ETs/EDs, NOT The U.S., Diverted Asteroid YU 55!


YU 55--Before The ETs/EDs Intervened! Photo Credit: Goldstone Deep Space Communications Facility



ETs/EDs Intervened To Save Humans Here And Another Sentient Species’ Outpost On YU 55

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) intervened to divert YU-55, contrary to what was published earlier. It has now been found that the cobbled together nuclear armed YU 55 asteroid diverter was NOT the means by which the asteroid was both simultaneously accelerated and lifted out of its intercept path with Earth. Instead, the ETs/EDs, using still unexplained means, completely contained all but the EMP from the 3-megaton nuclear blast, then repositioned YU 55–to protect the Pacific Rim from a devastating asteroid strike and tsunami and to protect what the Russians and the ETs/EDs called the “Cat People,” based on intercepted transmissions of what “sounded like cats meowing” and apparently coming from an otherwise doomed outpost on YU 55.

ETs/EDs Explain Why They Intervened The Way They Did

The ETs/EDs made it clear that their intervention was a “two-fer,” NOT just for the benefit of Earth and her peoples. That is why the thermonuclear blast was contained. It would’ve destroyed innocent ETs/EDs here to observe Earth on what was supposed to be a fast fly past. The ETs/EDs not on YU 55 report that in some unspecified way YU 55 was diverted from its former safe orbit and wound up headed right at Earth, placing both us and the Cat People ETs/EDs on their unsteerable “steed” in mortal peril. The ETs/EDs were clear in stating their reason for intervening in the manner they did: “It was done to save both.”

ETs/EDs–Thoughts On The Cat People

Once the Cat People surfaced in discussions with both terrestrial contacts and the ETs/EDs usually discussed on this blog, a light went on. This light made a near-instantaneous connection between the Cat People and the ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet, whose form was that of a cat or lioness. In turn, this triggered a further recollection: The Egyptians revered cats to such an extent that they mummified them–hundreds of them! This immediately suggested that the ancient Egyptians had had real contact with the Cat People, and that they were swinging by to see what had happened since their last visit. The ETs/EDs did say the Cat People were there merely to observe, with no landing planned.




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