NWO Respite’s Over! ETs/EDs Renew Operations!

NWO Battleground

NWO's Hoped For Battleground--Persian Gulf Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


NWO Races To War With Iran; ETs/EDs Have Other Plans!

NWO (New World Order) forces are eyeball to eyeball in the Persian Gulf, and in such quantity it’s a wonder they don’t trip over other each other. Others in the same area are trying to stop any number of NWO schemes to “justify” an attack on an ever truculent Iran, which still hasn’t given up on having nuclear weapons. Such NWO schemes reportedly include an Israeli ambush of the due-for-decommissioning-this-year ancient nuclear aircraft carrier U.S.S. Enterprise, said scheme to be executed by one of three NWO Israeli Dolphin class subs already there, and then blamed on the Iranian subs armed with 250+ knot torpedoes, also there and prowling. The Enterprise is at Norfolk loading stores and undergoing crash repairs to her desalinization plant. She has been ordered to the Gulf personally by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, raising eyebrows among ultra reliable sources who earlier had trouble accepting the Enterprise sacrificial lamb scenario. U.S. forces are keeping a gimlet eye on everyone, meanwhile building and filling up a permanent base in the Persian Gulf. It’ll supply multiple fuels, munitions and offer forward facilities for certain other forces. The idea is to put a damper on the Iranians via a continuous presence. The NWO testbed United Kingdom also has warships en route. The U.S. seems to be split into NWO and anti NWO contingents.

The ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) have been keenly monitoring this frightening NWO mess, while dealing with a stack of problems “upstairs.” That said, more ET/ED groups have arrived, bringing more options, better coverage and more intelligence fusion, too. Not to mention gleeful enthusiasm and the desire to help! The ETs/EDs put the NWO on notice: “We are about to make our presence felt in earnest.”

NWO To Be Thwarted At Every Turn

The NWO has had it easy of late, but that party’s now over. Few know it, but the ETs/EDs report the powerful Warburg banking dynasty, one of the owners of the Fed, has already thrown in the towel, with more to follow. The truly staggering collection of NWO Doomsday missiles and static nuclear devices is now well known to the ETs/EDs, and some of it has been confirmed by superbly informed terrestrial sources. Call the quantities and locations proof of NWO insanity writ large. And that’s without getting into the terrible plutonium contamination from leaking NWO missiles in the ocean. Fortunately, the ETs/EDs have excellent means for dealing with such NWO problems!

NWO–Five Moves From Checkmate?

The walls are closing in on the NWO, as everywhere consciousness starts to awaken, and not even the recent rain of disasters can stop it. What the NWO used to be able to do in secret is now first openly discussed in dozens of blogs and then spread to the winds via social networking. No wonder there’re so many NWO initiatives to muzzle and effectively kill the Internet!



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