ETs/EDs Raid Chinese Nuclear Forces–Take 1000 Missiles!

ETs/EDs Take Major Action Against Huge Chinese Underground Arsenal

ETs/EDs Raid China! ImageCredit: Wikimedia Commons

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) raided China this past weekend, taking a full 20% of China’s nuclear inventory, reported by the ETs/EDs and others at some 5000 warheads, a number deemed “possible” by sensitive terrestrial sources.  China got this most unpleasant visit for several reasons, some military and others regarding exopolitics: a) harboring and working with the Reptoids, enemies of the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces; b) using Reptoid technology to conduct large scale holographically cloaked teleporter visits to the northern and southern borders of the U.S. (seen and reported in both areas but gone by the time we had eyeballs on scene) and c) carrying forward the ETs/EDs’ policy of denuclearization. When the Reptoid base in China was obliterated 1-2 months ago, the transporter device was also retrieved, removing a very serious strategic threat.

ETs/EDs Report Chinese Response Covers The Gamut, But All Sub Rosa

According to the ETs/EDs, The Chinese came unglued (actual quote “They shat themselves”), reacting in consternation, confusion, fear, profound embarrassment, shame and guilt. Then came self-criticism, the fruitless efforts to deny and hide what had happened from senior leaders, leading to spate of quiet executions (an uptick in organ harvests), commander replacements and an overall feeling of dread. The ETs/EDs are laughing so hard over this epic Chinese disaster they’re about to choke. The reaction was all they hoped for and more, but it has been completely hidden from the outside world. Sensitive contacts said nothing had been picked up by our intelligence means, but “that it wasn’t something they’d (the Chinese) advertise to the world.” Given the importance of “face” to the Chinese, admitting this happened might constitute an irrecoverable loss of face. It’ll be worse in due course! How do we know?  One of the ETs/EDs did a riff of Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Terminator,” saying, wearing sunglasses and all, “We’ll be back.”

ETs/EDs Say Pakistan Will Get A Visit

Pakistan is on the ETs/EDs’ list, too. The reasons range from involvement in the Venezuelan Missile Crisis, to failure to secure nukes from terrorist threats, to acting as a transshipment point for illegally proliferated WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) and an exporter of nuclear weapon design expertise. The ETs/EDs say: “This one’s going to smart.



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NoTingles - 3 years ago

For the reader, some additional information.
John’s report becomes all the more significant when you consider the Chinese methodology regarding missiles. They use their nuclear arsenal as a deterrence to attack by other “belligerent” adversaries. During peacetime, the missile flight systems and the warheads are kept in separate locations. A couple reasons for doing this is that it increases security/control of the weapons, and the missiles cannot be counted as nuclear weapons from a non-proliferation stand point. The warheads are stored at a deep underground base in or near Taibai in the Sichuan mountains. Saving face is made a bigger problem because the nukes are managed by the PLA, and you can bet that a number of careers have or are about to be cut short. I think that as word of this filters out, it’s going to turn into a political booby trap, because 1000 warhead’s worth of fissionable material missing is a very serious screw-up, which no doubt will be used to advantage against China.

see this article for more details

Starseed52 - 3 years ago

#Apr17 John Kettler: ETs/EDs Take Major Action Against Huge Chinese Underground Arsenal #ET #ED #China #DUMB

promienie - 3 years ago

ETs/EDs Raid Chinese Nuclear Forces–Take 1000 Missiles!

790™ - 3 years ago

Please tell the ET/ED’s thank you!!!

I don’t know if our species will ever be able to repay this!!!

Thank you!!!!

    Sunfire - 3 years ago

    Will pass it on, don’t worry about thinking we owe them anything, really just thanking them and doing your part in this to help wake others up and provide guidance / mentorship to those that are ready is more than enough. They’re really very selfless, when it comes down to it.

Dolphin - 3 years ago

ET/ED’s should have taken out all from every country, so it will serve as warning to all

    Sunfire - 3 years ago


    That’s just not logistically possible to do it “all in one go”, the resources etc just aren’t available for such a huge effort, not even if they were just doing nothing but removing nuclear tech and weapons. And, fact of the matter is, they are doing a million different things all at once, including continuing to fight an ongoing war both up top and down here, and dealing with many multidimensional issues, etc. But, they will with time have all nuclear tech and weapons removed from the planet, but they can only do it as time and resources permit as they have other standing higher priorities.

