Ballistic Missiles In Venezuela! ETs/EDs To Intervene!!!

Ballistic Missiles in Venezuela

Why Ballistic Missiles In Venezuela Are So Dangerous To The U.S.! Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Ballistic Missiles Discovered In Venezuela Monday, February 6, 2012–ETs/EDs To Decisively Intervene!

Ballistic missiles from a teaming of Pakistan and North Korea have been quietly introduced into Venezuela by President Hugo Chavez while the world watches the Persian Gulf in trepidation, according to highly cleared sources. How, exactly, the ballistic missiles got there is unknown but is under intense investigation by the U.S. Intelligence Community, following initial detection by reconnaissance satellites and followed up by U-2 overflights. The ballistic missiles, of unknown type: IRBMs (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles) or ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles), will, at the least (IRBM), be able to cover the entire contiguous U.S. from an unknown number of mobile launchers along the Venezuelan coast near Maracaibo. The ballistic missiles are expected to take a week to become operational.  No specific information on the warheads is known, but they could be nuclear, chemical or biological, with the nuclear and biological options being by far the greater concerns because of broad area of effects. ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) have been apprised and vow to “utterly destroy the weapons” and “severely punish” all concerned. “The strikes will be obvious and verifiable,” they say.

Ballistic Missiles To The South Of Us–Why So Dangerous?

Ballistic missiles launched from Venezuela are much more dangerous than those originating from Russia because warning time for such ballistic missiles is a mere 8 minutes after launch if the target’s Washington, D.C., 15 at most elsewhere in the contiguous U.S. This severely compromises evacuation plans for senior Washington leadership by denying time in which to evaluate the threat and then react.

Ballistic Missiles Bring Retribution From ETs/EDs

Threatened use of ballistic missiles at a time of extreme international tension will guarantee strong military action by the ETs/EDs against the offending party or parties, to include strikes on the suppliers of the ballistic missiles. Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Kim Jong Un (North Korea) and Youssaf Gillani (Pakistan) may’ve signed their own death warrants!




William - 3 years ago

My mind has been sufficiently stretched by your valuable information. The issue of chemtrails still carry a weight immeasurable. Thank you. The Kansas City area has been bombarded heavily the last 6 months. When is this crime against humanity going to end?

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    We don’t have a date, but I assure you, the problem’s being worked.

anonymous - 3 years ago

Have they assassinated the North Korean leader already?

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    My sources “upstairs” indicate he’s not long for this mortal coil and that his uncle, the Regent, is dead. This is for selling those missiles and biological warheads.

Mz. Sunfire - 3 years ago

If you haven’t already, check Skype. Left you couple messages concerning this. :)

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