Middle East War Canceled! Denuclearization Proceeding

Middle East--War With Iran Averted!

Middle East--War With Iran Averted! Map Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Middle East War Canceled; Iran Seeks Real Talks And Promises To End Drive To Obtain Nuclear Weapons

War in the Middle East has been narrowly averted. Iran, formerly the leading trouble maker of the Middle East, is now seeking “serious negotiations” and has promised to stop seeking to acquire the means to build nuclear weapons, to include the ultra centrifuges which have been the cargo obtained in a series of Middle East-originated shuttle runs from Iran to Germany and back. Turns out all those runs were made in Russian aircraft, flown by Russian crews, and the last such plane and cargo “vanished.” According to  ET/ED (extraterrestrial/extradimensional) sources, “We have the plane and crew.” If so, the Russians are now in the same boat as the Americans, who had a B-2A Spirit Stealth Bomber vanish in front of horrified eyes at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. Terrestrial sources report of the disappeared Russian transport aircraft: “They can’t find the plane anywhere.” With Iran’s nuclear production pipeline closed, the Middle East will be much calmer and safer.

The RQ-170 Sentinel drone intended to justify war in the Middle East is now of no such consequence, and Iran has learned, to its sorrow, that the U.S. Navy has a whole new capability, first used in Middle East, against mines and explosives laden Zodiac suicide boats. It’s called MINE KILLER, and uses a continuous HPM (High Power Microwave) beam to detonate floating mines, mines being laid and mines aboard minelayers. The last two categories cost Iran most of the mysteriously arrived minelayers from China, as well as a bunch of suicide boats which got “too damn close” while harrying the carrier battle group the U.S. Navy operates inside the Middle East’s Persian Gulf. Weapon loaded piers and other such installations within its relatively short range of “about a mile” are also at risk. How many such MINE KILLER devices the Navy has and who makes it are unknown, as are the warships so equipped. Nevertheless, the Middle East near war showed the fortune doubtless spent on MINE KILLER’s black development paid off. Big time.  A variety of means will be used to clear submerged mines blocking the Middle East’s vital Strait of Hormuz. That carrier battle group, plus the two now near Bahrain, will stick around, to make sure the Iranians honor their promises, before heading home from the Middle East.

Middle East–Israel Partially Defanged; Syrian Regime To Collapse From Within

Having retargeted Israel’s ballistic missiles on Israel and locked out all further reprogramming, the ET/ED forces have reportedly taken the nuclear armed Kfir force from its underground hangars and carried it off, just as happened to recovered UFOs at the Area 51’s S4 in the U.S. For good measure, the ET/ED group has also reportedly ensured no more nuclear weapons will ever come from the super secret nuclear weapon production facility located deep below the Dimona Reactor in Israel. This is the one outed by Israeli nuclear technician and whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu. The sense conveyed regarding Dimona was that the underground levels had been filled in, manner unspecified, rendering the complex useless. Israel still has hundreds of nuclear weapons left, but has been sent an unmistakable signal. Removing Israel’s first strike capability should help bring peace to the Middle East.

Additional ET/ED information received indicates Mossad has suffered a “terrible blow,” whose nature was not revealed; that the war-obsessed Benjamin Netanyahu will have a heart attack and that a huge scandal will soon discredit his ultra rightist, ultra nationalist Likud supporters, causing his government to fall and be replaced by far cooler heads.

Syria will not be invaded by Israel or anyone else, for well-informed terrestrial sources fully expect Bashar-al-Assad, the Baath Party and his government to fall from within, as the long oppressed people rise up and overthrow the lot.

Middle East And The Home Front

The previously mentioned National Defense Authorization Act is arousing a storm of protest, from groups as diverse as the ACLU, typical Americans, war veterans and serving military. One insider estimate indicates 80% of American soldiers would refuse orders to fire on fellow Americans. That’s why we have all those NATO and UN troops here, not to mention various Fifth Columnists from China and elsewhere. ET/ED sources advise that all such leave or “be disappeared.” The latter process may have already begun!









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