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Rob - 3 years ago

If true, what in the hell are the aliens thinking? Why haven’t they taken at least 25% of the air fleet (the delivery system) out? I can assure them that if they do so, then no one else will fly these death missions. And then it doesn’t matter a tinker’s damn where the “factories” are.

A better way is just follow them to their bases (many of which are known) and take them out while they are on the ground.

Makes me wonder is all why advanced beings would take the simple and make it impossible. Sounds more earth human to me.

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    The ETs/EDs assess that even 25% attrition won’t suffice to deter chemtrailing, given the criticality of that effort to the overall NWO/Grey/Reptoid game plan. This is particularly true given that clones do what they’re told and others can be nastily coerced if not clones. Take a look at the attrition the kamikazes underwent to get some idea of losses the really determined are willing to sustain in order to carry out their mission. Please bear in mind that there’s so much more to this than the mere terrestrial aspects.

      anonymous - 3 years ago

      So what are the extra-terresterial aspects then?

      You indicated that the chemtrailling is to terraform this planet to make it suitable for the Greys/Reptoids in your reply to Dan

      This is only 1 crummy planet out of zillions. Why don’t they take a hike and go elsewhere now that we have some big buddies here to kick their asses?

      What’s going on in the other dimensions?

        Sunfire - 3 years ago


        Among other things, this planet is a highly strategic hinge pin to the rest of this galaxy, if it falls it’s not only the end of creation, but then tyranny quickly spreads through out the rest of the galaxy. Also we are very valuable not only on a soul level, but we as a race contain the complete human genome. There is much more to this but I’m typing this one handed with a busted left shoulder and painful right wrist, of which I can only use my right hand to type. If you haven’t yet, check out Alex Collier’s Defending Sacred Ground ~ The Andromedan Compendium. I think it might answer some questions. Earth is very valuable on many levels.

        As for whats going on in the other dimensions, complex problems are being worked on by numerous groups. No other details available, don’t ask.

      Rob - 3 years ago

      Then give ’em the same attrition rate as we gave the Kamikazes.

m.e.g - 3 years ago


Re: “Meanwhile, public officials, big name environmental groups and most mainstream media resolutely refuse to discuss the chemtrails over their very heads!”
It’s exactly what happens when you write your Senators, Governors, no matter which party. We never hear about petitions we’ve signed, we just get form letters telling us what they’re doing for their constituents, blah, blah, blah…COMPLETELY UNACCOUNTABLE!!!

Reflected strongly in this documentary film: What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length)

including science conference with blatant directives, Senators evading, and strong proof of its devastating long-term effects, with foresters tracking the soil pH over several years. On top of that, Monsanto has developed seeds that will grow in this toxic soil, so they’ll corner the market if this continues.

I’m grateful for the ET/ED interventions.
Love the photo posted above.
I might go ahead and try planting my garden after all!

Jan - 3 years ago

Looks like the BAD ET,S Chem-trail us also..
No wonder we are a sickly bunch…(JanQ)

In the Foreword of his book
“Mystery of the Sky men” Cmdr
Moore says-
(2) While some sky-men possibly
come from underground/underwater
bases from the Earth or the
Moon and beyond, most of those
coming here since 1946 are from
bases on “SKY ISLANDS” orbiting
near the Earth’s surface in Large
Numbers and in Rings. These Sky
Islands migrate swiftly eastward over
the Earth and probably depending
on their altitude, which is variable,
bring about all sorts of strange events
beneath them – many deliberately
engineered by sky-men.
(3) The sky-men have caused incalculable
harm to Earth and its inhabitants
by the release of “Sky
chemicals”. The sky islands themselves,
from the very nature of their
materials which compose many
sky-falls, are thought to consist of
dust, gravel, ice and sky chemicals
(noxious gases), and are hidden from
our sight by sheaths of clouds and
alien technology.
(4) The “sky chemicals” and gravity-like
forces of the sky islands and
sky-craft have caused untold harm to
Earth and its life-forms through
fires, explosions, paralysis and diseases,
adverse and unusual weather,
earthquakes, etc……….read more (page 8/9)
for your discernment.

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    News to me, and am not at all sure I believe it.

Feel Like A Bug Eating Raid - 3 years ago

Chemtrails are still HEAVY over the Chicago area day after day. It is difficult for me to reconcile how the Liberation ET/ED’s aren’t doing much about this over such a populated area. Any idea of when Chicago and the midwest will chemtrail-free skies again? For every thousand chemtrail flights, how many are being dealt with?

    John Kettler - 3 years ago

    Feel Like,

    Sorry, but I don’t know. I do know the matter is of considerable concern and is being worked, but it’s hardly the only thing on their plate.

rockpicker - 3 years ago

John; Your buddies tracking those missing N. Korean subs?

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    What missing NK subs? I’ve heard/read nothing on this.

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