CIA Compromises SEAL OPSEC!
Is The CIA’s Fate SEALed? Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

CIA Sells Out SEALs to Hollywood?!

The CIA has reportedly compromised vital U.S. Navy SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) OPSEC (Operational Security) by releasing highly sensitive classified data which could easily jeopardize the SEAL’s ability to conduct future missions in a safe and efficient manner. This monumental CIA security breach of SEAL security allegedly exposes the nitty gritty of SEAL mission planning, timelines, procedures, location of training on the Bin Laden compound mock-up and more–all so the highly regarded Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow (“The Hurt Locker”) can make the film “Kill Bin Laden” for Sony Entertainment Pictures, release date October 2012. The film’s evidently designed (see below) to help get Obama re-elected via association with the heroes of the strike he himself nearly ruined. The SEALS discovered this CIA perfidy when various SEAL Team members started getting fact checking calls and found themselves trying to discredit, on the fly, the potentially lethal-to-them information provided by the CIA, as stated by the callers. This awful CIA deed makes the outing of Valerie Plame seem tame. Why? What the CIA has done puts not just the Teams at risk but those who carry them into missions as well, now and into the future!

CIA Unauthorized SEAL Information Disclosure Triggers Full-Blown Government Investigation!

Maureen Dowd’s Op-Ed column got the ball rolling, revealing CIA involvement in giving away the “crown jewels” of that and operations to come to Kathryn Bigelow, to include meeting the Jedis of SEAL Team Six’s now-dead Red Team at CIA headquarters, a grotesque violation of SEAL OPSEC. Ms. Dowd’s bombshell didn’t go unchallenged, for Representative Peter King (R), Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, contacted both the CIA and the Pentagon in August 2011 and later received a positive response. Ms. Bigelow is now under investigation for possibly receiving classified information. Additionally, Government watchdog group Judicial Watch is suing the Pentagon and CIA, for failing to answer FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) requests designed to reveal what was supposedly said and given in meetings by those agencies with “Kill Bin Laden” director Kathryn Bigelow, writer Mark Boal and employees of Annapurna Pictures.

CIA Betrayal Leaves The SEAL Teams Beyond Furious

Regardless of what does or doesn’t happen to Kathryn Bigelow as she’s investigated, the real culprit here is the CIA, and those CIA officials responsible knew full well the consequences of the release of such devastating information to SEAL OPSEC and future operations. In doing so, the CIA has also shot itself in the foot, drying up a prime source of “operators” for its own clandestine missions. That, though, is the least of its worries, for the Teams are way past furious, rightfully so.

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20 Responses to CIA Compromises SEAL OPSEC To Re-Elect Obama?!

  1. Kathy says:

    Hi John,
    I am finding it increasingly difficult to read all the comments due to there being so many different pages where comments are posted (under your main blog posts, and the number of those is growing). Plus, after I have read all the comments, then later, I need to go back to scan down the entire page again because there are more replies up in the middle of the comments section.
    I don’t know if you can do anything about it on this blog site, or if, as administrator, you have any other options. I’m wondering if just one page for comments might solve the problem. That won’t keep us from having to scan the entire page for more recent comments, but at least all comments would be in one place.
    I personally like the forum set-up where each post is on the page in chronological order, and when I find the last one I have read, I can start reading there.
    I don’t want to miss any of the comments, they are interesting, too. ;-D

    • John Kettler says:


      Comments are handled by the software in the same way they are are in online fora. Someone starts a thread/makes a post (moi), upon which people comment and comment on the comments, too. Your approach would certainly be simpler to read, but would lack, I feel, context. As it is, I keep getting lost myself when answering them. I can well understand your not wanting to miss any, but I confess to having no good solution as yet to offer. If it’s a problem now, it’s only going to get worse in the future, as more and more people become involved with this blog.

      • Kathy says:

        I think you are doing a great job of answering all the comments, but I’m wondering how you will be able to keep up with it if your traffic increases as much as I suspect it will.
        I am thinking that at some point the comments section will become too unwieldy for you.
        Best wishes. :-)

  2. Roland says:

    The last halfhour of this interview is well worth a listen if you haven’t already come across it John. It also confirms the direction of your material that the powerplays of the disintegrating PTB will no longer be tolerated by certain peacekeeping parties – it’s a lost game for them.

