NWO Update–The Sky IS Falling!


NWO Doomed! Image Credit: nixseraph via deviantart.net (Fair Use)

NWO Under Attack On All Levels!

Things are NOT looking good for the NWO (New World Order), and that’s true in a variety of ways. A stupendous lawsuit has been brought against it by 122 nations, and good people are being murdered in consequence, but the suit goes forward regardless. Similarly, the NWO‘s U.S. economic arm, the Federal Reserve System, is being sued on a bunch of fronts, to include this successful one by Bloomberg, which revealed illegal loans totaling as much as 1.2 trillion of our money!  These, though, are the least of its problems.

NWO, ETs/EDs, Timelines & Dimensional Shifts

Things would be a lot worse for the NWO had “higher order” problems not interfered with the ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) here to liberate Earth. These have repeatedly created situations in which strikes are executed on NWO facilities and NWO equipment, are reported back for terrestrial confirmation, yet nothing’s found to have happened, causing consternation, perplexity and upsets on both ends.

Conducting anti NWO military operations from higher dimensions into our reality is NOT easy and generates all sorts of head splitting problems. For example, in which timeline was the NWO target struck? Is the NWO threat being seen and reported by the ETs/EDs there now, or are they seeing the future? When will the strike externalize here? Things get even more complicated when an ally arrives and winds up learning this stuff the hard way. Fortunately, meetings have been held, the problems sorted out, and things are now happening. Last night, a Navy aircraft flying out of Pensacola reported seeing a “bright flash” to the south. What lies to the south? Venezuela! Does this, perhaps, mean that “something bad” has happened to those Masudan Mod 1 IRBMs (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles) this blog previously reported? Sure hope so, considering that updated intelligence revealed the presence of 20 fully loaded TELs (Transporter Erector Launcher), not 10, each with a spare, fully fueled missile, for a total of 40, doubling the NWO missile threat to most of the contiguous U.S.!

NWO To Receive “Condign Punishment,” But Human Casualties To Be Limited

The ETs/EDs are deliberately following a policy of surgical strike, wherever possible, in an effort to minimize the loss of “innocent human lives.” If, though, you happen to be, say, in an NWO biowarfare facility in North Korea or NWO Israel’s underground nuclear weapon assembly plant below the Dimona Reactor when the ETs/EDs strike from above in several meanings of that term, then it’s just not your day! You’ll be dead, one way or another. The ETs/EDs have the ability to do things like kill loaded TELs, but without harming the troops ringed around them. NWO clones in lots of different sectors will start breaking down following repeated strikes on their support facilities. The breakdown of cloned NWO public figures should prove quite a shock to the public, which thinks of such matters only in terms of science fiction.

NWO–The Shape Of Things To Come

NWO, it’s time to face facts–you don’t get to start World War III in the Persian Gulf. No NWO operation is going to be allowed to attack Iran. Every such attempt to do so will fail. NWO Iran won’t be allowed to start World War III, either, for every move will be countered, and Iran is being further defanged, for soon her submarines will be gone, likewise Israel’s. This will dramatically drop the “temperature” in the Persian Gulf, by eliminating opportunities for clashes to occur, but dangers remain. NWO Iranian speedboats loaded with explosives and contact fuzed for kamikaze attack on the tankers have switched from scary last minute breakaway dry runs to the real deal. Disaster was narrowly averted when the tanker captain firewalled his throttles, creating a bow wave which capsized his would-be killer. The U.S. Navy is now arming tankers transiting the Gulf, apparently with machine gun (and possibly grenade launcher) equipped teams. Iran has yet to receive chastisement for causing the present missile crisis, but the ETs/EDs haven’t forgotten and are really quite irritated over the matter.

While the U.S. is showing unprecedented restraint, NWO Israel remains like a rabid dog. It’s still fully mobilized, at huge expense, and is expected to strike. It had better not! Aircraft could find themselves pancaking into invisible walls, equipment could be made to permanently fail, and, if they feel like it, the ETs/EDs have the means to instantly destroy Israel’s entire manufacturing base, which is considerable, driving that nation back to what it was like in the beginning. The NWO’s “China Gambit” against the U.S. has been revealed by the ETs/EDs, and the hunt is on for the proof, despite super advanced screening technology the NWO Chinese reportedly got from one or more ET/ED groups working with them! The NWO Chinese would do well to consider that the U.S. and Canada are bound by mutual defense pacts and that, since they were NOT invited into Canada, they are in every sense aggressors, subject to everything that status entails! The situation with Mexico remains murkier, but the U.S. has the right to self-defense and will use it. It may be the Year of the Dragon and considered auspicious, but NWO China could easily find herself in a disastrous, exposed position, from which there is no face saving exit. If the NWO Chinese attack the U.S., then they also win the “death from above and beyond” sweepstakes–the ETs/EDs!



