Israel Betrays U.S. By Selling 69 Patriot 2 PAC3s to China!

Israel deliberately attacked the U.S.S. Liberty

Remember the Liberty! Photo Credit: U.S. Navy Historical Center via Wikimedia Commons

Israel’s Patriot 2 PAC3 Betrayal Merely The Latest!

Israel has been caught red handed this past Friday trying to deliver no less than 69 state-of-the-art Patriot 2 PAC3 missiles to China, according to well-informed, very angry U.S. intelligence and military sources. Reportedly, this was being done in exchange for the missile guidance frequencies, uplink codes and other electronic information necessary to defeat the Chinese supplied HY-2 SILKWORM cruise missiles Iran is using to guard the strategically vital Straits of Hormuz. Interestingly, the Iranian Navy is staging a 10-day naval exercise in that area right now, according to Reuters. Israel‘s navy would have to force those straits in order to use the converted supertanker assault transports for an amphibious invasion of Iran.

The Patriot 2 PAC3s, which are the latest version of a key U.S. defensive system with both air defense and antimissile capaabilities, and are not detuned export models, were no sooner assembled in Israel by American technicians than they were loaded on a ship destined for Shanghai, China. Luckily, the Finnish authorities in Kotka, Finland searched the ship, the M.S. Thor Liberty (cargo manifest showed “fireworks”), and found not only the 69 Patriot 2 PAC3 missiles but a whopping 160 tons of picric acid, a powerful explosive.  As the scathing article notes, authorities believe the powerful phased array surveillance and missile guidance radar also supplied to Israel by the U.S. was shipped separately and may already be in Chinese hands. The article goes on to note that both Germany and South Korea are doing all in their power to deflect suspicion from Israel, with Germany leading the charge. Between Holocaust guilt and having for decades illicitly supplied Israel all manner of nuclear and biochemical warfare materiel, Germany is uniquely vulnerable to pressure from Israel.

Israel–The Gloves Are Off

Publicly criticizing Israel, supposedly America’s staunchest ally in the Middle East, and whose economy is critically dependent on American support, is normally simply not done, in part because such critics tend to come to bad ends at the hands of Mossad (Israel’s highly effective CIA equivalent) assassins and because of the immense influence AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) wields in Washington, D.C. Thus, Israel’s Middle East policy has become America’s de facto policy, alienating legions of Muslims, and time and again advanced American weapons intended for Israel’s defense, and so limited by law, have been put to offensive use, often against civilians. Further, we have the Jonathan Pollard case, in which Israel turned an American Jew and looted our intelligence secrets for years, Israel’s considerable involvement in 9/11, and the still-denied, hours-long effort to sink the clearly marked, readily identifiable ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) gatherer U.S.S. Liberty, killing 34 and wounding 171 sailors and NSA (National Security Agency) intercept specialists.

Israel–Time to Reassess The Special Relationship?

Israel’s latest bit of black treachery may finally break her political spell over the Washington politicians and take the blinders off the American military and intelligence communities. Israel has now conclusively shown she can’t be trusted, is utterly mercenary, clearly wants war with Iran, and simply doesn’t care how much damage she does to her ally, the U.S., in the single minded pursuit of Israel’s goals. Why, then, should America continue to fund and arm Israel, let alone provide so much access to the crown jewels of American intelligence efforts?



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