ETs/EDs Provide Evidence of Reptoid Mother Ships’ Fiery End!


Stargate cracks open after two thermonuclear detonations! Image Credit: NASA via AP (Fair Use)

ETs/EDs Point Out Proof Is There On Video!

This video, say the ETs/EDs, shows not only the immolation of  five Reptoid invasion ships, but some peculiar solar phenomenology as well, phenomenology wholly consistent with reported detonations by the ETs/EDs of two recaptured Pakistani 550 kiloton thermonuclear bombs. Watch closely, particularly the pronounced dual spike (NASA pic & vid) and the two separate explosions. Then, watch for several black spheres appearing momentarily, only to vanish, consumed by the nuclear-enhanced X 5.4 class solar flare. This, the ETs/EDs say, shows events unfolded exactly as described.

Destruction of the Reptoid Mother Ships!

ETs/EDs Say Reptoid Mother Ships Devastating Just By Being Close To Earth

With Earth barely held together by the ETs/EDs‘ force fields, the arrival of the Reptoid ships, each  ~1/4 the size of the Moon, at ~1/2 the distance from here to our Moon, would’ve, per the ETs/EDs, put unbearable strain on the planet, unleashing full scale tectonic & volcanic upheaval, killing pretty much everyone, the ETs/EDs say. After that, stability could be restored by simply backing away the Reptoid mother ships so their gravitational influence would diminish. This is the fate from which the ETs/EDs’ clever ambush maneuver potentially saved us.  Further, the ETs/EDs indicate fighting this force would’ve taken somewhere between 1/4 to 1/3+ of the ETs/EDs’ entire Liberation Force to deal with the threat, with obvious  impact on operations here, where resources are already strained.

ETs/EDs, The Bermuda Triangle & Oil Drilling–The Hidden Connections

Stargate discussions with the ETs/EDs turned up a whole new angle on the notorious Bermuda Triangle. Oil drilling in the region, per the ETs/EDs, has created so much seismic instability that it’s causing the stargate’s seal to crack, resulting in even more extensive anomalies there. The more drilling, say the ETs/EDs, the more “unexplainable” weirdness will ensue there.  Meanwhile, the famous Flight 19 of TBM Avengers rests partially on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean “near the Azores” with the rest “somewhere in space,” according to the ETs/EDs.

ETs/EDs Multiply Confirm NASA Vid Shows Fully Open Stargate!

Newly obtained NASA video, which as been analyzed by the ETs/EDs, confirms several claims made above.

1. The Sun, Sol, IS a stargate, seen in the vid, in several frequencies, as an isosceles triangle, with its base at the bottom and apex at the top. 2. The ETs/EDs report that ~50 seconds in, one of the Liberation Force science ships can be seen detaching from the Sun, following solar upgrades! Yes, you read that correctly. 3. Per the ETs/EDs, their Liberation Force scientists are assisting in transitioning Sol from a white star to a blue star, which it will be in its higher density. 4. Compare the Mayan glyph here with the stargate triangle on Sol reported by the ETs/EDs.  Note particularly, say the ETs/EDs, the craft emerging from that isosceles shaped stargate and that the craft fits the classic UFO descriptions perfectly. 5. In case any doubts remain about the ETs/EDs’ claims, please see this close-up, where you can see the craft and the ET/ED occupant.



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Jan - 3 years ago

Aliens relics found in Lost Tomb

More Alien Artifact../links..Found some Alien artifacts..have reptilian look.
main ..
Recorded June 19, 1998, the very same day the X-Files movie opened across the country. This video was shot in Chicago at the Seven Continent Dowser’s Association Conference. The lecture topic is little more than its title. Opens with a shuttle tale and moves into the first part of the program that deals with modern “Dinosauria” (where Reptilian Humanoids are depicted very clearly – 23:30 minute onward), Underground Data and ancient history not mentioned in any modern English text.
other same.
Aliens relics found in Lost Tomb – Harry Hubbard speech pt 3
all parts on YOU TUBE LINK.


    Jan - 3 years ago

    You need to click on “older posts” one back.. on this part of the site. to get the Beginning of this post ..ALIEN artifacts taken /found at this same place,
    Has a Video link showing Reptilians & EBE,S.,

Jan - 3 years ago

The Global warming scam now being used to “Human Engineer us”..
The Atlantic Home
Sunday, April 1, 2012
How Engineering the Human Body Could Combat Climate Change(Article link below)
‘Watch this short video where Adrian Salbuchi explains that what happened in Libya is a warning for the entire world of how this new world order model actually works. “When they decide to change the regime, they do so with the utmost violence, and it is a whole model. First they target a country by calling it a “rogue state”; then they support local terrorists and call them “freedom fighters”; then they bring death and destruction upon civilians and they call it “UN sanctions”.

Then they spread lies and call it the “International Community’s opinion expressed by the Western media”. Then they invade and control the country and call it “liberation” and finally they steal appetizing oil and call it “foreign investment and reconstruction”.’


Jeanne - 3 years ago

John, What plans for the D6? Give a clue? Bring it on. J.

Rob - 3 years ago

Hi Jan ~

I have no idea if this will get posted. It certainly won’t be in any timely manner, if at all, but nevertheless, here goes.

Firstly, I agree with you, that this total lack of proof and blind acceptance will never fly with the people, and being a person, I am in total agreement with you. BUT – there is proof, although not from this site.

DUMB (deep underground military bases) are (or were) being taken out. They were taken out in September of 2011. For seismic proof, go here:

And then scroll down to this section: THE UNDERGROUND BASES. There you will find a very telling seismic chart indicating what people at the time (I certainly being one of them) is the seismic signature of a nuclear explosion. In the chart, what is readily apparent, is that there is no “lead up”, no precursor shocks (always happens in the event of an EQ). It simply goes boom and off the chart.

Read the whole article for more proof and circumstantial evidence pointing to the proof of what is being said.

At the time we considered it a suitcase nuke planted by the White Hats and, in fact, I am still not sure if that was or was not the case.

So, I hope this helps with your search for the proof and the truth.

Simply believing what others tell us is what has gotten us in the freaking mess we are in now.

    Jan - 3 years ago

    Thanks Rob,
    I have already read that info,
    What we need to do is focus on evidence, i like to put up evidence, but sometimes we have to bring in our own inner knowing.
    I think that the bad ET,s say the Greys, are working in the 4-dimension, they want to be part of the 3rd dimension..hence they plan to take over the planet.
    Could the seismic chart be a small nuke put there via a stuxnet virus & small the Japan fukishima incident.

    All i want to do is focus on evidence..we have to go by what others tell us..we need to KNOW not Believe..
    Thanks Rob.(hope the evil is being rooted out) it gets very tiresome putting up with a world full of misery & suffering, this planet should be a heaven on earth, so many people, argue & do not get on, The humans,seem so barbaric..not all of them..
    I love animals & Birds ..i feel for them as we should be their care takers..

MrMojo - 3 years ago

In the military we had an expression ” Hurrah Up And Wait ” with a little southern drawl. According to some of the Tolec briefs once this ops are over…a few Dumbs will be preserved as museums so we can remember to never let this happen again.

There is to be a lot of illumination in the near future with daily running broadcast on past – present – and future events in the news once the media is removed from he hands of the cabal, there will be new faces.

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    The Liberation Force has some WONDERFUL plans for D6 and other places. You’ll LOVE them!

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