me away? In any event, whether real UFOs or not, the experience was galvanizing. Indeed, it’s difficult not to get worked up […]

Nuke disaster in RUS/UKR! When & Why Obama Hid it

Nuke disaster? Really? Yes, really! On February 13, 2015, there was a swiftly downgraded to 6.8, then completely suppressed magnitude 7.3 earthquake reportedly about “five miles inside of Russia near the Ukraine border.” That would be opposite Russian proxy army held Eastern Ukraine. Quake analyst dutchsinse reported the 6.8, but he didn’t have access to […]

Russia Withdraws from Ukraine?! Was Merkel the Reason?

Russia Withdraws from Ukraine?! Russia withdraws? Can it really be true? Per JKI’s “Deep Throats” within the military-intelligence community, people risking their very lives to inform us, yes! Starting on February 28, 2015, there is a massive withdrawal occurring from Ukraine of even more Russian forces than the US knew were there! US overhead imagery […]

Charter Membership Drive (Redo?) & Upcoming Groove Thang

If It Can Go Wrong, It Will… Karl here, your largely unseen and unheard from Webmaster at JKI. On behalf of JK, I wanted to thank everyone who took advantage of our Charter Membership drive. We’re pretty happy with the results. We came close to selling out, and I’m  sure we would have if not […]

Russian Nuclear Strikes in UKR Confirmed! JKI Exclusive!

Russian Nuclear Strikes in Ukraine–Evidence & Denial Russian nuclear strikes against Ukraine in the Donetsk region have now been exclusively confirmed by JKI’s thoroughly proven  “Deep Throat” military-intelligence sources. This new information amplifies what JKI had previously reported. Two salient factors are the most important aspects of what was provided to JKI. US has ironclad […]

UFOs & ETs/EDs – My Story Pt.1

UFOs & ETs/EDs?! UFOs? Well, I did show you one near Chicago and another over the Antarctic, plus some near the Sun, but for all the writing I do about them, I have never directly seen any UFOs that I know of. Not a one. Nor, in this plane of reality, have I ever, to […]

Russian Nuclear Strikes in Ukraine?! Has Putin Lost it?

Russian Nuclear Strikes in Ukraine?! “Looks that way,” aver JKI’s insider sources. Exclusive! Russian nuclear strikes in Ukraine, on the heels of no less than three known Russian nerve gas attacks, as exclusively reported by JKI here, are, by definition, the very stuff of not merely local, but regional, national and international nightmares. According to […]

JKI Subscription Rollout Imminent!

JKI Instituting Major Change! Moves to Modified Subscription Model! JKI is getting with the program and moving aggressively (or is it kicking and screaming?) into the modern Web. Very real technical limitations on JKI from the previous Web theme, hosting and other Karl issues have been addressed with our beautifully designed (thanks, Karl!) new site, […]

Nerve Gas Used Against Ukraine–Putin’s Doing!

Nerve Gas Used by Putin Against Ukraine Opens Terrifying Global Door. JKI Exclusive! Nerve gas! The very expression sends shudders up most people’s spines, bringing up such awful memories as the Aum Shinrykyo’s Tokyo subway sarin attack, which was but one of largely unreported many nerve gas/agent attacks made by the cult. And now, in […]

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