      Dolphin - 3 years ago


      Sorry for expecting too much from the ET’s on our side , forgot that the Reptoids are powerful negative forces that consume the Positive ET’s energy also. Why the ET/ED’s are sticking their neck for us? Anyway, I salute them for their brabery

        Sunfire - 3 years ago

        It’s okay, most aren’t aware of just what is going on, and that’s partially why John is doing this blog, is to help others gain a more through perspective. :) The short answer, because we’ve been under the manipulative control of the dark forces for so long, they want to give us the chance to live up to our full potential which has been withheld from us as a race for thousands (potentially hundreds of thousands) of years. Also, many different races are here just for the purpose of removing/eliminating the bad Grays and Reptoids, as it stands ultimately speaking our/their only real enemies in the entire universe is these bad Reptoids/Grays. There is much much more to this, but there is a good start..also this is the only planet where the complete human genome still exist, and some of them consider us genetic royalty. You might check out on Alex Collier’s “Defending Sacred Ground ~ The Andromedan Compendium” and his other lectures, etc. Also, Tolec is another contactee, to check out, and follow the link from his site to check out The Silver Legion. The Andromedan Council is one of The Liberation Force’s biggest and closest allies. Also check out the rest of the blogs here on this site, they also provide some great insight into the motives of the ET/EDs involved in the effort to liberate the planet and prevent the further destruction of creation, and the spread of tyranny to the rest of the galaxy. There are still about 20 more planets after this one that have to be liberated as well.

          Kevin Cowans - 3 years ago

          Hello Sunfire

          In one of your posts from a while back you mentioned some new technology that the ETs/EDs were working on which would cause significant issues for the Reptoids/Robitoids.

          Could you provide an update on this new technology, what the expected problems for the Reptoids/Robitoids will be and if this new technology has been utilised yet?

          Thanks in advance


          Sunfire - 3 years ago

          It’s very er….explosive 😉 and as far as I know, it has already been used very successfully in the limited capacity that it’s already been utilized but will be used in a much more broad way in the near future, including some unexpectedly public venues ;).

        NameCrystal - 3 years ago

        Wow, 20 more planets under the jackboot of thugs. I feel for them.

        I think I know the answer to this, but if the universe is holographic, and there’s a morphogenic field of knowledge that everyone can tap into, does this mean that everything we’re trying/learning/doing to rid ourselves of the negative influence here make the release of these 20 other planets that much easier for them since there’s a path of crumbs to follow?

        And will the most successful souls who can neutralize these dark forces here be attracted to incarnate into those other systems as the new cavalry/angelic beings for them? Am I close?

        I send deep thanks to your / our topside group!

          Sunfire - 3 years ago

          Yes you are very close, not so sure exactly how it all works, but am told also, those that are really interested will be given the opportunity and choice to go with the Liberation Forces and Andromedan Council and their allies to receive training and then be able to assist with the other planets. Even Tolec talks about this on his site and many of his interviews. :)

          anonymous - 3 years ago

          Yo NameCrystal!
          Before leaping in with both feet, have you checked out some of the comments from those suckered into volunteering for this little caper? Sounds like the organisers will be getting the boot up the backside from various people, John Kettler included :)

          Crystal - 3 years ago

          @ Anony
          Ha! 😉 You’re right! I periodically I kick myself for not reading the fine print for THIS lifetime!

          man - 3 years ago

          Maybe my time has come? If it is my destiny, I’ll be honored to be a part of it!

          Be thanked for everything!

        anonymous - 3 years ago

        Explosive eh?
        Please, please make sure that there’ll be video coverage of these events.
        How about my suggestion of forcing the reptoids to shapeshift to their true selves?
        I’d love to see Queen Lizzie do that at the opening of Parliament which should be on Wednesday 9 May 2012, according to:

        That should be broadcast live to the world. The ETs/EDs could liven it further by some spontaneous explosions of clones and robotoids at the same time :)

          Sunfire - 3 years ago

          I’m sure that technology is available to do such a thing, I remember them talking about it once or twice during a conversation. They didn’t name names specifically, but…. As for exploding clones and robitoids on tv…shhh! What do you have some secret tap into the phone lines or something? *teasingly playful glare*

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