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Jan - 3 years ago

“Full spectrum Dominance” No thank you.(Jan)
RFID, Revealed: Secret Plan to Tag Every Man, Woman and Child


    Jan - 3 years ago

    Illuminati Card game -Cards..Strange Games.
    Illuminati Card Game
    Description: The complete set of cards from the Illuminati Card Game from Steve Jackson Games. This game came out in 1995 and seems to predict a lot of events that have already happened, like 9/11.


      John Kettler - 3 years ago


      Am thoroughly familiar with the game. I think it’s a good way to understand the basic mechanics of how power centers operate behind the scenes, warring against each other.

    Jan - 3 years ago

    Just noticed after watching this video-“One hour”, into this video, you can clearly see Michael Chertoff, Look at his reptilian slits for pupil,s( eyes..) has a video also of him..This video shows his Reptilian eyes(Black slit pupils) also.-notice his very pointy ears..Looks very authentic , no playing about..Very worth seeing.
    Truth is out there.

FedUp - 3 years ago

Sunday, March 4, 2012
INTEL on Deliveries And DINAR RV perhaps by Poofness?

The news below is circulating widely. There are literary hints that the article may have been written by “Poof” without signing his name. ejl

Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 08:10:33 0800
Subject: just in

WED 29 FEB 2012: News from the heavy duty lender and from P: P’s [ Poof’s ] Sun 26 Feb newsletter is below. I’ve been traveling the past several days and I was unable to get out an update till now. Here’s news from the past 10 days:

• Two weeks ago, the Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping was in DC ): Chinese VP Xi was working with Pres Obama and the U.N. to help get the 19 [typo ? – should be 195 perhaps]currencies RV’s ready for posting & the simultaneous start of North American deliveries. Over the weekend of Sat-Sun 18-19 Feb, Xi flew to Iraq to see the RV posting of the Iraqi Dinar while he was in Iraq.

• Ten days ago on Mon 20 Feb, when RV’s were ready to post and North American deliveries were ready to start, there was a death threat delivered to Pres. Obama by people loyal to Bush Sr, that threatened to kill Obama’s wife, Michelle, and his two daughters, if Obama let the RV’s post and deliveries start. Chinese VP Xi did not know about the death threat.

On Tue morning, 21 Feb, when Xi expected the Iraqi Dinar to RV and post to the worldwide banking system, nothing happened (a familiar occurrence for all who have been waiting for the release). So Chinese VP Xi contacted Treasury Secty Geithner Tue 28 Feb and said that if the RV’s weren’t posted by last Thu 23 Feb, China would begin immediately to sell all it’s trillions of dollars in Treasury bonds for cents on the dollar. Geithner then informed Chinese VP Xi that there had been a credible death threat against Pres. Obama and his family and that the Obama admin needed more time to review all it’s security levels around the president’s family to plug any holes through which assassination attempts could come.

John Paul Jackson, a trusted prophetic leader, said the Lord showed him that there would be an assassination attempt against Pres Obama this year and to pray for the president’s safety (cue up to 56:54 minute point here: )-John Paul does not agree with Obama’s political positions but said the Lord told him we the Body of Christ should pray for him anyway! (1 Tim. 2:1-5).

Geithner finally signed off on Tue afternoon, 21 Feb, at 3:15pm EST, for the start of deliveries and the RV’s to post by Thu 23 Feb. By Fri 24 Feb, the Asians had given the Obama admin and the US Treasury an extension through the weekend because of unfolding security issues.

• Meanwhile US Marshalls & Interpol started tracking down and arresting people from whom the death threat came, and Interpol was also arresting more bankers in the US and Europe who had any ties with the illuminati moneylaundering operations over the past decades (good for the safety of our accessing).
• On Fri 24 Feb, Treasury Secty Geithner was subpoenaed (not arrested) to testify in a court case involving the collapse of Lehman Bros in 2008. Geithner did testify about moneylaundering crimes while he was head of the NY Federal Reserve Bank branch. Benjamin Fulford’s source in Fulford’s 27 Feb report that claimed that Geithner had been arrested (he wasn’t arrested; he was subpeonaed) and that Geithner said that he and Obama “work for Bush [Sr]” is simply incorrect.

