Censorship–Why The ETs/EDs’ Strikes Don’t Get Reported! Image Credit: Unknown

Censorship & Reality–If It Doesn’t Get Reported, It Never Happened!

Censorship–on ALL levels–is directly connected with why this blog posts extraordinary claims, which, in turn, are practically impossible to prove using “normal” methods. Censorship is used by the government and NWO (New World Order)/PTW (Powers That Were) to hide what would divert our attention from what they want us to watch, believe and react to. Censorship keeps us from keeping us from becoming aware of a whole new reality unfolding daily; from noticing their (soon to be literal) nakedness. Censorship is the application of mind control which operates on the principle that if it’s never reported by the MSM (mainstream media), to the general public, it never happened. People simply do not grasp the lengths, to include murder, the government and PTW will go in order to “keep the lid on.” Censorship helps keeps the controllers in control–of us!

Censorship–Your Press Pass, Broadcast License Or Your Life!

How does censorship work in a purported free country? Simple. Threats. Threats that jeopardize the survival of vast corporations and individual radio or TV stations, in a blatant censorship pattern going clear back to the Roswell Crash in 1947. How? Broadcast licenses! Lose yours, and you’re done. Game over. “Attention, Roswell, cease transmitting…this is a National Security item.” The radio station owner later said his station license was threatened with revocation. Censorship via intimidation works! Obey the censorship order or else!

Censorship struck again in 1970s Las Vegas with bombshell exposes on “The Billy Goodman Show,” where there were warnings, censorship regarding allowable topics, a suspension, more warnings, then being fired–all for having whistleblowers galore on talking about things the government and black op types from Area 51, S4, D6 and more didn’t want heard, let alone on a 50,000 watt station covering many states! The show was huge draw,  but not worth losing the whole station over. Censorship wins again! The same sorts of censorship and threats also ultimately drove Art Bell from the air, too.  He was allowing way too much truth to get out–had to be stopped!

If you watch “The Panama Deception,” which won the 1992 Oscar for Best Documentary, you can see that inconvenient observers, AKA reporters, suffered heavily for attempting to expose the horror that was Operation Just Cause–seven dead, shot down like rabid dogs and left lying in the street.

So, it’s no surprise that similar tactics work and work well against TV reporters and print media, who also have to deal with editor and owner imposed censorship. Keep covering certain topics and you just won’t be on camera or see your byline appear. White House access can be denied, embed permission removed, transmission facilities for uploading stories blocked and more. They can take your credentials, threaten you and your loved ones, even kill you. Unsurprisingly, that’s exactly what happened to what should’ve been worldwide, viral news: the daylight vanishing by the ETs/EDs of 40 Iranian vessels–in full view of tanker crews, warship crews, fishermen, merchant ship crews and “at least 20 member of the mainstream media, covering TV, print, Web, etc.” And what gets through the censorship?

“I spoke to contacts within CNN personally this morning even, they’re sitting on footage and other information concerning the Iranian KBs and Sub, plus interviews of witnesses, and even footage, etc., of the Venezuelan Missiles. Plus reports on several of the FEMA camps. And won’t release it because the government will literally pull their broadcast license.”

That source indicates that CNN has interviewed a bunch of witnesses to the disappearances, has footage of the actual disappearances and the reaction thereto, but CNN has been flatly told its broadcast license will be pulled if it airs any of what it’s turned up. Censorship at work! But wait! There’s more! Returning to the source..

“I think a HUGE part of the problem is the media, and even the government. Take for example the Tweets that were in fact on Twitter covering the 40 Kamikaze Boats  that were taken in broad daylight in front of HUNDREDS of witnesses including multiple MSM sources. Nothing was covered by MSM sources, because credentials and lives were threatened. The Tweets were removed by Twitter under demands of the CIA and DHS, citing “national security” issues per the response I got demanding to know why they had been removed. That alone should have gone viral.”

Ah, the joys of censorship! No annoying truth to upset the Sheeple!

