ETs/EDs’ Predictions Proven Correct! Bodies Are Dropping!

ETs/EDs Right!

ETs/EDs Were Right-Bodies Are Dropping! Image Credit: Chris73/Wikimedia Commons

ETs/EDs’ Predictions Come To Pass!

ETs/EDs’ (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) warnings made earlier here have been proven fatally correct. Ultra reliable information indicates some five plus CIA officials, ranking as high as the Deputy Director level, have apparently committed suicide en bloc by hanging themselves with their own silk ties. Some did it in their office cubes, while others were found dangling “where the trees talk to you” on the approach to the CIA’s main entrance. The “talking trees,” wired with both mikes and speakers, allow unseen guards to challenge visitors and receive their responses–while watching visitors on security cameras. What the ETs/EDs said would occur has now occurred. Again!

The earlier blow made by ETs/EDs  against Israel’s efficient CIA equivalent, Mossad, targeted the little-known Kidon (“bayonet” in Hebrew), Mossad’s elite assassination unit. No additional details available. Nor did Israel heed the emphatic warning from the ETs/EDs regarding sailing her ex-French nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN), now wending slowly toward Iran via the long route. No way would Egypt have let it pass through the Suez Canal! The ETs/EDs know this, and said: “That boat is forfeit. It will simply vanish, never to be seen again.” Israel did not listen to the ETs/EDs and will suffer accordingly.

With ETs/EDs’ Predictions Made Here Now Multiply Proven, This Blog Generates New Alert Status!

The notoriously leaky CIA has reportedly created, and the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) has recommended to other agencies, a new alert state indicator called the KC Level, short for Kettler Condition Level. The scale runs from one to ten–in Roman numerals, but this post, which shows the ETS/EDs’ predictions were spot on, is likely to force the users to go higher than that! The ETs/EDs are about to wreak wholesale havoc.

The KC Level depends on: the sensitivity of the information (information on ETs/EDs off the charts) in the latest post, the hazard said information poses and what has happened to confirm that and/or earlier posts. The KC Level now joins the more familiar Homeland Security Terrorism Threat Level and the scarier DEFCON (Defense (Alert) Condition; runs from 1-5, with 5 being the lowest and 1 being all-out thermonuclear war). What “that Kettler fellow” says in this blog has become the single most discussed topic in spook circles, be the topic ETs/EDs or other ID (instant diarrhea)-inducing matters.

ETs/EDs-Related Information In This Blog Creates Huge Government Reaction!

This tiny blog, with a handful of visitors (best day 76), but hordes of spooks who invisibly visit, read about ETs/EDs plus other sensitive stuff (please buy the writer’s E-book while you are here; on Home page), is having a gigantic impact, shaking the Intelligence Community and others to their very foundations, one literally through the ETs/EDs’ actions! This blog has triggered a government wide security clampdown and a witch hunt for the leak source/s, plus a chiding memo from one agency head to another as to whose “shop” has leaks.

Clearly, the spook community is paying exacting attention to everything said here on warnings from ETs/EDs, ETs/EDs’ announcements, ETs/EDs’ comments and ETs/EDs-related technology matters and is freaked over all this material on ETs/EDs getting out. This conclusively proves a) the U.S. government has knowingly lied for decades about the existence of UFOs, ETs/EDs, aliens, Visitors; b) all topics on /about ETs/EDs are National Security matters of the highest import and c) posts some think madness are precisely on target, hence, the extreme reaction.

The Agency (common name for the CIA) reportedly photocopied all this blog’s copyrighted posts and sent individual post collections (some 24,000 and accompanied by a survey) full of material on ETs/EDs to everyone at Langley. Hilariously, some got redacted versions, not being cleared for the information! Anyone with a redacted copy has but to come here to see what got redacted, be it on ETs/EDs or something else. To limit classified gossip, on ETs/EDs and other hot topics, no more than two at a time are allowed near the water cooler.

The Pentagon has not gone to such publishing extremes, but each post is copied and passed around by various individuals to people it affects/would find it of interest. This blog is also read avidly at the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and NSA (National Security Agency), to name but a few.

ETs/EDs’ Activities–Looking Ahead

Since the ETs/EDs’ predictions have now been repeatly proven dead on, the ETs/EDs’ “street cred” must now be taken as astronomic. Senior spook officials have seen the ETs/EDs’ “handwriting on the wall,” could not stand it, and either offed themselves or were “suicided.” More bodies will continue to drop; it is a mathematical certainty. In turn, the disappearances the ETs/EDs promised, if not already begun, come next. And they will not be subtle, either. People will simply vanish on the spot. The people who do not read this blog may get excited, mistakenly believing the Rapture is happening.

The ETs/EDs are determined to extirpate the NWO (New World Order), but will ensure the innocent are not harmed. In parallel/after those disappearances will be spectacles no government can explain. Using the general form here is deliberate. Russia, China, the United Kingdom, Israel and other countries are already suffering/will suffer the same fate. The ETs/EDs have declared war on the NWO, and the ETs/EDs’ actions so far mere pinpricks! Critical targets and nodes will be hit first, but the entire NWO will be savaged–until it is no more and Earth and her people are free.










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