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ETs/EDs Involved In The “Plan” “Drake’s” Talking About–Paying Off A Karmic Debt

ETs/EDs who owe humankind a great karmic debt are apparently an integral part of “The Plan” being publicly discussed by “Drake” and widely reported on the Internet. ETs/EDs’ involvement may explain how the security lid has been kept on–for decades–on a secret supposedly now known by 90% percent of the Pentagon officers, yet unknown to the writer’s highly cleared contacts.

After reading the “Drake” interview with David Wilcock, though, one did opine “It seems like a reasonable approach.” The contacts aren’t necessarily buying the scenario; it strains both credulity and brains.  Granted, the nature of the military mind is to have contingency plans for everything, but knowing that a five inch thick binder holding an operational plan to save the country was already in existence in ~1979 and has been expanded since, yet not leaked in the three decades plus makes the head hurt, given the ever growing numbers who know it exists/plan to use it. Hiding something of this magnitude from old pros in intelligence and veteran field operatives “would take a lot of work,” in their opinion. Somebody’s lying here somewhere!  But the ETs/EDs are in the loop, to the point they’re mystified sensitive terrestrial contacts don’t know. A brief telepathic discussion with the ETs/EDs confirmed that whoppers are indeed being told.

ETs/EDs Confirm Involvement With & Protection For “The Plan”

ETs/EDs and ground units are protecting “Drake,” whose frenetic networking activities would seem to make him the world’s easiest surveillance/assassination target. Should that protection fail, the ETs/EDs have said that if he’s killed, “Pearl Harbor” files will be released which will destroy the NWO (New World Order) Cabal, but either way, the Cabal is “screwed” and doomed to destruction. Should any Cabal members attempt to flee once the planned major arrests begin, the ETs/EDs can and will blow their planes and helicopters out of the sky and vessels out of the water. As was plainly stated before: “Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!” The ETs/EDs are also well aware that Bahama Island is a planned Cabal refuge and have big plans for it. Ruinous ones! The ETs/EDs know of similar hidey holes elsewhere, too.

ETs/EDs & the “Plan” Vs. The Disruptors

The other thing that makes this whole “Drake” business so hard to swallow, even with the ETs/EDs involved, is this “tiny” problem:

“The World Order also rules by the principle of “1984” — no groups of two or more people are allowed to gather unless the World Order has a representative present. If you start a club of dandelion fanciers, the Order will send someone who will be quietly helpful, avoid taking the front position, and who will offer to pay the rent of a meeting place or the printing of the minutes. In more radical groups, the Order’s representative will be the first to suggest dynamiting a building, assassinating an official, or other violent action.”

Eustace Mullens, WORLD ORDER, p. 170 (Fair Use)

Theses “representatives” work ceaselessly to set people at each other’s throats, undermine plans and above all, torpedo any action which would undermine the NWO Cabal’s power, and well do the ETs/EDs know it. Since the writer’s personally talked to a former undercover cop who was in the front row of the organizing meeting for the radical SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) when “Let’s kill the pigs!” was chanted, and has been to meetings of the Granada Forum where government agents recorded license plates in the parking lot and were denounced before the speaker was introduced, the Mullens quote seems right on target. Given the ubiquitousness of surveillance, especially on the military, let alone commanders of powerful formations, how do you plot and scheme for decades and never once let an agent provocateur of the government somehow slip in?  This is why sensitive contacts find the “Drake” scenario so hard to accept, not to mention counterintuitive. Who talks about such things? When you’ve operated in denied areas all over the world, you know how easy it is to penetrate even the most secure organizations, so why should this one be any different? The ETs/EDs disagree, pointing out a range of things which were successfully hidden, such as China’s gigantic underground missile complexes, their own bases here in the States and ETs/EDs’ involvement with a bunch of countries down through history right to today.

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554 Responses to ETs/EDs, Spooks, “Drake” And The “Plan”

  1. CJ says:

    Sunfire: John just sent out an email stating (I’m paraphrasing)” that while 90% of US forces won’t support unconstitutional actions against US citizens, they have not committed to domestic actions, such as arrests, at the request of marshals and sheriffs.” Now, I’m already getting the message from things that are now being said at Freedom Reigns, that mass arrests doesn’t mean many arrests at one time. Rather, it means many arrests but at different times. Well, if the military is not playing a part in this, then unless there’s something I don’t know, no arrests are going to take place unless they occur through lawsuits or even civil action on the part of citizens which could lead to a heck of a lot of chaos. Actually, in the long run, it seems more logical to me that mass arrests and transition would slowly occur through more awakening of people and demand for honesty. Drake is just a mouthpiece for entities that we don’t know. I assumed those entities included ‘good guys’ in the Pentagon and the military. So, the military isn’t involved? Did I get something wrong in this scenario?