Recapping, the things the ETs/EDs said did happen, happened. Despite the censorship! The suicide boats did disappear and were videoed and photographed doing so, by national and international media; a slew of tweets went out in real time, and the government removed them. The newest, quietest Iranian sub “vanished” that night, and that information has been multiply confirmed by the subs doing the tracking of said sub. The “sound of in-rushing water” reported by them perfectly fits what happens when something large is suddenly no longer there, and water roars in to fill the void. Let’s now look at the those vexed missiles in Venezuela. The source continues…

“As for the Venezuelan Missiles, Mr. Kettler was repeatedly told (which he even put in comments on his blog): “The U.S. government doesn’t exist to provide content for your blog.” So he has no option of getting overhead imagery from his Intel/Military Sources. Other satellites that provide free content to the public at large don’t update their imagery frequently enough to be of any use in these situations. And, no one that even comes close to living in the area can get close enough to where they were to get information themselves because the area is still under heavy guard. And, again. The media isn’t going to cover this under threats, and also because it would be an distraction from the focus and rallying towards the situation in the Persian Gulf/Middle East.”

The source is right. The last person who got classified satellite imagery (eminent naval historian Samuel E. Morison’s grandson) and published it drew a long stint in a federal prison. When it suits the government, it can break censorship and security regs to crow over, say, smiting Libya, using SR-71 imagery then to do so. Then there’s the “blank spots on the map,” problem (also the title of an excellent book by Guerin) a form of censorship in which orders are quietly given to remove whole facilities from Google Earth, further complicating verifying claims. If, say, a certain base is ripped to pieces, but the base isn’t on Google Earth anymore, now what? But if excellent terrestrial sources confirm what the ETs/EDs say they did, based on overhead imagery, intercepted communications, prisoner interrogations and more, that should be adequate, but it isn’t. People have said volunteers should go in and verify the ground truth of the destruction of the FEMA camps, but do we really want them potentially detained or even shot?  This is the kind of protection effective censorship affords malefactors of all stripes. Continuing the story…

Censorship, The CIA And Destroyed FEMA Detention Camps

So far 8 plus FEMA camps have been destroyed and left as smoking pits, but MSM and probably other Media Sources wont be reporting on those, because they’d first have to “admit” they existed in the first place (despite most Alternative Media followers already knowing this), then would open the huge can of worms concerning their potential uses, etc. Before they’d even come close to admitting that they’re being destroyed and left as smoking pits. And then the questions would be coming up as “by whom?” then they wouldn’t have the answers, then likely the media as they are good at would use this opportunity to twist it into some false flag attack by a “rogue” nation or false flag ET Invasion to instigate even quicker the use of surviving death and concentration camps. And, Martial Law. You really want to see that happen? I don’t think so.

(UPDATE: It’s now known, via information which came in after the post was first published, that the FEMA camps are real, as is the fact the MSM have the information, but the FEMA camps were NOT destroyed–at least in this timeline. Such are the joys of conducting operations from higher dimensions into this one!  An exceedingly complex and vexed matter–for those on the ground and those decidedly not.)

Censorship–How The Government “Makes Quakes Go Away”

It has long been known by Earth scientists and Earth sensitives alike that the government has been covering up and suppressing, via censorship and worse, the truth that this planet has become frighteningly unstable. It is common for the USGS (United States Geological Survey) to tone down or even remove quakes. Censorship took away the seismic wave charts, which were outing HAARP strikes and similar, and now we have a real smoking gun to show you concerning the lies of the New Madrid Fault system.  dutchsinse blows the lid off the seismic coverup–with ironclad evidence the government itself provided! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bd0qAVI6x4Y&hd=1

Summing up, the ETs/EDs have been very active, but censorship upon censorship has kept you from learning the truth. Isn’t it time to shatter the walls of official and unofficial censorship and finally learn what’s really going on?!

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142 Responses to Censorship–Why The ETs/EDs’ Strikes NEVER Make The News

  1. Steven says:

    Tks for the article.

