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99 Responses to Suggestion Box

  1. Kathy says:

    Hi Webmaster,
    The only way I can keep up with all the wonderful comments is to look for them in the box on the right, under “recent comments”. However, that facebook tab insists on covering some of the words, and I can’t scroll past that tab, it stays in the middle of the page. Can you put your facebook stuff somewhere else on the page? Thanks!
    Thanks for the great blog, guys!~

    • Webmaster says:

      Kathy, the Facebook tab scrolls as you scroll the page up and down. It should, anyway. To move it, you must simply scroll. Additionally, if you “open up” your browser window (i.e. click, drag and expand it), you’ll see more of the site and be able to do what you want to do.

      I hope that helps.

      If you’re still having problems, try quitting and reloading your browser, or a different browser entirely.

      We’re glad you like the comments, and we hope you’ll stay a while!


  2. kaya tuwa says:

    Hi John was very inspired by your talk on project camelot..many sincere thanks to you and your et colleagues..
    refering back to the talk of feb 16, you mentioned 2 races of beings who control the chinese govt..
    As everyone knows these days about the genocide being waged against Tibet her peopleand culture by the chinese govt. , how much influence do you think
    these Et’s who direct the chinese govt, have to bear on the genocide
    happening in Tibet and after the larger world war 3 issues have abated, could you envisage your Et group playing any part in restoring some balance in China , not only for the Tibetans but the ruthless rate of exploitation of the natural world in thier country.
    Tibet has , in my opinion one of advanced spiritual and metaphysical treasury on the planet . As a result of what the chinese have done some has been destroyed and but much also has spread out to the world.

    Would very much appreciate your comments when you have the time

  3. William says:

    Love your content. Hate the software it runs on. Ever thought of Word Press? I keep getting annoying popups and other junk.

    • John Kettler says:


      The site IS in WordPress. The popups are there to get people to opt into the list, and we are trying to find the proper balance between adequate exposure and galling people. Also, it costs money to trun the site(even more given the whopping traffic increase) so we are working to offset those expenses and actually make some money once we’ve covered our “nut.”

  4. Anton says:

    Hi There,

    Thanks for a great site with lots of info. I too, find the pop-up to subscribe very irritating [sic or not]. May I suggest that you load the pop-up only once per site visit? It really gets too much when one has to close it on every page one views. Especially seen in the light that I have already subscribed to the newsletter and the RSS feed.
    I hope you find this comment constructive. Keep up spreading the info!
    South Africa

    • John Kettler says:


      Will pass this to the Webmaster. I hope the software’s smart enough to be set to disable the irritant for those who’ve already opted in.

  5. Ali Karim says:

    Picture tells a thousand words they say. Perhaps some pictures over articles would be an added icing on the already good blog. I like it short and simple.

  6. Chris Chung says:

    I hate going to this site because all of the irratable “subscribe to my news letter” pop ups. People who come to this site are not idiots! If we wanted to subscribe we would, because we know how. Please stop forcing it into people’s faces.

    • John Kettler says:


      We’re trying to find a happy balance here, and doing so is an iterative process. Will see if there’s a way to disable it when you visit.

    • Webmaster says:

      Actually, Chris, “all the irratable [sic]” pop ups consist of two footer flashes and the rare pop in. Other than that, there’s a sidebar.

      Sorry you found them irritable, but the reality is that in many cases, you only have one or two chances to get a person on your list or “ad blindness” comes in and they never opt in — even when they would benefit from doing so.

      We’ll keep an eye on this issue. There have only been a few complaints in the many, many thousands of visitors who have hit this site in recent days. You literally cannot please all the people all the time, but we hope that, generally speaking, you enjoy your time here on the site.


  7. Kman says:

    I was posting on the blog pages but this seems like a better place to post some things. I guess these comments/questions are to Webmaster:

    I clicked on a link at the right to get to this Suggestion Box, but don’t see a tab at the top to lead to this section. How does one get here otherwise?

    Also, some things on the site haven’t worked for me, maybe because I prefer to use Google Chrome for my browser. Do you check your web design against the different popular browsers out there? I see there have been changes since the last time I logged on, so maybe part of it is you are still working the bugs out.

    Thanks Webmaster for helping John and keep up the good work. We know your job is critical in getting this information out.

