Mossad Hit Team Enters U.S.!!! Target Unknown–Breaking!

Mossad seal

Mossad official seal via (Fair use)

Mossad Hit Team Unleashed On U.S.!

The world’s gone mad! Israel, the nation that wants us to go to war against Iran with it, has not only consistently bitten the hand that feeds it by systematic espionage against and technology theft from its only real ally , but it’s been confirmed Israel has now unleashed a four-person (two men, two women) Mossad (Israel’s CIA equivalent) assassination unit against some U.S. target as well, per superbly informed sources.

How The Mossad Hit Team Got Here,Who’s The Likely Target And Why?

The Mossad assassination team members came in individually by circuitous routes, assembling on an unknown flight (~six possibilities) into the U.S. from Ottawa, Canada. The flight is unknown because of a period in which surveillance of the Mossad hit team was lost. The target is unknown, but the most likely one for the Mossad assassins is President Obama, widely viewed as not supportive enough of/hating Israel. His assassination “for reasons of state” was suggested/trial ballooned in the Georgia-based Atlanta Jewish Times, is reportedly enthusiastically supported by the Knesset (Israel’s legislative body), and is apparently legal under both Israeli and American law.   This shocking set of developments followed a private exchange at the recent G4 meeting between Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and U.S. President Barack Obama in which the former complained, in Russian, of having to deal with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to which Obama replied, in English, he had to “deal with that asshole every day” –on what disastrously turned out to be an open microphone.

Mossad Assassination Playbook–In And Out In 48 Hours + The Sabbath

The Mossad hit team’s clock began as soon as it crossed the U.S. border, and according to the above sources, the target would typically be hit and the Mossad assassination team out of the country within 48 hours, but the Mossad hit team will likely observe the Jewish Sabbath, which begins Friday at sunset and concludes Saturday at sunset. Since the Mossad assassins were reported entering the U.S. Friday morning, January 27th Central Standard Time, this means the Mossad operation must be concluded and the Mossad hit team out of the U.S. by the same time Tuesday, January 31st. Sources believe that Monday, January 30th is the most likely date for the Mossad assassination to occur, in what was described as “ruining someone’s week.” Past Mossad hits indicate a considerable Mossad support team will already be in place, have weapons, a safe house/s and will have already extensively surveilled the intended target and analyzed the target’s defenses, as well as preplanned the exit route and alternates. Such a Mossad hit can be executed only with direct permission from the highest levels of Israel’s government.



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