ETs/EDs To Israel’s NWO Boomer–“Retreat Or Die!”

ETs/EDs Decreed Fate of NWO Boomer

ETs/EDs' Decreed Fate of NWO Boomer Unless It Retreats! Photo Credit: U.S. Navy via

ETs/EDs Have Had It–Israel Retreats Sub Or It Dies; Crew’s Fate Still Undecided

ETs/EDs have had it with Benjamin Netanyahu and his war party’s headlong rush, with the U.S. included, to confrontation with an Iran firmly backed by Russia. The ex-French boomer (nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine) survived a battering while rounding the Cape of Good Hope submerged, but one crewman suffered a cracked skull, forcing a medevac rendezvous with an Israeli corvette off Somalia. The ETs/EDs observed the corvette being attacked by Somali pirates, who turned tail when up popped the boomer between them and their quarry! Terrestrial sources tell the same story. If Israel doesn’t order that sub to turn around, that sailor may become the sole survivor of a singularly stupid mission.

ETs/EDs Demand NWO Boomer Return Home & Be Decomissioned Or Be Sunk!

ETs/EDs have reached a firm decision. Since they have “no need” for what they characterize as “a seagoing fossil,” they will not “disappear” the whole boat. Rather, they will crush the hull and beam out the missiles and reactor compartment, not wanting to contaminate the ocean further or leave nuclear weapons down there for someone to retrieve. The ETs/EDs haven’t decided yet whether to save the crew and send it off for reeducation or simply let it suffer the dread fate of a sinking sub. The ETs/EDs WILL destroy the boomer well before it reaches firing range, so Israel has little time left to avert its worst naval disaster ever.

ETs/EDs Reinforce Super Assault Transport Warning

ETs/EDs strongly remind Israel of their earlier warning about moving those gigantic assault transports converted from supertankers.  “They will either be sunk or dropped somewhere awkward in Israel. Think the Ark on Mount Ararat, but without a soft landing!” Rest assured, the ETs/EDs are NOT kidding.







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