NWO Ignores Warnings From ETs/EDs & Seeks War Still!

NWO SSBN Le Redoutable

NWO (Israel branch) Le Redoutable class SSBN Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

NWO Will Pay–ETs/EDs Adamant

NWO failure to listen to the ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) last time has yielded another attempt at starting a war in the Middle East. As this is being written, thousands of war-weary U.S. troops from Iraq who thought they were going home have been quietly diverted by the NWO to Israel, and thousands more from the National Guard are being sent in from the States. The intent? Participate in Israel’s attack about two months from now on both Syria and Iran. Cover story? Wargames with the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). Right. Where have we heard that NWO line before? Anyone here remember Exercise Bright Star in Egypt? Wasn’t that before we invaded Iraq? “Not this time,” the ET/EDs vow. “Death to the NWO!”

NWO Boomer Outed By This Blog–French Navy Headquarters Gets Reamed By U.S. Military Attache For Selling Israel A Retired SSBN!

It’s good to be read, especially when it produces such unexpected results. Certainly, the French Navy’s Headquarters staff wasn’t expecting to get a memorable call from the thoroughly outraged U.S. military attache whose first question was biting and disbelieving: “You sold the Israelis a boomer?” This was followed by a withering “Are you out of your (expletive deleted) minds?!” That NWO nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine, believed to be of the Le Redoubtable class, took a battering from a severe storm while rounding Africa’s Cape of Good Hope and surfaced to “phone home,” using a burst transmission to report extensive damage. Nevertheless, it’s still headed toward Iran, bearing its lethal cargo of 16 900-1000 nautical mile range missiles, each carrying a 1-megaton nuclear warhead. The plan is to launch while surfaced, since the Israeli-built missiles have never been test fired from underwater and there is no credible air threat Iran can mount. “How about a bolt from the blue?” the ETs/EDs ask.

NWO–Clearly Both Blind & Stupid

ETs/EDs have already recovered UFOs, bodies of ETs/EDs, black program aerospace craft and more from various ultra high security NWO facilities all over the world. The CIA’s had a growing rash of suicides, daylight vanishings of NWO personnel have already begun or are about to start, and the ETs/EDs are about to hit the NWO hard and spectacularly across the globe. So what does the NWO do? Try to start a war where it failed utterly before!  The ETs/EDs aren’t having it, saying “If the NWO attacks, the forces involved are history.” Not only do they mean it, but they are about to demonstrate to the NWO just how devastating they can be when riled. 



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