    Isn’t CNN big enough to go public with all of it and state they are being blackmailed into being shut down and if that happens it’s because of the info they are presenting? No way they would be able to take CNN’s license without causing a world wide stir.

    Isn’t at this time the best hiding right in the open?


    • John Kettler says:


      The situation with the media is in flux, and that’s about all I know.

  2. DaCo says:


    Censored earthquake – Midwest to Southeast USA shakes – Wiped data

    A censorship by the USGS of an alleged earthquake as noted by Dutchsince on 02/23/12 could have possibly been the destruction of Deep Underground Military Bases being utilized by reptilians by the off world ET/ED friends? Perhaps the data revealed something not consistent with the ring of a natural earthquake.
    Just a potential for connecting some dots.

  3. anonymous says:

    Great article on the media war going on:

    …. the media elites will lose because of the Internet.
    And here’s a link to Judge Napolitano’s What If Democracy Is Bunk?

    • John Kettler says:


      Read parts of it already. Good stuff! RE other matter: attempt to contact you at new E-mail bombed instantly. We are in banking transition and will advise particulars when done. Meanwhile, please use despised other method.

      • anonymous says:

        Let me have your bank details when available.
        Don’t understand what you mean by : “attempt to contact you at new E-mail bombed instantly”.

        Don’t post this on your website but is my email account refusing to accept your message?
        Since you guys don’t have 2 beans to rub together…why don’t you publish your bank info on your site?

        • John Kettler says:


          Will do. E-mail went out to your new address and came back instantly with Mailer Daemon message. No idea why. The answer to the last is because there are a few vitally needed beans there and it’s not a dedicated business account. As for the rest of your message, I’m speechless!

  4. eileen says:

    I have no trouble believing that there were missiles and they were aimed at us. In fact, I started a thread about this on one of the channeling forums, after I had a dream/vision about it. I always get a vision when my life is threatened (I just do). So thanks Kettler for bringing this to everyone’s attention (I’m afraid I just got ignored as a nut job).

    In fact, the name of my thread was “why isn’t this in the news”. Thanks for answering that question as well (otherwise I might have thought I was just a little nuts too).


    • John Kettler says:


      You’re welcome, and please call me John

    • John Kettler says:


      Did you have the dream/vision before or after my post was made?

      • eileen says:

        Hi John,
        Just checked back and saw your question:
        my post was on http://www.galacticchannelings.com and the date I had the dream was around Jan. 12, 2012

        Here is the post (I knew Iran was involved, but since the dream’s location was my hometown, Selma, CA, it never occurred to me to think South of the Border for the missiles origin point).

        I havn’t been able to dream lately (due to my circumstances)….but I will state that a new timeline (which I rather not go into) started a few weeks ago (thank god!). Still firming up. So will see how it goes (for everyone). I don’t receive all my information from visions/dreaming, but instead directly (from source). I usually stay away from the ETs/EDs sources (myself).

        eileen rose


    • darylluke says:

      They are correct, you are nutz! ;-)

      But, it’s ok, so am I! It is an exclusive club, where reality reigns supreme, NOT the fiction the slumberers believe is the truth.


  5. Daniel says:

    Doomsday in Wyoming: Infowars Nightly News

    IMPORTANT : go to 6:22 min on this news vid…..
    fema puts out contract for 72 hr camps tou house displace people ….


    Uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel on Feb 28, 2012

    On the Monday, February 27 edition of Infowars Nightly News, co-host Mike Adams interviews Patricia Finn, a New York attorney under fire by the NYS Ninth Judicial District Grievance Committee for the crime of representing victims and their families who have had severe adverse reactions following vaccination.

    Host Aaron Dykes covers the latest news, including:
    Paul Joseph Watson’s story covering lawmakers in Wyoming who have introduced a bill that would compel the state to prepare for a complete collapse of the federal government, laying plans for an alternate currency, a standing army raised via a military draft, and an aircraft carrier.