    • CJ says:

      Sunfire, regarding my comment above: Sorry, I should have noted that my paraphrasing of what JK said stopped before: Now, I’m already getting the message…

    • Sunfire says:


      From what I know the arrest are happening, just not likely to happen in June and definitely not “all at once”. More realistically closer to sometime this fall, but pre-elections. It does not take the military to have anything to do with these arrest to make them happen, there are other groups involved. But, I have been asked by my contacts to not reveal the information on who is directly involved in the arrest. Lets just look at way or another, the arrest are going to happen, the economy MIGHT collapse, maybe. Or not. There will be a new financial system implemented by the good guys, and that will within 10-15 years transition us to a non-monetary system, as in the monetary system it’s self, that belief system will no longer exist. While it’s going to take about 3-4yrs for the economy and financial system to fully recover. This whole hoopla is expected to be wrapped up entirely by the end of this year.

      And, you’re right it is way more logical to do it that way. The military might or might not get involved, it depends on just how this whole thing plays out. This also depends on how things go how much the ET/EDs get involved in this, if they go smoothly then they wont, if it degrades beyond a certain point, they will. I really think there is to much still up in the air at this point to make any predictions about anything, and especially expect them to stick. Making predictions with the nature of time the way it is, is like throwing gobs of jello at the wall and seeing how much of it sticks. There is a certain percentage that will, undoubtedly. But, that percentage will change every time.

  2. sloynaz says:

    Hi Sunfire, the clarification that finally was given by Freedomreigns regarding what Drake had said, was done well in a very tasteful matter it clear up the air, I really enjoyed it – has well Tolec interview two thumbs up!

    P.S. A phone caller mentioned a comment she post on Youtube for Tolec reference of Lost City of Colorado.

    Here’s a link if anyone has shared;


    • Sunfire says:

      I remember reading about that, but thank you for the link. That’s a far more extensive coverage than I’ve seen. Great that that all got sorted out for you. :)

  3. sloynaz says:

    Hi Sunfire here’s link for Neil Keenan Trillion Dollar Suit Inside Story – New Video


  4. Mike says:

    No comment, just want to receive comment updates by email

  5. Jeanne S says:


    • Sunfire says:

      You can try this.. , Alexander Romanov points out their god, is really satan. Ooo spooky! Or try this one: , oh and toss this under their noses.. are they even open to considering their faith in a historical context? Though I am told even those religious fanatics will be getting the knowledge download, but it is them and the fundamentalist that draw the greatest concern from the ET/EDs in what their capacity for assimilating the truth given by the download in relation to the false beliefs they’ve been raise on their entire life. How will they cope with such truths if they can not take it from someone they know and consider a friend? They may call you possessed now, but it is you they will be coming to in the end for comfort and answers, along with much needed guidance in understanding the reality they will soon be smacked with which is inevitable. In the mean time, take peace in knowing they will catch on soon enough, and for now spend your time guiding and mentoring those that are ready, along with working on your own self. The rest will soon fall into place.

      • sloynaz says:

        Sunfire, now that you on the subject have you heard of “ALLFAARAA” his had interviews 4 with Lisa M Harrison, yesterday again heard him at wolfspiritradio wants your take on him and claims and want do the ET&ED have to say.
        Here’s a link

        P.S. I would trade your weather any time its been gloomy out here for almost 2 weeks in Bklyn, NY.

      • CJ says:

        With downloads occurring and obvious changes occurring on planet, people will realize that things aren’t as they thought. Still, realizing that your belief systems are based on false assumptions is going to be difficult for people. I think about the people that I know, including some orthodox jews, whose daily life is guided by religious rules of daily living; and their perception of Israel and what it means to jewish people. I think about the role that Christmas plays in everyone’s life – Christian, Jewish, Muslim or whatever. Our belief systems give us a sense of reality and with this download and massive changes, people are being asked to alter their ideas of reality; hence, who they are. When I first started learning about reptilians, ETs/EDs, annunaki, etc., it took me several weeks or more to do a ‘mind shift’ and I’m not even that connected to existing institutions; plus, for years, I’d been reading a little of this information off and on. I think there are people who are going to fight off these ideas, even with the downloads, BUT, the political, technological and economic changes that will be taking place on Gaia will be impossible to deny and will ultimately make it impossible to deny the truth in the downloads.

