ETs/EDs Say “This Is Closest We’re Likely to Get To A Chinese Admission” (Of Losing 1000 Nuclear Missiles)

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) of the the Liberation Forces are delighted by multiple reports from highly sensitive sources indicating that the Chinese are transferring ~200 officers into the PLA’s (People’s Liberation Army) elite 2nd Artillery Corps, which is responsible for China’s “Underground Great Wall” missile complexes  of MRBMs (medium range ballistic missiles) and ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles), formerly 5000 strong, but now down 20%, following the raid by the ETs/EDs.


ETs/EDs Informed PLA Missile Officer Transfers To 2nd Artillery Corps Support Raid Scenario Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

As detailed in that post,  ETs/EDs, at one devastating swipe, knocked the secure Chinese underground nuclear missile force down to 4000, causing wholesale havoc. Sources have indicated these officer transfers are NOT “business as usual” and that there were no outgoing transfers reported. “You know what that means,” said a contact. Indeed.  Those replaced were quietly taken out and shot, with their organs harvested for transplant and their families billed  for the execution cartridge. While indirect, it is still evidence that something unusual and unprecedented occurred, and that fits with a response to the raid by the ETs/EDs.

ETs/EDs Receive Breakdown On 2nd Artillery Corps Losses

The ETs/EDs have been informed  the blow landed on around three colonels, some majors and a slew of captains and lieutenants. This was deduced because of the quantities and ranks of those transferred in. The commanding officer of the 2nd Artillery Corps somehow dodged a bullet. Informed speculation hints of blackmail. Nor is there evidence that any division commander got it, either.

Division commanders are major generals, to whom brigade commanders (colonels) report. It would appear, therefore, that a division got raided, but that the division commander, and others senior to him, were spared. This seems a very Chinese thing to do, sending a strong message while limiting the loss of highly trained personnel. The ETs/EDs agree.

ETs/EDs To Visit Many Places–Soon!

The ETs/EDs indicate that this could be a busy week, what with in-depth raids planned by the ETs/EDs on certain black project facilities, foreign nukes disappearing, purloined documents delivered into the right hands, plus other surprises from the ETs/EDs to both delight and confound.

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109 Responses to ETs/EDs Vindicated? 200 Officers To Chinese Missile Troops!

  1. NoTingles says:

    I wonder what these Chinese superior officers thought the rank&file were supposed to do about stopping the warhead removal? This sounds so typical of them, like Monty Python’s Flying Circus, but not funny in the least. Maybe the ET’s will consider taking the guards too in the next raid, to protect them from their insane “leaders”.

  2. Nancy C says:

    I agree, Chuck about executing the scapegoats and I’ve been following Drake, David and crew as best I can. I can sort of see how it plays out in the U.S. but I don’t understand how the “Plan” bleeds out to the rest of the world. I guess I’ll just have to wait & trust.

    • Sunfire says:

      The biggest cabal are in US and Europe, It’s going around the world. This whole freedom movement is global. Check out the Global Massive Resignations. You’ll see right there part of the plan in action currently 500 plus.

  3. Dolphin says:

    Boy, I feel bad for those executed and blamed for the disappearance or Nukes materials. Those men have families who will miss them and suffer the loss, no? Can John Kettler suggest the ET/ED’s to just leave a simple note, or hint, or clue that it was them (the ET/ED’s)? This way, the government and militaries head honchos don’t have to kill innocents scapegoats, and realize once and for all what they are up against, and that is futile to keep stockpiling Nukes missiles?

    • Sunfire says:

      I mentioned this to the ET/EDs and John, they collectively agreed. Even if the ET/EDs clearly in a way the Chinese would notice took credit for snatching the Missiles, The Chinese still would have been shot. It’s just the way they do things over in China, and so now the ET/EDs know what will happen when they go back in and get the other 4,000.

      • Sloynaz says:

        Sunfire, I understand and concord with you , but what do the “ANCIENT ELDERS” have to say in regard the innocent live taken.


  4. Rich Buckley says:

    Hitting 2 for 2! Top flight John/Sunfire.

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  6. Jason Ramsey says:

    Definitely keep us informed about these dramatic events…what about the other 80% of the arsenal? What about Israel’s and Pakistan’s nukes? Or France and Britain’s for that matter? Or our own? The US may be the major “loose cannon” of the bunch!

    • Sunfire says:


      They’re all on the list, but there is a certain method to the de-nuking. The actual logistics of removing the 1,000 by one single ship was quite an accomplishment. Normally, they wont get such a huge haul all at once. If you read the first blog mentioning these nukes, you would see they do plan on getting the rest of China’s, and fully de-nuking the planet, but will not give a time frame as to doing so.

    • Jan says:

      Nukes are old hat, as Biological chemical weapons are just as dangerous,also Viral s,, ..Acoustic weapons, and more..they should all be banned.

      • Sunfire says:

        Biowarfare sites on the list to be hit by the ET/EDs, some have already been dealt with.

  7. Chuck says:

    Ya gotta feel sorry for those executed scapegoats. It really should have been started at the top of the food chain rather than at the bottom, but that just shows how tied up the government and military is with seniority ducking because they were ‘not close enough to the problem itself’ when in actuality, they ARE the problem, not the poor schmucks at the bottom who do not set the policy, just guarded and maintained the now lost missiles.

    Luckily, the upcoming cleansing series of arrests, as described by Drake, Wilcock and Fulford and many others, will take care of those upper echelon types and they will ‘pay’ for those executions, amongst other things!

  8. Sloynaz says:

    Hey John

    Here a links to those read John recent post, to get an idea where more or less the base is located.


    • John Kettler says:


      Good stuff, but that’s a submarine base. The missiles came from an inland facility.