JK on Project Camelot TV

Join John on Whistleblower Radio!

Join John on Whistleblower Radio!
As some of you know already, John will be the guest on Kerry Cassidy’s Whistleblower Radio show (at Project Camelot) this coming Thursday, 7 P.M. PST. There will be live chat during the show.

We figured that some of you might be listeners already and/or have questions in mind for John and Kerry. If so, please post a comment below.

After the show, we’ll use this as a place for John to answer further questions and/or clarify what was said on the show.

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anonymous - 3 years ago

Good luck for tonight John.
Be careful for you will be subject to a lot of attack.
They will be looking for every opportunity to stick a knife in your back.
Ask your guides and ET/ED buddies to look after you.

They’ll probably want to know what your agenda is and what you expect to gain from this website.

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    Thanks! I’ll shield myself beforehand, but WILL have fun! I have considerable experience with radio interviews, but never on this kind of stuff.

Kauilapele - 3 years ago

When you speak of, say, NWO China, or NWO Iran, or NWO US, I presume you are speaking of the New World Order group(s) operating from within each of those country’s structure. And in contrast to those elements within each country that work with the “White Hats” and/or ET/ED’s within each country. Is this correct?

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    Correct, but some/many countries are run by the NWO. The NWO is all over the place, working its insidious ways, fomenting endless strife and human misery. The NWO is trying to take over this country outright, and has all but fully succeeded.

rockpicker - 3 years ago


Can stargates be used as offensive weapons?

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    Yes, provided you or a friendly controls the stargate?

anonymous - 3 years ago

John, it’s really difficult to follow the comments on your site.
Is it possible for the webmaster to put a button in for us to click whereby we can then read all the comments to an article on the one page?
Once you get past 10 comments, we have to find the older comments and then the even older comments than those.

I have previously asked if you could check whether these forum messages are true but I can’t find this on your site to see if it has been answered. Sorry.
Here’s the links again:

It’s about soldiers from the future who have travelled back in time to fight with dark aliens.

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    You should try keeping up with you! Frankly, I don’t know what to make of these messages.

      anonymous - 3 years ago

      The way I try to keep up is by logging on to your Home page and clicking on the various items under “Recent Comments”. But if too many comments have been added, the older ones drop off the list and I miss them.

      Perhaps you could have a longer list , say the last 30 comments or have a facility so people can scroll down the comments added over the past few days?

        John Kettler - 3 years ago


        Will pass on to Webmaster and see what’s possible.

Trugli Vartna - 3 years ago

You seem to have attracted a relatively high caliber of individuals who follow your posts via Comments and Replies… to say nothing of those similar ones who are silent observers. Judging from comments on other blogs and forums, related and not related, you should also be challenged by no small bombardment of decidedly negative, skeptical, crass mediocrity (or lower)levels of unconsciousness. Or maybe…just maybe….your kind of information is far enough overhead to be beyond small-minded belief systems. I’d be interested to have a rough idea of what percentage of the communication you receive goes straight to the trash. Your interview listeners might find that interesting as well.

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    Of real comments, almost zero. The last such I can recall was a vicious personal attack on me and the YU 55 interceptor launch witnesses. I did dump a bunch of test comments in there today, though. I have excellent spam filters installed, but they catch commercial garbage, not personal attacks. This site seems to be attracting people dying to know the truth and seeking cause for hope.

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