    How rapidly increasing gas prices signal that inflation is on the rise as governments address economic woes by so-called quantitative easing and printing paper money.

    A new study out of Harvard University showing that pasteurized milk product from factory farms is linked to causing hormone-dependent cancers.

    Bombshell warning from Jeffrey M. Smith, the preeminent expert on GMOs, on the growing disaster lab-created foods is posing for animal, human and biosphere life.

    The dangerous trend pushed by the elite that portrays the Constitution and outdated, antiquated and unfashionable.
    And finally the fate of Iraqi agriculture: GMOs.

  6. rockpicker says:

    John; I posted a link here yesterday to a blog post made by zengardener recently. It was testimony from a purported government insider having intimate knowledge concerning the true purpose of the chemtrail spraying. He said it is a campaign to compromise the immune system, in preparation for introduction to deadly flu virus, as a means of depopulating the USA. That comment has disappeared. When I try to re-post the link, it fails, with an error message.

  7. kevin owen says:

    I wonder where these documents went?

    Any ideas?

  8. SLOYNAZ says:

    Hi John

    I copy and paste an article Timothy Geithner


    does Jan or yourself have any further information on Benjamin Fulford other then the youtube video.

    • John Kettler says:


      Good read! As for Fulford, I get all kinds of stuff on him, but he seems to run from spot on to not even close.

      • McCroft says:

        Hi John and SLOANZ,

        I have the same feeling about Benjamin Fulford that he sometimes drifts off.. but also that he can be dead on.. target..

        Rgs Mc

  9. Daniel says:

    Mike Adams: The Information Revolution Against Internet Censorship Begins!


    Uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel on Feb 27, 2012

    This is an open letter to the community of programmers, white-hat hackers and all those who wish to be part of an information revolution that may play a significant role in the future of freedom and liberty.

    As you well know, the internet is under attack. The corrupt, criminal governments and corporations of the world are trying to “cleanse” the internet and remove all truthful information from it. Websites that question the government’s official position on 9/11, fluoride, aspartame, the War on Drugs or the false War on Terror are being targeted for removal. With legislative assaults like SOPA, PIPA and ACTA, the days of true freedom of speech on the internet appear be numbered. Content censorship by Google, Twitter and Facebook is no longer conjecture; it is policy.

    As a former software developer myself, I recognize the urgent need for what I am calling a Peer-to-peer news distribution technology that relies on no central server and could redistribute news (text, audio and video) in a similar fashion to today’s bittorrents.

    The truth-telling news industry (“alternative” news) needs a technology that will bypass search engine censorship and which cannot be taken down with an attack on a single server or point or origin. There are tens of millions of internet users who, right now, would be thrilled to serve as peers of this system, redistributing news from confirmed “freedom” sources that are reporting real news that the world’s corrupt corporations and criminal governments don’t want people to read.

    NaturalNews wishes to locate a small team of dedicated, liberty-loving, free-speech supporting developers who can create a peer-to-peer news distribution application that will allow freedom-loving end users to read and distribute news and information that may soon be censored off the ‘net. This application will obviously need to be cross-platform, and it will need to use advanced port-hopping technologies to avoid being easily blocked.

    If the system works well in our testing, I will personally pitch it to Alex Jones at InfoWars, where I believe this system could see tremendous success as a breakthrough technology to distribute information and reach more users. I cannot speak for Alex, however, so it remains his decision on whether InfoWars would wish to use such technology. But if he did, the combination of NaturalNews and InfoWars using this technology to distribute liberty-oriented news and information would be enormous. It could thrust this application into one of the most popular new technologies used around the globe for people to stay informed about what’s really happening in the world, despite what the lying hoax media reports on a day-to-day basis.

    Learn more: .

    • Brian says:

      sounds like a good idea, but I would not want to hear Alex beating his table nor his chest and imposing fear-mongering hype. I doubt if he would be interested anyway, as there would be no paid advertising ;-(