Anti-UFO Weapon Targeting System Off Sakhalin Destroyed By ET/ED Action!

HAARP anti-UFO weapon

HAARP's also an Anti-UFO Weapon! Photo credit: U.S Air Force via Wikimedia Commons

Anti-UFO Weapon Fire Control Center Destroyed By A “Wave Like A Hand” 49 Military-Technical Specialists Killed; 12 Technicians Survive

The Russian  anti-ufo weapon system has existed since the 1970s, and its use in action was been seen around the world in the September 15, 1991  STS 48 (Space Shuttle Mission 48) live video–by those paying attention. Read, many. After that, NASA stopped broadcasting live video!  That shot clearly seen streaking up from the Earth and being dodged by the UFO at a calculated 14,000 Gs was directed by the precisely sited anti-ufo weapon targeting center located on the “oil platform” off Sakhalin Island, Russia, according to extremely well-informed terrestrial and ET/ED (extraterrestrial/extradimensional sources).  The link shows the STS 48 video, plus a wealth of analysis, and posits a variety of locations and “what ifs” for the weapon firing seen and its origin, but what is indisputable is that normal oil rigs do not possess hundreds of retractable antennae, satellite uplinks and such, as anyone who’s ever watched oil rig footage can attest. A anti-UFO weapon control center would. Nor to any of the sources’ knowledge did any of the facilities named in those analyses suddenly suffer annihilation that “came out of nowhere,” as happened here and was shown around the world on TV.The “hand” comparison is apt. Please see what earlier happened to a key U.S. UFO research control center. And that was more of a warning! The anti-UFO fire control center called Kolskaya was being towed to a new position when hit by the “wave out of nowhere,” the move apparently tied to changes in the Earth’s shape from prolate spheroid to more of a spheroid. This was because the thinning polar caps have significantly reduced the Equatorial bulge, forcing alignment adjustment of the fire control center relative to the weapons proper.

Anti-UFO Weapon–The Nature of the Beast

The anti-UFO weapon system consisted of the all-important offshore fire control center, disguised as an oil drilling platform, located in precise alignment with a high energy laser (HEL)–to clear a path through the atmosphere–and what is believed to be a neutral particle beam (NPB) projector, both located on Sakhalin. The word “consisted” applies because the anti-ufo weapon is now “blind,” therefore cannot engage ET/ED targets. The shootdown of KAL 007 was reportedly linked to protecting the anti-ufo weapon complex.

Why The Anti-UFO Weapon Specialists Were Killed; Not The Technicians

Russia suffers from a perennial shortage of skilled personnel, which is why military jobs done here in the States by enlisted personnel almost invariably require an officer there. Thus, destroying the anti-UFO weapon targeting center as a facility is smart, but facilities can be replaced far more easily than can scarce highly skilled and security cleared military and scientific specialists, not to mention the battle staff. Think decapitation strike! By contrast, killing the techs buys nothing, so they were spared.

Anti-UFO Weapons On The Chopping Block

As noted in an earlier post, Earth has been in the hands of/under control of dark force ETs/EDs for a very long time. Thus, efforts to defend against “alien attack” are, in reality, geared to keeping their opposition, potential rivals and neutrals away. So far, 56 distinct groups, including those here, have been identified, covering the spectrum from “humans are tasty” to sincerely want to, can and will help a planet and her people in dire shape. The anti-UFO weapon control center was taken out in order to facilitate operations by the last category. Such are the realities of exopolitics.








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