ETs/EDs Disintegrate North Korean Unha-3 Rocket–Breaking!

Liberation forces

ETs/EDs View of Earth! Image Credit: NASA via Wikimedia

ETs/EDs Announced Destruction Of Unha-3 Moments Ago (now 6:35 p.m. CDT)

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces reported clobbering the provocative North Korean missile launch in boost phase under a minute after ABC News reported a possible rocket failure.  The ETs/EDs reportedly used precisely targeted phaser fire from one of their ships to wipe out the rocket and payload in a single fiery bloom. That target could’ve been taken out via certain orbital Earth built weapons, but the ETs/EDs “didn’t trust them,” so acted immediately. The Unha-3 and payload were destroyed at an altitude of 75,459 feet (23 kilometers), according to the ETs/EDs. The engagement was conducted interdimensionally and, per the ETs/EDs, from just outside the atmosphere.

ETs/EDs Say North Korea Lied About The Payload

According to the ETs/EDs, there was no weather satellite aboard. Rather, the payload consisted of a full service weight dummy thermonuclear warhead and associated telemetry gear, and that is why the ETs/EDs downed the rocket. It was anything but peaceful in intent, and, judging from various news reports, the Japanese rightly viewed it as a threat and were prepared to act. But how?

Japan Can Defend Herself, ETs/EDs & Sensitive Terrestrial Sources Agree

The Japanese today weren’t bluffing, seeing as how Japan has had very advanced Patriot missiles for some time now and has Aegis guided missile cruisers, which have substantial antimissile capability in their own right. Originally put in place as a defense against China, these systems now have another foe with whom to contend, North Korea. That foe, though, never reckoned on launch interdiction by the ETs/EDs!  Today’s shootdown was intended by the ETs/EDs as a pointed reminder that highly charged provocative military acts and aggression won’t be tolerated. The ETs/EDs are sick of our endless fighting and wish we’d “learn to get along.” Maybe today’s object lesson will help.







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Jan - 3 years ago

Rothschild Zionist Matrix 2012 – Tim Rifat April 11th 2012
(talk about Korean Rocket & Friday the 13th Knights Templar, Slaughter day)Zion ..& More..NWO.
Tim Rifat on Jeff Rense Show 2012 April 11th

FrancisPSoriano - 3 years ago

ETs/EDs Disintegrate North Korean Unha-3 Rocket–Breaking! via @John_Kettler

Saint - 3 years ago

Dear John K.
One of my skeptic friends who does not believe in anything showed me photos of the young North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Some of the pictures weer from yesterday and some taken today. They want to fins out from you through me since I told them you said Kim Jong Un was assassinated back in February. Please tell me something to tell them. is it a clone or hologram or look-alike we’re seeing in the celebration pictures.

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    The ETs/EDs say you’re seeing a clone. One does not recover from a center of mass high power rifle shot in a few days, and he missed the high profile unveiling of the statue he commissioned and birddogged of his father. has a whole section on clones, but the cycle time is now a day to produce the clone, plus a few hours to load the memory matrix. Used to be 90 days!

      Sloynaz - 3 years ago

      Hi John & Sunfire

      Can a clone be disrupted and if it can be done do you feel we might use that technology in the near future to remove them from services.


        Sunfire - 3 years ago


        Yes, they can, the ET/ED’s have already tons of technology for dealing with the clones and are handling that situation quite nicely. As for us being able to use the tech, it’s not something they would permit to fall into inexperienced hands potentially causing unintended problems and also would release to much proprietary information that they don’t want in anyone’s hands.

          Sloynaz - 3 years ago

          Hi Sunfire
          Thanks for your timely reply, Jan has me reading and doing some clandestine research all day long! I LOVE IT bring it on, am sorry I side track a bit, your right about that falling into the wrong hands, specially after I read that recent post of John regarding that particle beam or molecule beam which we shouldn’t have at present time.
          I did listen to Drake interview has you mention on last reply you gave me, but am bit wary I just notice a post at Kerry Cassidy blog regarding him.

          it was posted April 13 I posted the link above for review.

          I know you have to discern all information but still kind of weird her comment…

          Sunfire - 3 years ago


          Somewhere on here already gave a long reply regarding Kerry’s post concerning Drake, and the short of it without having to search through thousands of posts is that it is the collective suggestion / advice of the ET/EDs and I, with all do respect to Kerry and Project Camelot, that you and others disregard her thoughts concerning Drake. And quite frankly most of her recent/current sources. And information she’s been putting out as of late. Discernment is one thing, spreading mis/disinformation whether she is consciously aware of it or not, and furthering of fear mongering is counter productive to the mission.

Karl Stewart - 3 years ago

Thank the ET/ED’s for me and ask them how they might enlist us to help them free the planet. I’m sure there are many people like me out there willing to fight and die to save our race.

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    Things you can do to help are listed in the FAQ. Everyone can do something! If they want you for military service, they’ll contact you.

Karl Stewart - 3 years ago

If the ET/ED’s would like to the endless wars to stop, perhaps they should extend their Kill On Sight order to the Satan worshiping globalist banker cabal. Why not go to the heart of the thing which is Satan and his friends, the Reptilians, the Draconians, the greys and the New World Order crowd.
Karl Stewart

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    The banking cabal has taken some massive hits at the top, which is why you see the cascading effect, underground bases are being smashed, bad guy reinforcements killed, those attempting to escape killed. More would be done, but plans are still being sorted out in this minefield and defense complex of the ages.

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