ETs/EDs Disintegrate North Korean Unha-3 Rocket–Breaking!


ETs/EDs View of Earth! Image Credit: NASA via Wikimedia

ETs/EDs Announced Destruction Of Unha-3 Moments Ago (now 6:35 p.m. CDT)

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces reported clobbering the provocative North Korean missile launch in boost phase under a minute after ABC News reported a possible rocket failure.  The ETs/EDs reportedly used precisely targeted phaser fire from one of their ships to wipe out the rocket and payload in a single fiery bloom. That target could’ve been taken out via certain orbital Earth built weapons, but the ETs/EDs “didn’t trust them,” so acted immediately. The Unha-3 and payload were destroyed at an altitude of 75,459 feet (23 kilometers), according to the ETs/EDs. The engagement was conducted interdimensionally and, per the ETs/EDs, from just outside the atmosphere.

ETs/EDs Say North Korea Lied About The Payload

According to the ETs/EDs, there was no weather satellite aboard. Rather, the payload consisted of a full service weight dummy thermonuclear warhead and associated telemetry gear, and that is why the ETs/EDs downed the rocket. It was anything but peaceful in intent, and, judging from various news reports, the Japanese rightly viewed it as a threat and were prepared to act. But how?

Japan Can Defend Herself, ETs/EDs & Sensitive Terrestrial Sources Agree

The Japanese today weren’t bluffing, seeing as how Japan has had very advanced Patriot missiles for some time now and has Aegis guided missile cruisers, which have substantial antimissile capability in their own right. Originally put in place as a defense against China, these systems now have another foe with whom to contend, North Korea. That foe, though, never reckoned on launch interdiction by the ETs/EDs!  Today’s shootdown was intended by the ETs/EDs as a pointed reminder that highly charged provocative military acts and aggression won’t be tolerated. The ETs/EDs are sick of our endless fighting and wish we’d “learn to get along.” Maybe today’s object lesson will help.





Jan - a couple of years ago

Watch this video now, you may have to keep trying top play it will work eventually, Has been “Taken OFF you tube”, Wonder why? joke.
Aliens Stop N. Korea Rocket Launch

    John Kettler - a couple of years ago


    Looks like a scalar marker beacon to me. Don’t know whose, though.

John_Kettler - a couple of years ago

ETs/EDs Disintegrate North Korean Unha-3 Rocket–Breaking!:

KAMUTAN - a couple of years ago

かういふ話もあるやうです。ETs/EDs Disintegrate North Korean Unha-3 Rocket–Breaking! @John_Kettlerさんから

iPatrioticmom - a couple of years ago

米陰謀論John Kettlerは、北朝鮮のロケットはET?が打ち落としたと言ってるけど・・・  ^^;

Sloynaz - a couple of years ago

Hi Sunfire

Well said!

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