Bin Laden vs. SEAL Team Six–The Untold Story

bin laden compound

bin Laden’s Abbottabad, Pakistan compound Image credit: DOD

Bin Laden–How We Found Him

While much of the “official” story of the Jedis of SEAL Team Six (cover name NAVDEVGRU–Navy Development Group) attack on bin Laden is true, there are important things to be told.  The brave men of Red team (12 enlisted, 2 officers) who were there and took out bin Laden , while protecting the innocents, are all dead, offically classified as KIA-Killed In Action. Let this be their memorial; this and what three Red team snipers earlier did to end the Maersk Alabama Somali pirate seizure.

The official bin Laden death story is right in that the standout compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan was under surveillance for some three years, but we didn’t know who was there, for there were no electronic emissions–no radio, no Internet, no satellite phone, not even a landline. That piece of the bin Laden puzzle was supplied when Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was snatched up by the Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on March 1, 2003 and promptly turned over to the U.S. for a free trip to Camp X-Ray, at Guantanamo Naval Base. He broke and confessed to a stack of crimes at his first “interrogation by special means,” reportedly “crying like a girl.” What he gave up, though, that really hurt Al-Qaeda was the identity of the secure courier who took messages to and from bin Laden, this following harsh lessons in which those on radios, cell and satellite phones kept winning the “Hellfire missile sweepstakes” and worse.  Thus, nothing was sent electronically thereafter, and bin Laden went on living, with his two original kidneys working fine, but Addison’s disease set to kill him within a few years.

The vital bin Laden courier’s name was Al Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, and Al-Qaeda Number Two man and battle commander Ayman al-Zawahiri knew from other detainees al-Kuwaiti’s identity was compromised, yet did nothing to protect his boss. He was looking for “Klingon promotion” (advancement by murdering one’s superior), you see, and positioned the Americans to do it. This singular courier would do just that, for he drove a highly distinctive, garishly painted van impossible to miss even from space, let alone surveillance drones: It was purple, green, red, yellow and blue! Once we knew who he was, all we had to do was see where he went, which led straight to the strange walled building with no phone and no trash collection. Not overly difficult from there, especially with real time overhead coverage which could see people’s heat signatures, in detail, right through walls, thanks to FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red). The count showed bin Laden, four wives, fourteen children, the fateful courier and several bodyguards.

SEAL Team Six vs. bin Laden–Original Plan

The original plan would’ve brought in the Jedis of Six loaded for bear.  With two F/A-18B Super Hornets flying top cover “in case the Pakistani Air Force got frisky,” protecting the only two Ghost Hawks (dead silent but not as radar stealthy as the well-publicized by now Stealth Hawks) flying above the two Stealth Hawks (both types fly only at night), whose short combat “legs” forced an intermediate refueling stop at the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, plus two CH-47 Chinooks five miles in trail and carrying command staff, Navy corpsmen to treat combat injuries, even a chaplain, plus three CIA field agents from the Agency’s Directorate of Operations! It was supposed to be a CIA operation officially. That was the plan. A Northrop Grumman RQ-170 Sentinel would be overhead, too, providing real time imagery to SEAL Team Six, mission commanders and that bunch you later saw back in Washington, D.C. For the entire year prior to the operation an NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) KH-12 ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) satellite was parked in orbit over Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The bin Laden Assault Reworked

President Obama got nervous about Pakistani reaction to F/A-18Bs overhead, so he suddenly yanked the top cover, screwing up the “get bin Laden” plan in the process. Without top cover, the Ghost Hawks, which together with the Stealth Hawks came from Area 51, were not combat viable, so were removed from the plan, though already in-theater, significantly reducing redundancy if something went wrong. As is well known, it did!

The Navy, though, did not take this lying down and secretly ordered up an EA-6B Prowler from the aircraft carrier U.S.S.  Carl Vinson. SEALS are the Navy’s best, and Six’s Jedis the best of the best. No way would they be left exposed! The operation to kill bin Laden launched from Jalalabad, Afghanistan, after all equipment and personnel were brought in covertly by C-17.

The storming of bin Laden’s fortified compound has been told before, so we’ll skip ahead to some lesser known matters. Clever ground reconnaissance a week prior by a doctor offering free vaccines and carrying a camera to photograph the grateful kids and parents revealed the precise nature of the locks and other barriers to entering bin Laden’s compound.

The Prowler jammed the living daylights out of the Pakistani radar in the area, allowing the anti bin Laden strike force to enter the area unopposed. Al Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, the not-so-secure courier who had unwittingly given us bin Laden’s location, went rushing out to shoot the Stealth Hawk landing, was shot twice by M4 return fire after uselessly hitting the Stealth Hawk. His wife was killed by bullets passing through him, but the attack continued on bin Laden. Nor did one of his younger sons, Khalid bin Laden, who died on the stairway landing, also fighting. Two bodyguards, caught flatfooted but with AK-47s nearby, lasted mere seconds. It could be fairly said that the most resistance was inadvertently offered by bin Laden’s 29-year-old and youngest wife, Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah, when an unarmed, but going for his first battle souvenir Kalashnikov pistol, bin Laden used her as a human shield. One shot to the leg removed that dubious protection. Almost instantly thereafter, bin Laden was shot and killed. What the standard accounts do not reveal is that the “Ugly Americans” brought in a Navy corpsman, who operated on the woman, removed the bullet, filled the wound with antibiotics, sutured the wound, then gave her both  antibiotic and tetanus shots. This mere minutes after mortal battle!

Contrary to official reports, the Stealth Hawk did not crash when landing but when leaving, following loss of control from losing air while crossing the compound wall. The helo rolled on its side and crashed, but all aboard were fine. Blowing up the wrecked helicopter produced an incredible number of Tweets, duly picked up by the KH-12 overhead.

Bin Laden Operation Compromised–By the Veep!

As noted earlier, this was supposed to be presented to the world as a CIA operation, until Vice President Joe Biden became “the mouth that grew legs” by informing the world that SEAL Team Six did the job. Color the SEALS most unhappy, since they cherish operating anonymously, out of the limelight.

 Bin Laden’s Revenge!

Ayman al-Zawahiri’s Klingon promotion didn’t last long. Mere months later, his career as combat commander ended–with two Hellfire missiles and a 500-pound bomb blowing up his meeting so thoroughly the building’s roof “landed three blocks away.”





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