    • John Kettler says:


      Always like good news, but am afraid it’ll be some time before I get to watch the vid, seeing as how I can barely type this. the computer’s doing the lead sled thing.

  3. John says:

    ‘SMART METERs’ are …UN Agenda 21 …(google it) latest NWO GENOCIDE
    tool implemented worldwide at this very moment. They turn your home in
    to a GAS CHAMBER to slowly kill you with super high radiation. You can even hear it crackle. Also it is a surveillance tool to control your everyday
    life. They are already at my doorstep & i have my gun ready if they do not
    get off my property.
    You never heard of it because it is the most slyest of deception sofar, i
    even just found out 4 days ago & am warning all 18 hrs a day for the last
    4 days now. PUC is like FDA, no help whatsoever, cooperating as one, as
    i found out yesterday in a meeting of it.

  4. Sunfire says:

    This is a interesting turn of events considering that Clone Kissenger (has been cloned since 1979 when real Kissenger died in a plane crash) was just busy telling the Chinese how the US Voting System is rigged and they’re plotting to let Romney and Paul draw up a stand off, then insert Jeb Bush even though he’s not even on the Ballet. Have you seen that Intel yet? Not to concerned though…it’s game over for the Cabal/Global Elite. It’s End-Game for them, the rest of the world’s waking up this year to their tyranny, treachery and lies. When all the time lines converge, there is no turning back and they know it.

    • John Kettler says:


      “They have their plans, and we have ours” say the ETs/EDs. BTW. thanks for the sub tip, which revealed a whole new class of super quiet diesel electric subs. Germany has four and Israel two.

      • Sunfire says:

        Happy to help anywhere I can :) And, I know my boys are too. Please extend my appreciation to your people for their efforts. Did, you get the reply I sent to your email?

        • John Kettler says:


          Yes, I did receive your reply, and your experience certainly seems more immersive. Consider them thanked.

        • John Kettler says:


          I think the digits got reversed: 68 meters, not 86, for the biggest German-built sub I can find in service.

          • Sunfire says:

            :) I will look over the math again. But, I’m pretty sure it’s 86. It being a Dolphin Class certainly wasn’t mentioned. I believe this one might be different.

          • John Kettler says:


            That was simply the biggest class of modern German U Boats I could find. the U209 class is much shorter. In the end, it doesn’t really matter much, for the appearance of anything like that would certainly cause a lot of comments, and Tweets, vids and stills, not to mention texts, would spread like wildfire.

  5. Roland says:

    I’m a bit of a doublethink merchant – comes from researching conspiracy after a while – so my initial thoughts are – and I could be out of my depth – if this story breaks mediawise and it’s obviously seen to be a re-election strategy, then it’s possible the aim was to harm Obamas re-election chances. Also if a given body of info is made public it might be seen to be compromising security, but the advantage that those that might make use of that information may have is easily undermined by simply changing whatever operation parameters it contains putting those compromised in an even more advantageous position.

    • John Kettler says:


      It’s not as easy as that when it comes to either the playbook or the training location. Satellites miss stuff all the time, for there are only so many analysts, but cued search is something altogether different. It’s akin to waiting in ambush.

  6. Hihi says:

    When I read of trouble in paradise it always makes me giggle.

  7. John says:

    Looks to me that Obama really hates those SEALs, i hope they truly are a
    force to reckon with, especially if they unite. All the fake fictitious signed orders of Obama will be wasted, useless atrocities. Wonder what he comes
    up with next to hold his seat, he probably will selfdestruct with the next
    sceam. There are lots of clones & doubles of Hilary, how many of Obama?
    Their whole UN Agenda 21 will take them down in selfdestructing manner.
    The Smart Meters are big time back firing by now, trying to turn our homes
    into gas chambers & cheap surveillance tools.

    • John Kettler says:


      The ones that made him look good are dead! Doubtless, he has schemes; no idea who has how many clones and never heard of Smart Meters, either.