ETs/EDs Smite Iran’s “Bombproof” Nuclear Complex!

Where the ETs/ED Smote Iran's "Bombproof" Nuclear Facility! Map Credit: USGS




ETs/EDs Blast Iran’s Much-Ballyhooed “Bombproof” Deep Underground Nuclear Weapon Complex In Northeastern Iran Thursday at ~4:06 p.m. Local Time–No Israeli Or U.S. Involvement!

When the ETs/EDs struck Thursday afternoon, it looked like a 5.6 earthquake (roughly three Hiroshima equivalents) had hit, but it wasn’t. Rather, it was the death knell of the much vaunted secure underground Iranian nuclear production facility, this on the heels of a Mossad-orchestrated Kurdish assassination of another Iranian nuclear scientist, who just “happened” to be an expert on gaseous diffusion separation of uranium. Mossad involvement has been confirmed by ultra reliable terrestrial sources and by the ETs/EDs. The “quake that wasn’t” utterly destroyed and buried the complex, entombing  everything and everyone. Iran should’ve heeded the ETs/EDs‘ warning, but didn’t.

ETs/EDs Begin Comprehensive Strikes Against NWO

The ETs/EDs have begun to execute their ” Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide” strategy by striking yet again into a highly secure installation, this time destroying it utterly. Unconfirmed reports from the ETs/EDs also indicate that BLUE COMET, a “false flag” deep black biowarfare program using a fake UFO, based out of Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah, to kill us wholesale with advanced biological weapons, is no more. The ETs/EDs have taken the entire program: people, equipment, biowarfare agents and experts from Ft. Detrick, Maryland, the fake craft and the Ft. Huachuca propaganda specialists to a special high containment vessel for a most searching examination of every aspect of the program, progress to date and planned execution. BLUE COMET was specifically designed to discredit the ETs/EDs helping liberate Earth, and the ETs/EDs here to do just that took great umbrage to the whole program.

ETs/EDs Actions Applauded!

Yesterday’s timely strike by the ETS/EDS made quite a few people happy; said one: “Keep up the good work!,” while further undercutting the war fever in Iran. Terrestrial sources of superb reliability made it abundantly clear that neither Israel nor the U.S. had anything to do with this fateful and fatal strike, which the ETs/EDs openly claim.

























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