  8. SurvivorPlus says:

    As an addendum the latter part of my Post referring to Negativity, it was not meant to apply to Kerry C. at all, but others on the Web.
    We love Kerry. We know Kerry’s sometimes combative ambush style interviews are to get to the truth for everyone, even though the other party may be made uncomfortable.
    That said, it’s time to transfer info. Telepathically, instead of the written word which is so ambiguous. How we have suffered. S

    • John Kettler says:


      As you heard, I don’t roll over and play dead. I used to brief generals, admirals, spooks, and senior management, so no big deal. When everyone’s telepathic the world will change forever.

  9. Rob says:

    Please Note: My synopsis is based purely on the investigate work of David Wilcox of Divine Cosmos.com and his investigative report on “The 1.1 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit That Will Free People From Financial Tyranny.”
    All information has been confirmed by highest level on and off world people.

    The “extremely” abridged presentation of the who, what, where, and when of “THE RULES” –

    or “The Quarantine of Earth”.

    After the unprecedented disaster that befell our earth, known as Roswell 1947; and after another, arguably worse, disaster that befell us with the Eisenhower/Alien Treaty (1950’s); the “ET(s) of the highest order and station” let’s call it,decided, after seeing how we here misused ET technology, ordered that two indestructible satellites be placed in orbit
    around earth and that these two satellites place an impenetrable to
    technology carrying earth humans, or ET ‘s from coming here. There have been exceptions (one time dispensation to allow the Apollo missions to go to the moon), ET scientific missions here.

    And that, in a nut shell, were THE RULES: we can’t go out and the ET’s can’t come in.

    So why are ET/ED’s helping us now? LOL…hazard a guess..:) It’s because THE RULES have changed. The “highest level, station(?), ETs” decided we are ready to join (notice how many earth humans are “awake”) the other Galactic Civilizations and ordered the shields to be lowered and this is where we are now in this regard. But, THE RULES kept earth people in, also included the ET/ED’s already here and (these are greys) as well, but kept any others from coming.

    So now while we earth humans are getting incredible help from the off world peoples, the off world peoples are fighting a battle to save earth people on two fronts – from the NWO and the “bad” ET/ED’s.

    I hope this helps people who need to know “why now”.

    The complete story can be found here:


    John, I think this is important to assist in your being able to tell your story to the people, and for the people to be able to understand your story, but I have no idea where to post it. So, first if you agree with me, please feel free to use it, post it wherever you feel would be best.

    Thanks much, Rob.

  10. CeeTee9 says:

    I would suggest you actually put something about yourself in your “About” tab for those of us who don’t know who you are or what your agenda is. Also, in this world of scammers, hoaxers and frauds, seeing a “Home” page that is essentially an advertisement for your latest book is quite off-putting and doesn’t bode well as a first impression that you should be taken seriously.

    • John Kettler says:


      Thank you for your input! Have passed your site layout suggestions to my webmaster. Yours is the first complaint (in more than 1000 total site comments) regarding my Home page. I am proud of the book, which reviewers found first rate, and proud of the stunning cover, which a close friend designed. I do not apologize for the prominent placement of the fruits of my highly original efforts, and I point out that I do NOT charge anyone for site access, unlike sites where you can’t even look at the content without paying for a membership. Further, if you understand what and who’s depicted on that book cover, you’ll get a pretty good idea right away what I’m about. If that doesn’t convince, then I’ll let my blog and the resultant comments speak for me.

    • Webmaster says:

      CeeTee —

      Sorry you don’t like the home page. From the feedback we’re getting, I’d say most do. But we fully acknowledge we can’t please all the people all the time.

      As for the About tab… you had to actually click on it, not the items in the pull-down below. As this was causing confusion, the menu bars have been changed to (hopefully) make it easier for all.

      Thanks for taking the time to tell us what you think.

    • SurvivorPlus says:

      Thanks for your dedication and hard work- no one else replies to most posts and Emails like you do – you showed patience and humility on Kerry’s last Show — We love Kerry but she has her issues. -We are here for Unity Consciousness and Love from the Heart- There are too many attacks from negative people- verbal and physical. You really need a thick skin from the Negativity. – & we have these ailments to contend with as well. S

      • John Kettler says:


        You’re welcome, and Kerry doesn’t intimidate me. What she knows does, though, to some degree, for she has been immersed in whistleblower stuff for six years, and I just got here, so to speak–at this rarefied level.

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