NWO (Israel) Boomer Sunk By ETs/EDs & Confirmed By Chinese!

NWO Boomer Confirmed Sunk!

NWO Boomer's Dead--Israel Didn't Listen! Image Credit: U.S. Navy

NWO Boomer Sunk! On Bottom Of Arabian Sea!

The NWO boomer (nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine) the ETS/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) warned to turn back is now known, from their reports, Chinese hydrographic ship recordings of the boomer’s breaking up, and from images taken of the NWO sub wreck by that same Chinese vessel, to be dead–well above the NWO sub’s crush depth!  The loss of missiles, boomer and crew (120 trained submariners), all told, probably cost NWO Israel some two billion dollars.

NWO Boomer Found Exactly In State ETs/EDs Said It Would Be

The NWO sub, thought at first by the Chinese to be one of ours, is missing its entire missile compartment, the hull is crushed, and there’s a big hole where the reactor compartment should be. This is exactly what the ETs/EDs said they would do to the NWO boomer. Israel has no plans to raise the NWO sub carcass, calling it a “war grave.” Apparently, Israel isn’t aware or doesn’t believe the ETs/EDs took off the crew before sending the NWO boomer to the bottom for good. China’s concerned about the missing missiles, fearing its own considerable Muslim population managed to retrieve them, but they are in safe hands with the ETs/EDs.

NWO “False Flag” Nuclear Attack Sub (SSN) Operating Off U.S. Coast

NWO treachery never ceases, and a British Trafalgar class SSN, believed to be HMS Turbulent, but disguised as a Nazi/German sub (actual crew NWO of unknown origin) has been sighted off San Francisco, and another group of cooperating  ETs/EDs revealed this vital information. The NWO SSN is reportedly armed with nuclear tipped cruise missiles (Tomahawk or similar) and possibly, nuclear torpedoes. The usual group of ETs/EDs confirms. Objective? Locate underwater tunnel, enter same, sail in and detonate nuclear weapons under the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), California, killing millions! The group that found and reported this latest NWO horror has been systematically preventing it from finding the entrance, and it’s believed the NWO sub will be “disappeared” shortly–by one of the groups of ETs/EDs.





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