        • Sunfire says:

          Yes, Totally. That is one of the main reasons they are still delaying the download, they want to minimize the potential loss of life for those that can not in anyway cope with their realities being shattered by the truth being revealed to them. How are most that think our history only goes back a few thousand years cope with it going back more like a few hundred thousand years? That Atlantis is real, that we’re not the only intelligent life out there in the universe, that this planet was geoengineered or that we’re genetically engineered.

          Oh afa the Annunaki, suggest if you haven’t yet. Google the article “Annunaki and Fear Of The Boogeyman” it’s on a site called Ishtar’s Gate. It’s a real eye opener.

        • anonymous says:

          Remember how people reacted to the Movie Avatar?

          I think the response to the download may be similar but just far, far, more powerful.

          Do the ETs/EDs have any idea how the non-human 60/65% will react or will they not receive the download?

          • Sunfire says:

            Most likely those will not be downloaded the information. AFAIK the ET/EDs and their allies are preparing to remove the rest of the clones, robitoids, synthetics, all of those. As for the rest, I don’t think they will be included. I didn’t pay to much attention to Avatar and the reactions. So, I guess I missed that one.

    • Blue Ray says:

      Couldn’t help but overhear that your having trouble with non-believers. I know how you fell, or, “I feel your pain.” I live with my disbelievers – wife, daughter, mother, sisters, brothers, and best friends. They all believe that everything that I am saying is a florid symptom of going off my depression meds. I have since given them an envelope containing a list of things to happen, things you and I know to be true. I told them not to open it until the TV starts to announce things that make 9/11 look like a petrie dish. Sunfire is right, they will come to you for answers in the end. I foresee many relationships going south. Today I am their lunatic, tomorrow, I will be the great Kreskin.
      Blue Ray

      • CJ says:

        If people don’t believe what you say, perhaps they’d be open to going to some websites that give this kind of information. They may still not believe the ideas, but they would see that you’re not making them up, yourself. But, seeing it written here and there, will begin to ‘plant some seeds’ as Sunfire has said. I’ve posted articles on facebook about politics and ETs and not one of my facebook friends responds to them. But, I know that I’m planting seeds and opening doors to questions that I suspect they’ve asked themselves on one level or another at some point in their lives.

      • McCroft says:

        Blue Ray,
        I covered this topic in a FB page I started for Swedish people not able to digest all information in english (so I translate lots of info via Google Translate thank god with some mods)

        In many cases planting a seed is enough trying to confince people will not work!

        Love and light

  6. Jeanne says:

    Sunfire: you ask does it work on Mormons? No but I found that Mormons are nice enough, but you end the visits when you ask if they know their “other name”. I have trouble finding the rest of your post and i wanted to read that. In fact I wanted to re read the ballistics post and I read John’s ballistic posting too. Really intresting since a fun new topic. Shoot. J.

    • Sunfire says:

      I just open the door now and let my dog out, they see the hole in the fence and run. Is the search feature on the site working at all? That Sparky guy really did make a very informative post, it was very nice of him to do that.

      Btw, talked to my NA guy, he said that vision you had yesterday was very positive, and that it was very good to see the animal spirits responding positively.

    • anonymous says:

      Jeanne, what is this ‘other name’ malarkey with the Mormons? Do they have an alternative Satanic moniker?

  7. Jeanne says:

    I know that a hexagon barreled, Robert E. Flintlock with two cocking devises, loaded or unloaded will get uninvited pheasant hunters at just under 440 yards off your property quick if you train it on them all the way to their vehicles. Nightgown in the wind from your Georgain Porch no matter at all. J.

    • Sunfire says:

      Interesting, I’ll have to remember that, does it work the same on Mormons? I just know with Lizzies, you have to have something with enough kick to get through their thick scaled skin. A sniper to be able to hit a moving target, and electromagnetic field device to keep ‘em from phasing out.

