NWO–Get Ready, For Here It Comes!!!

NWO Missile Complex--Post strike

Chavez's NWO Missile Complex Post Strike Image Credit: USMC via HyperWar

NWO Whuppin’ On The Way!

The NWO (New World Order) basis of power is about to undergo a shattering series of blows, as plot after plot and scheme after scheme is discovered, blocked and mercilessly punished, according to ET/ED (extraterrestrial/extradimensional) sources from two different groups. This information on what awaits the NWO comes both directly and indirectly from them and will be shock and awe dropped squarely on NWO heads, coupled with spectacular demonstrations intended to show the populace that there is real help, of vast power, working to liberate planet and people.  Good thing, now that U.S. overhead imagery has confirmed the presence, near Maracaibo, Venezuela, of no less than 20 NWO TELs (Transporter Erector Launchers) for the Masudan Mod 1, a stretched North Korean copy of the Russian R-27U SLBM (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile), but re-roled as a 2800 nautical mile/3200 statute mile IRBM (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile). The NWO Masudan Mod 1s and all their gear were bought and paid for by Iran, which also paid for transportation, according to highly informed sources.

NWO–Programmed For Destruction

The NWO destruction and domination machine churns ceaselessly on. Recently, Congress passed, and Obama signed, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Reauthorization Act. The Act authorizes the use of RPVs (remotely piloted vehicles) for domestic surveillance, law enforcement and military applications. It does NOT prohibit arming them. An estimated 30,000 will be airborne over major cities and counties by 2020. This is precisely the kind of NWO insanity which can and must be stopped. Now!

NWO Consternation Via Destruction & Confusion

The strike against the NWO missiles marks the kickoff of a whole series of measures which will systematically dismantle the NWO, while simultaneously encouraging, exciting, and astounding the citizenry. The boot on our necks will be lopped off, the manacles struck, and our ability to think restored.  The electronic mind control and surveillance will be destroyed, the NWO police state agencies wiped out, and spectacles staged which are a) simply impossible and b) can’t be covered up. Wherever possible, emphasis will be placed on publicly humiliating the NWO.



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Vega - 3 years ago

Orbital mind control satellites, to be specific the retrofitted irridium cell network, i believe is part of this. Many got and are being taken out by the solar flares to purge this type of tech. They are all related to etheric tech, harmonically attuned to each one of us thru our core source plasma body system. Which is in turn connected to the plasma sheath around earth and is electromagnetically interfered with by harp/cern/bell/psy op tech/nano tubes/chem trails/radioactive particles/viruses blocking our pituary gland and our connection to the rest of the universe. We are living in a bubble of time where everything is about maintaining the illusion of fear all around us. But quantum light is entering this space and making it possible to see the systemic lies to be picked up on by the human collective, therefore allowing in outside help by consent.

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    Am pretty sure the last of the Orbital Mind Control satellites has been taken out by friendly ET/ED action. Terrestrial sources named Iridium as one of the involved parties in this awful technology.

anonymous - 3 years ago

John, do you know anything about anti gravity tenton nuclear devices?
Apparently they will be used in some sort of mass abductions but I can’t find much about them anywhere.

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    Torsion? Tensor? In any event, haven’t heard of them.

Laurie - 3 years ago

Mr. Kettler, I cannot thank you enough for your bravery! I found your website a couple of weeks ago and each new post brings me a great feeling of hope that I haven’t felt in a very long time. I’m looking forward to your upcoming Camelot interview and wonder if there is anything an average citizen like myself can do to help the efforts along? I really appreciate all that you are doing and look forward to the coming attractions!

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    You’re welcome! Everyone can do something. You simply need to figure out what resonates and feels right for you, then do it! If nothing else, this blog shows that one person CAN make a difference.

Trugli Vartna - 3 years ago


It may have already begun!


Chinese Twitter Says Kim Jong-Un Was Assassinated This Morning In Beijing

The Chinese micro-blogging service Weibo has exploded with rumors that new North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was assassinated today at the North Korean embassy in Beijing. Twitter death rumors are totally cross-cultural.

Here’s one version of the rumor, cleaned up from the crappy Google translation:

Above link says: According to reliable sources, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was killed in Beijing in February 10 2012, at 2 o’clock and 45 minutes. Unknown persons broke into his residence shot and were subsequently shot and killed by the bodyguard.

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    My sources “upstairs” indicate he’s dying, not dead, but won’t be around much longer. The ETs/EDs weren’t kidding about dire punishments! I suspect they poked a few holes in security, permitting the assassins to succeed. Have been told his uncle, the Regent, is dead.

emme - 3 years ago

any relation to these rumours?

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    My sources “upstairs” indicate he’s dying, not dead, but won’t be around much longer. The ETs/EDs weren’t kidding about dire punishments! I suspect they poked a few holes in security, permitting the assassins to succeed. Have been told his uncle, the Regent is dead.

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