Middle East–Insanity Continues–Watch The Home Front!

Middle East Powder Keg

The Powder Keg Middle East Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Middle East–Racing to Annihilation

War is one twitchy trigger finger away in the powder keg Middle East as this is being written. Yesterday, saw a U.S. carrier eyeball to eyeball with an Iranian naval vessel. That carrier battle group is confirmed as being temporarily trapped in the Middle East’s highly constrained Persian Gulf–via a minefield covertly laid in the strategic Strait of Hormuz by the Iranian Navy under guise of an ongoing “naval exercise.” Apparently, this exercise contained an inadvertent live fire component, when the Middle East was briefly brightened locally after a Chinese made minelayer “backed down on a mine and exploded.” Iran has a bunch of these minelayers, and we do not know how they got there. The plan is to allow passage only under Iranian escort. Iran’s latest “approach” to Middle East peace? Missile tests!

Speaking of Iran’s actions in the Middle East, it seems to have a death wish, in that while being denuclearized by accidents and “accidents,” it has been busy flying in from Angela Merkel’s mercenary, uncaring and perfidious Germany replacement ultra centrifuges for uranium separation, a WW II German invention, using Iranian aircraft flying to and from Germany via Russian airspace, used with permission. Needless to say, this inflames the war parties in both Israel and the U.S., where in the latter, record consumption of pizza at the Pentagon and White House has forced adding more staff at area pizzerias  to keep the all night Middle East war planning sessions going. Multiple squadrons of MCM (Mine CounterMeasure) warships have already left the States, en route to the Middle East. Mission? Clear the Strait of Hormuz, if needed,  through which one sixth of the world’s oil moves.

Middle East–Is The ET/ED (Extraterrestrial/Extradimensional) Lash Already Being Felt?

Despite open snickering at the Pentagon, where this post has been widely circulated, there is none in Pakistan. Why? ET/ED sources said “Three Islamic Bombs have been taken,” and Tweets from Abbottabad, where Bin Laden was recently killed by the U.S., report firing squads are shooting officers at the nearby military school. And this was only from having three of an estimated 30 taken!  The same ET/ED sources sources report retargeting all of Israel’s ballistic missiles–on Israel–and locking out all further guidance corrections!  Should Israel be so insane as to attempt to launch, the Middle East will be very bright, albeit for a few minutes or so, and Israel will cease to exist.  U.S. Minuteman ICBMs have been forcibly retargeted by UFO visits and had to be pulled from their silos as a result. Also, if it hasn’t already happened, Israel can expect its nuclear armed Kfir strike aircraft in their “secure” underground hangars to start disappearing. The ETs/EDs are in deadly earnest about denuclearizing the Middle East! Israel’s reconnaissance satellite is under special dispensation, since it is so well positioned for watching the Iranians in particular and the Middle East in general. Otherwise, it would be offline at best. Israel would do well to avoid using its covertly obtained chemical and biowarfare weapons as substitutes, too.

Middle East & Other Wars As Distractions & Combat Drains–Home Front Vulnerable!

The saying “perpetual wars for perpetual profits” is true! Sensitive contacts report: “Bankers make more in one day of war than in a year of peace,” and a U.S. military ground down by 121 base closures,  multiple simultaneous wars for years on end and new wars just begun cannot defend the citizenry against a government run so amok that the draconian National Defense Authorization Act Obama just signed allows (corrupt parts of) the U.S. military, NATO and UN personnel (lots of both already here, armed and ready to go) to invade our homes at will, sans warrant or writ, seize our weapons and ourselves, and ship us, with no legal recourse whatsoever, to countries where torture is legal. Bluntly put, the government has declared war on us, intends to use a Middle East war to blindside us, and what the “conspiracy nuts” warned of for years is breathing down our necks. Hotly.  93 U.S. Senators and 425 (of 435) House Members traitorously voted for this travesty of the Consititution, while the U.S. Supreme Court, which should’ve killed this monster before it ever left the Legislative Branch, did nothing. A Middle East war would be the perfect opportunity for finishing off this once proud nation. U.S. Special Forces have been gutted like a fish. All we have left are Navy SEALS and a loyalty suspect Army Delta Force. Army Rangers have been eviscerated and are now no longer considered Special. A Middle East war is not in the interests of Us, the People. Neither, the ETs/EDs point out, is it in the interest of those seeking to overthrow the U.S. to make such an attempt. The punishment would be dire.






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