      • Jeanne says:

        Now Sunfire, here’s another thought..there wouldn’t be any sport in leveling a long barreled flintlock on unarmed Mormons. They sneak up quick on bikes and afoot. You want range on that. These guys had nice urban cars and they were all toting, and were about 5 maybe six of them. at least five and one was fat and short legged and he kept lagging and turning around to put his hands up. That barrel was Heavy!~ makes you wonder how a guy could forage or march and hang on to it all day unless he was an officer with a horse. It was pretty etched like a
        fine watch for a fob, with Robert E. Lee on brass scrolled plate partially inset I think. Can’t recall. at the “manifold or trigger area, and the dates 186? to what. ever and a beautiful hard wood stock with brass plated curved butt. The cocking mechanisms were bright worn from the antique patina, very pretty piece missing the rod I think. It came down in the family.

        • Sunfire says:

          Sounds like a beautiful piece, yeah. I prefer just sending my aussie / collie mix after them, she learned to run fast playing with my pony….nothing like a red bullet with teeth and a huge voice hot on their tails.

      • Jeanne says:

        Sunfire: Now I want to ask you about the phasing out. You mean they disappear, or transport or what for the need of an electromagnetic field? J.

        • Sunfire says:

          They can do dimensional shifts. That’s what I mean about phasing in and out. Strong enough electromagnetic field generator and they can’t do it.

          • Blue Ray says:

            Am I to understand you guys are speaking of the download idea I posted a while back? Hall of Records? Tried to find other posts on site for background info but couldn’t….just have your parlay with Anonymous about tidal wave (brilliantly funny) in my e-mail box. Sunfire, you said that we are going to get the download, all of us? For real? You mean to tell me that I actually did something good? Something that will actually help others? For real? Your toying with me, right? Perhaps I misunderstood and you speak of something else. If not, than the reason for my miserable 54 year existence actually had a purpose. If the download idea got legs, than I missed the announcement boat by a light year. I know that I made additional posts that preceded this which I cannot find on your site. I answered a post that mentioned the possibility of old folk getting heart attacked and I said, today, or 3 months from now what will happen will happen regardless and that I didn’t want anyone to die – no one!!! I also mentioned that the longer we wait, the longer it will take for people to accept reality for their ascension, and how many lives will that delay cost? I tried new comments, old comments, sideways comments, but keep coming up goose eggs. I think I’m gonna bust….your messing with my head right?

          • Sunfire says:

            Blue Ray,

            It has nothing to do with the Hall Of Records, this is a totally separate thing all together. And, yes everyone is getting the download. It is our universal right as a living being to have this information and knowledge. I’m serious. Ascension has absolutely nothing to do with what is coming, that is like a whole different thing. What is coming, already happening is the beginning of an consciousness/awareness expansion and upliftment into an higher dimension. I don’t know what happened to your comment sorry, I haven’t been home for a while and just got back from spending time in the car in 95 degree weather, not something my sensitive system takes to easily.

          • Blue Ray says:

            Sunfire….thanks much 4 returning and sorry bout the heat – perhaps a nice swim to cool the core, if geographical possible. Sorry I didn’t return to you earlier, but it took that long to get my foot out of my mouth. Looks like it was my turn to be “squeeze of the keys…”
            Anyway, either way, it’s still all I, we, could ever ask for. What a thrill it will be to absorb those pages…’the download.’
            Thinking back, this move was more of an inevitability and a mandatory piece of the puzzle rather than any individual notion. I guess anyone can re-invent the wheel in their own way. Bless you and thanks for the this most valuable news. Power is knowledge. Can’t wait to unload and re-load….
            …you and John ROCK, and so does everyone else here…
            ,,,and all other sites everywhere like us
            thanks for, more than less, making my night,,,
            love and light to you all
            Blue Ray

  8. Jeanne says:

    I’m going to answer to this Iraq dinar thing and freedom reigns and Drake. They are near fed up with all the questions related to how much money will a person make and how to invest their money etc. Deatra and Drake addressed this issue and the reason is because they are motivated toward
    people’s sovereignty, and the freedom from oppressive governments so that our monetary system will work honestly to preserve and nuture human life into the future at some point without money at all. Money questions to them are secondary to cleansing the corrupt government and banking. Deatra did a big scolding on these self serving questions. Right now there is “cleansing” to do, i.e.arrests and restoring creator given rights. It was a serious pointed scolding, to grow up we heard.
    Ouch. Sorry. J.

  9. Sparky says:

    As a long-time police firearms instructor, I have to disagree with Anonymous’ post about firearms and their wounding ability. I know you’re just copying someone else’s information, but really, it’s so bad that it has to be addressed.

