Mossad U.S. Hit Team–The Endgame

Mossad Hit Team-Anticlimax

Mossad Hit Team--The Anticlimax! Mossad seal via (Fair use)

Mossad Hit Team–How It All Ended

Contrary to dramatic Hollywood spy movies, with blazing guns and fiery explosions, the end of the Mossad hit team came as an anticlimax. Spotted waiting for a flight at a gate at Rochester Airport, the four assassins were approached by a two-person (man and woman) team from the U.S. State Department’s little known Department of Consular Affairs. The pair, who spoke Hebrew, courteously greeted the Mossad hit team and asked for the Mossad team members’ passports. The Mossad assassins were told their passports would be returned through the Israeli Embassy, handed one-way tickets to a connecting flight to Israel and told “Have a nice flight.” Thus ended Mossad’s ill-advised hit attempt on U.S. soil.

Mossad Would-Be Assassins–Killing Them With Kindness

It strains the brain and has outraged readers, but the ultra reliable sources underpinning these shocking Mossad hit team posts say that there was no interrogation whatsoever of the Mossad hit team. Why not?! Sources indicate two principal factors behind the kid glove treatment of the Mossad hitters: reciprocity (what we do to them, they do to us) and that Israel, despite a seemingly endless (and growing) list of transgressions against the U.S., is an ally, a valued ally at that. One source likened the situation to gently dealing with a wayward small child: “You pat him on the butt and tell him not to do it again.” Even though we now know the target of the Mossad hit wasn’t a U.S. citizen, but a male from the Middle East, sources made it clear “We don’t want hits on our soil–of any kind.”

Mossad Assassins–Burned Here Forever

The Mossad hit team can never come here again, and it’s entirely possible the U.S. passed the team’s full particulars globally. If so, a lot of expensive Mossad training, resources and time have gone into producing what the GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence) used to refer to as elephants, burned covert operatives who could never work overseas again, their cover having been irretrievably blown. Mossad may now have four new instructors in clandestine operations and assassination. What this Mossad hit attempt here will do to the already severely strained U.S.-Israeli relationship is anyone’s guess.





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