ETs/EDs Raid Chinese Nuclear Forces–Take 1000 Missiles!

ETs/EDs Take Major Action Against Huge Chinese Underground Arsenal

ETs/EDs Raid China! ImageCredit: Wikimedia Commons

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) raided China this past weekend, taking a full 20% of China’s nuclear inventory, reported by the ETs/EDs and others at some 5000 warheads, a number deemed “possible” by sensitive terrestrial sources.  China got this most unpleasant visit for several reasons, some military and others regarding exopolitics: a) harboring and working with the Reptoids, enemies of the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces; b) using Reptoid technology to conduct large scale holographically cloaked teleporter visits to the northern and southern borders of the U.S. (seen and reported in both areas but gone by the time we had eyeballs on scene) and c) carrying forward the ETs/EDs’ policy of denuclearization. When the Reptoid base in China was obliterated 1-2 months ago, the transporter device was also retrieved, removing a very serious strategic threat.

ETs/EDs Report Chinese Response Covers The Gamut, But All Sub Rosa

According to the ETs/EDs, The Chinese came unglued (actual quote “They shat themselves”), reacting in consternation, confusion, fear, profound embarrassment, shame and guilt. Then came self-criticism, the fruitless efforts to deny and hide what had happened from senior leaders, leading to spate of quiet executions (an uptick in organ harvests), commander replacements and an overall feeling of dread. The ETs/EDs are laughing so hard over this epic Chinese disaster they’re about to choke. The reaction was all they hoped for and more, but it has been completely hidden from the outside world. Sensitive contacts said nothing had been picked up by our intelligence means, but “that it wasn’t something they’d (the Chinese) advertise to the world.” Given the importance of “face” to the Chinese, admitting this happened might constitute an irrecoverable loss of face. It’ll be worse in due course! How do we know?  One of the ETs/EDs did a riff of Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Terminator,” saying, wearing sunglasses and all, “We’ll be back.”

ETs/EDs Say Pakistan Will Get A Visit

Pakistan is on the ETs/EDs’ list, too. The reasons range from involvement in the Venezuelan Missile Crisis, to failure to secure nukes from terrorist threats, to acting as a transshipment point for illegally proliferated WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) and an exporter of nuclear weapon design expertise. The ETs/EDs say: “This one’s going to smart.



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