Both Source1 (the investment banker in Dallas and senior trustee of programs since 1984) and the #2 Asian trustee in Hong Kong of the White Dragon Clan banking family both said months ago all the way back to 2009 that Geithner and Obama were working FOR the release of the programs and AGAINST Bush Sr and the opponents. Fulford’s 27 Feb report also incorrectly claims that former Fed Chair Paul Volcker and Supreme Court Justice John Roberts are also working for Bush Sr, which is also incorrect:

Source 1 and the #2 Asian trustee in Hong Kong have said for the past 2.5 years that both Volcker and Roberts have been working with the White Hats and are FOR the programs and the new worldwide banking system. The rest of Fulford’s 27 Feb report appears to be accurate as far as P’s[Poof’s] and the heavy duty lender’s trustee-level sources are saying.

• Over last weekend, the Asians, program trustees working with the US Treasury, the IMF, and the Bank for International Settlements (Basel), found 24 electronic traps in the new worldwide banking system through which the illuminati opponents were planning to drain the funds being transferred in to program accounts worldwide in all 195 countries.

The programmers and bankers responsible have been traced and arrested over the past several days. These electronic trap doors are being fixed and closed now. As soon as the trustees finish this, if nothing else gets in the way, the Bank for International Settlements source told P’s contact that deliveries and the RV’s posting are planned to start this week. The Chinese are still pressing for the release immediately, thank God! The key statements about deliveries and RV’s in P’s newsletter are the following:

The rvs got done and [the trustees] are currently checking the [banking computer] ‘system’ repetitively to make sure these computers are ‘talking’ to each other. A problem that had to get rectified a couple of days ago. It’s All new folks and once you fire it all up and start paying people, oops, is not a good answer. The clean up has already started and you’re learning more about that day to day. This banker resigning, that banker quitting, this high muckety muck arrested, some folks that aren’t even listed yet.

They are cutting off the escape routes….giving the bad guys no room to move. Even doing ‘hacks’ themselves to check for weaknesses and open doors to anyone prowling around looking for a way in, so they can steal. [Bill] Gates left a lot of ways (ports) ‘in’ with his software, they’ll shut them down. A few things were explained to Mr. Gates during his trips to china, ‘it’ll be a new world Mr. Gates’. The NWO will not be running the world, get used to it. It’s called freedom and not the drivel coming out of politicians mouths.

Things will show publicly when they are satisfied the system is solid. There are many platforms by which things get funded, so the job is huge. It covers the entire world, even that little piddly bank in Silt, Colorado. If you know anything about cockroaches [the illuminati opponents] you know how comprehensive you must be to exterminate them from your dwelling. This is bigger than just one house. When you ‘see’ the rvs know that they are satisfied and then the world flips on it’s head.
This is partially why we are in the “RV wait and see” what happens. The other reason is that the most banks are bankrupt, kept afloat day by day with loaned money created out of thin air that has no backing whatsoever – except for our unexplainable “faith and confidence” that our government would never allow banks to do anything like that to us. Understand please that the four banks designated for RV use don’t have even 1% of the “cash” needed to cover your deposits. Expect rationing along the lines of “you can only withdraw 5 or 10 thousand dollars per month because of the economic crisis and martial law.”
Posted by John MacHaffie at

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    What’s an RV? To me, it’s an acronym for Remote Viewing. Obviously, that can’t be the right answer.

      darylluke - 3 years ago


      RV = Re-Valuation, or the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar to make it “the strongest currency in the middle east” per Shabibi & Legarde…

      When it RV’s, a new monetary system is supposed to get locked into place which is generally making most currencies backed by commodities,etc…
      thus eliminating the current fiat-system which Nixon initiated by going off the gold standard.


      Sunfire - 3 years ago

      In financial circles it means “Re-value”.

        John Kettler - 3 years ago


        I was thinking it might also be be name for a currency.

          FedUp - 3 years ago

          About 195 countries prompted for revaluation; of the most talked about is the Iraqi Dinar. The process also is related to release to the world of the global settlement funding programs (Nesara).

    Wim - 3 years ago

    The washingtonpost links don’t seem to work

    Maggi - 3 years ago

    Fed Up,
    Unfortunately your Washington Post links have been removed.

    McCroft - 3 years ago


    Wow! Very interesting who is this John MacHaffie?

    Rgs McCroft

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