ETs/EDs “Disappear” B-58 “Doomsday Weapon” & Eye Another

ETs/EDs Eye NNEMP Threat

The NNEMP Nightmare Scenario! Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

ETs/EDs Raid Travis AFB & “Disappear” Another Pilotless B-58 Hustler “Doomsday Bomber”

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals)  have unexpectedly struck again, removing another converted B-58 Hustler, loaded with some 200 megatons of thermonuclear weapons, from its closely guarded underground hangar. This one was at Travis AFB (Air Force Base) in California and had been there for decades. Its disappearance has both perplexed officials and caused great consternation. Amazing how short memories are at the Pentagon, isn’t it? Why? The ETs/EDs took one from its subterranean lair at Ramstein AFB in Germany, a few weeks before Thanksgiving of 2011.  This latest strike was reported by top notch terrestrial sources and gleefully confirmed by the ETS/EDs, whose comment was a terse: “We did it!”

ETs/EDs Raid–No Warning–Iran & North Korea Next?

The ETs/EDs have recently become aware of a very scary piece of weaponry which came from Russia and is almost certainly built using technology recovered from crashed/shot down UFOs. This is a NNEMP (nonnuclear electromagnetic pulse) weapon of such power that it could “fry” all unprotected power systems and electronics across the entire continental United States, given a high altitude, say 300 miles up, detonation. A 1990s Russian ICBM-delivered test of an NNEMP weapon, advance notified to the U.S. via the Washington, D.C.-Moscow Hotline, burned out generators 500 miles away. The ETs/EDs have for some time been retrieving downed/crashed craft and bodies belonging to various ETs/EDs and terrestrial craft using their technology, so the North Koreans and Iranians shouldn’t count on having this device much longer. Good thing, too, for it could kill modern U.S. society for months, completely unhinging the whole country. Think worst case Y2K; with all the generators and power stations burning! Fortunately, it’s so heavy the Russians planned to use an SS-18 Mod 6 to deliver this shattering blow. Unless there’s been some miniaturization breakthrough, it’s estimated something similar would still be needed, with a lift capacity of ~9.7 tons. Of course, a lower burst would still take out an entire megalopolis, and that could be done with an “airliner that isn’t.” The ETs/EDs want this awful thing gone–and soon.

ETs/EDs Solidly ID “Disappeared” NWO Sub & Uncover Clandestine Manufacture Of Nuclear Tomahawk Missiles?!

The ETs/EDs report the Trafalgar class submarine taken is S87, HMS Turbulent, and was carrying six TLAM-Ns (Tomahawk Land Attack Missile, Nuclear). Careful checking by highly cleared terrestrial sources has found that NO such weapons are missing. This raises the specter of off-the-books production of nuclear armed cruise missiles by the NWO (New World Order). Interrogation by the ETs/EDs of the German crew has established that a lot of training was quietly done on simulators and at sea under guise of NATO familiarization, but leaves unanswered the vexed reactor crew issue, as well as why Germans in the first place? Investigation continues.



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