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Amazon’s Kindle–Getting A Review Up Despite The Problems

Sunfire found a clever way to post a Kindle review of my book, in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles encountered by others. One stalwart in my page Reviews tried and failed a dozen times, with many attempts after “Kit Cain” somehow managed to get that vital first review posted.  Here’s what she said:

The way I did it was just to log into my account, and go to your page for the book and click “write a review” but, I know they are looking into it, and I mentioned about there might be something blocking the messages, some form of coding. So they’re looking into it.

What I suggest is if they still can’t get their review in, after trying once more the normal way. You go to , click on “Help” in the top right corner, after the page reloads about half way down on the right will be “contact us” option which needs to be clicked on, either they can sign in or skip sign in option after the new page loads. Then there will be three “questions”, they select Kindle, then something closely related to the situation, then the option of either email, phone or “chat” , I selected chat and explained the situation and the lady was able to help me with getting it through.


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