Mossad Hit Team Caught! US Intelligence Credits This Blog!

Mossad Hit Stopped By This Blog!

This Blog Helps Stop Mossad Hit! Mossad seal via (Fair use)

Mossad Assassins Captured & Deported–U.S. Intelligence Community Says Timely Warning From This Blog Alerted Proper Authorities!

The Mossad hit team, whose target was either  in Washington, D.C., or it was a stopover, had landed in Rochester, New York.  The Mossad assassination team was intercepted Monday, January 31st  in the vicinity of the airport. Once located, the Mossad assassins were accosted, asked to leave and deported. The U.S. Intelligence Community confirms neutralization of the planned Mossad hit was made possible by the urgent information published on this blog here. How? Normally closely held information was received by authorities who would never otherwise have seen it, allowing them to act decisively to stop the hit and humiliate Mossad and the Israeli government in the process.

Mossad & Israel Now In Big Trouble–Search For Rest Of Spy Network Continues!

Israel and its spying/striking arm Mossad are in it and deep. Conducting ongoing, systematic espionage and technology theft against the U.S. is outrageous enough, but sending in a hit team to kill someone here is simply beyond the pale, and there may well be a reckoning. New information suggests the target may’ve been a Middle Easterner, but even so, the U.S. doesn’t want Mossad hits carried out on its soil. A tipping point may’ve been reached in which no amount of Israeli suasion there or pro-Israel pressure here can head off what’s expected to be a series of measures to punish the unprecedented action by Israel’s Mossad against the U.S., in the U.S.. Asked whether there would be dire consequences for Israel’s assassination attempt here, one ultra reliable source snapped: “You can depend on it!” Others are not so certain. Meanwhile, U.S. authorities are likely meticulously going through every bit of evidence, hoping to take down the entire network supporting the Mossad hit team.  No Mossad support team members have been caught so far.

Mossad, Blogging, The Power Of the Internet & Making A Difference

Mossad and Israel have now been given a sharp, harsh lesson in the realities of the Information Age. If anyone knows about an operation, in very short order, that information will be everywhere, having been picked up by other blogs, shared and social networked in more ways than there’s time to list them. In turn, this illustrates perfectly the power of an alert, independent online press and the impact even one person can have. As one of the insider sources for this post emphatically stated: “I’ve been saying for years, damn it, one person can make a difference!” The Mossad has just learned this lesson–the hard way. When assessing the reasons for the Mossad hit team’s failure, the power of well informed bloggers will certainly emerge as one of the principal reasons for this humiliating debacle, just as Israel is doing everything possible to get the U.S. to attack Iran!







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