DNA Identification–The Bin Laden Story

DNA structure

DNA Structure & Composition Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

DNA-How We IDed Bin Laden So Fast

DNA processing speed is one of the key objections to the official story of how the U.S. genetically confirmed the corpse was Bin Laden’s. Even with top priority, it’s widely held that DNA ID can’t be done in the two hours it took before the U.S. announced to the world that it had DNA proof Bin Laden was dead. These two are far more typical, with cycle times, assuming a cleared lab, of either as much as a week for one and up to three months for the other. In the real world, things take time, and the DNA testing is invariably backlogged, unlike the crime dramas! Guess what? That’s changed forever, and DNA testing with it.

DNA–“Will 30 Minutes Be Okay?”

Yes, you read that correctly! DNA testing can now be done in 30 minutes–if you’ve already done the prep work and have the right equipment. In Bin Laden’s case, it began practically as soon as he was dead, with DNA reference samples being collected at the scene from family members and Bin Laden’s personal effects. DNA test prep work took place aboard the helicopter en route to the carrier U.S.S. Carl Vinson, where awaited a very special, revolutionary piece of DNA test equipment. It was flown in specifically for the Bin Laden mission.

DNA Testing–Magic In A Box!

By normal standards, what happened when the DNA samples were rushed to the temporary lab and run was magic. Into a box a foot high, two feet wide and four feet long, went the DNA samples, and a mere 30 minutes later out popped the results: The corpse brought back absolutely was Bin Laden’s; the DNA tests, which were run twice more, just to be sure, confirmed it!

DNA Testing The New Way–The Future of Crime Fighting

Although right now even the writer’s excellent sources don’t know who makes the “magic” DNA sample processor and analyzer, the word is that the technology will eventually be released to crime labs all over the country. At that point the heat will really be on for criminals used to the two older techniques and logjammed police and contractor forensic labs. If you’re in CODIS  (Combined DNA Index System), you’re toast!

DNA Testing–Open Source Proof! Update March 5, 2012

The rapid DNA testing reported above is now provable in open sources. Volume 15, No. 2 of Technology Today, Special Issue, April 2012, page 15 shows the heart of the INTEL DNA rapid sequencing device–a 1″ x 1″ chip, which is disposable and costs $1000.00 per test.



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