    First you have to understand that there is a vast difference in wounding effect between rifle bullets and pistol bullets. Gabrielle Giffords was shot with a 9mm Glock handgun, so I’ll talk mostly about pistol bullets.

    Pistol calibers tend to be relatively weak, and don’t really do all that much damage to human bodies. The majority of people shot with a handgun in modern American society will live. Even hollowpoint projectiles generally only damage the tissue that they actually touch- there is no ‘shock wave’ of energy that destroys a bunch of tissue with a pistol bullet. What you are essentially doing is applying a long-range drill to the body. The bullet punches through the tissue and makes a hole that’s only as big as the projectile itself. Hollowpoints were designed to expand to increase the amount of tissue that is contacted and destroyed by the bullet, and to reduce the risk of over-penetration (the bullet passing through the target and hitting someone beyond it). However, even the best 9mm hollowpoint bullets only expand to around .65 inch or so in diameter. If Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head with a 9mm hollowpoint, it would not have destroyed most of her brain and caused her to bleed out within seconds. It would have punched a bullet-diameter-sized hole through her brain, leaving much of the tissue undamaged. There could have been some fragments that came off the bullet and did additional damage, but it would not have been like a bomb went off in her head. Depending on which part of the brain was struck, it is entirely possible that she could survive and eventually lead a fairly normal life.

    Hollowpoint ammunition is standard for the vast majority of police departments, and many citizens carry them for legitimate self-defense purposes. This is because they enhance the wounding ability of the relatively puny handgun round and increase the chances that an attacker will be incapacitated quickly, reducing the need to shoot them again. Hollowpoint ammunition IS acceptable for certain military uses, such as law enforcement and anti-terrorism use. There are even hollowpoint rifle projectiles that are acceptable for normal land-warfare use because the Judge Advocate General has ruled that they were not designed to expand- the hollowpoint cavity is merely an artifact of the manufacturing process on many match rifle bullets.

    Most non-jacketed lead bullets used in hunting are NOT designed to fragment- they are typically of a very hard alloy and are designed to punch deeply into thick-skinned, tough animals without deforming. Think brown bear, etc.

    Mob hitmen use .22 firearms for assassinations because the bullet bounces around inside the skull? Sorry, this is pure, unadulterated horseshit, and should be setting off everyone’s bullshit meter. Whoever wrote the original piece you copied, Anonymous, is a moron with no real-world knowledge of weapons or of the people who use them professionally.

    Finally, .223 and 5.56 rounds don’t tumble and act like a buzz saw. When a 5.56 mm ball projectile strikes tissue, it starts to lose the stabilization imparted by the rifling while in flight. The back of the projectile is heavier than the front, so it now wants to be the leader. This causes the projectile to ROTATE 180 degrees through the tissue. As it does so, the tissue puts pressure on the jacket of the bullet. If the bullet is going fast enough and the jacket has been properly constructed, it will bend and then fragment into pieces. The faster it is going, generally the more and smaller pieces, which then lacerate the tissue, causing injury. A 5.56 round could, depending on construction and velocity, break into 2-3 large fragments that then took wildly different paths through the tissue.

    There is plenty of legitimate information available on wound ballistics, and it’s not in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. I’ve no doubt that there is much we don’t know about the Giffords shooting, but don’t base your conclusions upon false assumptions. There is a HUGE amount of bad info out there about how firearms work and wound ballistics specifically.

    • anonymous says:

      Hey, thanks Sparky.

      I know zilch, nad, zip about ammo and firearms so it’s good to get it from an expert.

      I’ve only ever fired a rifle once, when I persuaded a friend passing by when I was waiting for a bus, to take me with him to the rifle club where he was headed. Waiting for buses can be soooo boring. I have no idea how anyone can hit such itsy bitsy targets at such great distances but hey, at least I’ve tried it once.

      • McCroft says:


        You should try to lie next to an CG recoille rifle when firing. It’s like getting a horse kick in your face.

        Ben there done that… :P

    • Jeanne says:

      Well, you can bet none of these round are used to shoot Reptilians either. So are you saying that if we wanted to defend we would do better with a shot gun?

      • Sunfire says:

        It would require a top class military sniper, a gun big enough to bring down an elephant and an electromagnetic field device at the very very least to attempt to shoot/kill a reptilian. And, that’s playing it on pretty big odds and a heck of a lot of luck.

