NWO Missiles In Venezuela Eliminated By ETs/EDs!

NWO Missiles Eliminated

NWO Missile Complex Visualized Post Strike By ETs/EDs Image Credit: USMC via HyperWar

NWO Missiles About

To Be Finished Off!

NWO Masudan Mod 1 IRBMs (2800 nautical mile/3200 statute mile    Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles) have been practically eliminated through both direct and indirect action by the ETs/EDs. It now can be officially confirmed that the blast reported by the naval aircraft flying from Pensacola was indeed NWO missiles blowing up. How those NWO missiles came to blow up is a remarkable story.

NWO Missiles Meet The Drug Cartels–And Lose!

There were originally 20 NWO TELs (Transporter Erector Launcher), each with one missile, plus a reload, for a terrifying total of 40, armed with North Korean biological weapons and Pakistani dirty bombs. NWO nutjob Hugo Chavez’s greed and arrogance cost him half of that very expensive NWO force in a single night. How? He apparently didn’t get the tribute from the drug cartels and said he was going to put missile strikes on their main drug route through Mexico. This didn’t go over well at all, resulting in shattering RPG attacks on the Presidential Palace and a ground assault on the closely spaced TELs (~6 yards apart, in two separate and separately guarded clusters) in a jungle clearing near Maracaibo, Venezuela. The attack was greatly facilitated when one of the ETs/EDs thoughtfully tented a map over a leader’s face, so that when he awoke he found a map marked with a prominent X and the legend “Chavez’s missiles here!” Armed with the map, RPGs and AK-47s, the cartel attacked, destroying 10 TELs, the missiles on them, the reloads in a nearby tent and the sleeping guards. Carryover damage was inflicted on the other half of the formation, damaging some of the carriers and/or missiles, but the guards, who at this location were on the ball even before the attack, put up a stiff resistance and drove off the cartel assault force. Aerial reconnaissance the next day found a 28′ diameter blackened crater where the missiles and warheads had blown up, together with a substantial “landing pad” from blown down trees surrounding the crater.  Remains of a large tent used to store the spare missiles were also found–burned to the ground. Pretty much the only thing left intact in the first area was the crane vehicle.

NWO Missiles Clobbered By Direct Attack From ETs/EDs!

Friday night, February 17, 2012 the ETs/EDs, having sorted out their technical, interdimensional and timeline problems, conducted a “test firing” of a modified particle beam weapon against the security cordoned remaining NWO missile force, blowing up the missiles on 7 TELs and 8 reloads, plus vaporizing the TELs and all equipment in the strike zone–without harming the soldiers. This is because there was a force wall built to protect the soldiers from blast, fire and flying debris.  The remaining 3 TELs and 5 missiles, with 2 of the Masudan Mod 1s on improvised launchers, are being eliminated as this is being written.

NWO Builds Permanent Bases & Missile Silos ETs/EDs Say “They’re Next!”

The link shows part of a permanent base  for Chavez’s NWO missile force has been built. Judging from the reaction of highly cleared sources, it wasn’t detected by U.S. intelligence.  Worse, NWO Venezuela–using millions of dollars from NWO Iran– apparently built this as part of a full blown ballistic missile complex on the Paraguana Peninsula, 250 statute miles northwest  of Caracas. President Obama may be complacent as  a much worse threat is installed than during the Cuban Missile Crisis, but the ETs/EDs are not. They were blunt: “The bases and missile silos are next!”



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