        • Jeanne says:

          Well thanks Sunfire. You’re up. I like the ballistics experts report. Really enjoyed that. I used to be a funeral director and often saw small caliber entry wounds and some exit wounds too probably larger calib., but then the coroner had messed in it some cases so it was harder to see.. Had to do a home removal one nite for an elderly woman’s family, and had to leave her there and call the coroner due to a small belly pistol under her pillow. Not much of any blood, just a small hole and bruising. there wasn’t any exit that I could see.
          That is intresting. I could almost bet that a Reptilian would have hide tough to get a load into.even if you had any time to do it..
          (that was a college job I never imagined doing and a lot of stories to be told.) For a minute I thought I had posted in the wrong place. J.

          • Sunfire says:

            I’m sure you could write a very interesting book about all that. Yeah, I honestly prefer when it comes to hunting reptoids as do the ET/EDs crystal based phase weapons or plasma weapons. They seem to be most effective and create a field of their own preventing phase shifts which is important, otherwise they just phase right out of the way of anything that you fire at them.

        • Blue Ray says:

          Sunfire…a Barrett 50 cal. can cut a man in half at a mile. Add a 800 grain cartridge with a titanium hollow point, filled with a mixture of rat poison and iridium then re-coated in copper for stable velocity, and you’ve got yourself a nice sandwich – poison the circulatory system and make it leak like a hemophekiac. If not, there’s always the Chey-Tac 416 Rifle system who’s bullet stays above supersonic through the air for much longer than even a 50 cal. – elephant not included…..

          • Sunfire says:

            I have my doubts about those even, cutting a man in half is one thing. Dropping a Reptoid that’s somewhere between 7′-9′ and the strength of upto 14 men, armor type scaled skin, the ability to phase in and out instantly and a myrid of other defense capabilities. As I said, even with a gun big enough to drop a elephant and top class sniper AND the electromagnetic field generator, even that being successful would take a lot of luck.

        • McCroft says:

          A 50 cal should do the trick.. like this one.M82A1 SASR (Special Applications Scoped Rifle or Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle), a .50 caliber sniper rifle used as an anti-materiel rifle.

          I guess you can clame the Lizzies to be anti-materielised after taking a hit from this baby.

          • Sunfire says:

            Not likely, their scales are impervious to almost all short of an elephant riffle. Still need the electromagnetic field generator, a top class military sniper and a lot of luck. One of the ET/EDs I communicate with is a Reptoid Hunter.

        • Blue Ray says:

          I wonder if the Reptilians taste like chicken. Well, if we’re on the menu, than what the heck….an entity shouldn’t dish it out if it can’t take it.

          • Sunfire says:

            Lol! Am told by the one ET/ED I communicate with that hunts them, the closest approximation is alligator.

          • Jan says:

            Sun fire that is FUNNY , See you later Alligator..Maybe get a pet Alligator..

            Strange as in ancient Egypt they used to keep snakes and crocodiles under the temples..maybe why? who knows,
            thought they generate some electric energy field
            like Kundalini,(battery )

          • Mik says:


            He said they taste like alligator? Ewww! Noooo. I hope he didn’t eat one to find that out! I’m shivering and laughing at the same time. :)

            I’d much rather imagine that they have a way of analyzing, molecularly, what “flavor” something is. Or did I miss the obvious? That being, if it looks and walks like an upright alligator, then it must taste like one. LOL.

          • Sunfire says:


            The ET/ED has never elaborated to whether he has actually ate them or not, but he did provide John with a recipe LOL..I’m sure though that they have technology to analyse flavor of various foods, they even have real food replicators and fruits that are super healthy and high in protein, strawberry type berries the size of the average human hand. Here’s a little tid-bit for you… Avocados, come from one of the Pleiadian Systems.

            From what I’ve seen, the closest that comes to what the Reptoids look like, check out the Jem’Hadar from ST: DS9, but with a slightly less humanoid face, specially the lower half. They visually are not ‘scary’ to someone that’s watched enough star trek, where the fear comes from for most is their size as they range from around 7′-9’+,

  10. sloynaz says:

    Hey John & Sunfire, I don’t know if anyone has posted the latest response from kauilapele regarding Bill and Eva video, I personally have my reservation about Obama.

    Here’s a link

    P.S. I know he came on radio telecast with Deatra & Drake and he made a comment, I just to thought share this article with you guys.