Unicorns – Evidence They Really Existed!


The earlier teaser post focused on the myth and legend of the unicorns. This post focuses on something altogether different–evidence that unicorns really existed. And just so we’re clear, the writer does not mean the spiral-tusked narwhal whales.

Radka’s Remarkable Book on Unicorns

As was mentioned in the teaser post, many years ago the writer was asked to review a slim book on unicorns, a book which mightily warped his perceptions of what was possible. What follows is based on that long ago, never published book review. The book? Historical Evidence For Unicorns, by Larry Brian Radka, 152 p., Einhorn (Unicorn) Press, Newport, Delaware, 1995.

And what sort of evidence does Mr. Radka marshal to support his astounding claims regarding unicorns?

Types of Evidence for the Reality of Unicorns

From Leibniz’s Protogaea (1690-1691) come these (Fair Use):

§35 On the horn of the unicorn, and the remarkable animal excavated from Quedlinburg.

[Pr 128] But we must not ignore that a quadruped unicorn with the size of a horse is to be found in Abyssinia,10 if we believe Jerome Lobo and Balthasar Tellez.11Likewise the skeleton found in the rock in the vicinity of Quedlinburg near Mount Zeunikenberg, in the 63rd year of this century, excavated together with chalk, more nearly resembled the appearance of a terrestrial animal.  Consequently Gericke takes the opportunity to relate in his published book on the vacuum that the unicorn skeleton was found reclined on the back part of the body, as beasts are accustomed, though the head was raised up, the forehead bearing a long extended horn almost five forearms in length, and as thick as a human leg, but decreasing proportionally. It was crushed and extracted in small parts due to the ignorance of the excavators, though finally the horn with the head and some ribs, and the backbone together with other bones were brought to the Abbess of the region. The same things have been reported to me, and a figure is added, which will not be unworthy to append.


Perceptive readers will immediately note the profound disconnect between the period skeleton drawing and the other descriptions of unicorns, such as detailed above.  With so many pieces missing, it nevertheless appears that we may be seeing a unicorn dinosaur! Note, too, that Leibniz talks matter of factly about reports of quadruped unicorns in Abysinnia (modern day Ethiopia). This is backstopped by the following, taken from the Einhorn Press site (Fair Use):

In 1530, Ludovica de Bartema, a Roman patrician, traveled to Egypt, Arabia and India… he was able to visit Mecca with the Hadj, or great caravan of pilgrims… of the curiosities of this city, he says:  “On the other side of the Caaba is a walled court, in which we saw two unicorns, which were pointed out to us as a rarity; and they are indeed truly remarkable.  The larger of the two is built like a three-year-old colt, and has a horn upon the forehead about three ells long.—This animal has the color of a yellowish-brown horse, a head like a stag, a neck very long, with a thin mane; the legs are small and slender, like those of a hind or roe; the hoofs of goat.  These two animals were sent to the sultan of Mecca, as a rarity of great value, and very seldom found, by a king of Ethiopia, who wished to secure, by this present, the good will of the sultan of Mecca.”

Don Juan Gabriel, a Portuguese colonel, who lived several years in Abyssinia, assures us, that in the region of Agamos in the Abyssinian province of Damota, he had seen an animal of the form and size of a middle-sized horse, of a dark chestnut color, and with a whitish horn about five spans long upon the forehead; the mane and tail were black, and the legs short and slender.  Several other Portuguese, who were placed in confinement upon a high mountain in the district Namna, by the Abyssinian king Adamas Saghedo, related that they had seen, at the foot of the mountain, several unicorns feeding.

Nor are we stuck with travelers’ reports of unicorns, for the early Roman scientist/Roman encyclopedist Pliny the Elder described the Unicorn of his day as “an exceedingly fierce animal, resembling a horse.” This accords well with the Medieval perception of unicorns as fearsome beasts, unless tamed.

From these, it would appear there were several types of unicorns, and this is confirmed by the epigraphic evidence found at the Persian Royal Palace at Persepolis, where unicorns abound!  Unicorns are variously depicted as being attacked by a lion , being stabbed by the king; there is even a procession of unicorns and lions. There, unicorns each possess a short, curved horn, as opposed to the long straight ones on the unicorns previously described.

Unicorns and Cryptozoology

Once thought to be mythical, the evidence now exists that places unicorns firmly under the ambit of cryptozoology. Enough data now exist to begin to analyze the apparent existence, at least through the 1500s, of unicorns, based on live reports. Moreover, the epigraphic evidence and various dig findings support the former existence of several unicorn varieties, possibly including dinosaur unicorns!





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Robert Potter - 3 years ago

I find this blog an interesting bit of whimsy in your other more serious and pertinent posts. I was very close to a man named Dr Frank Stranges who maintained close personal contact with commander Valiant Thor a venusian who contacted Eisnhower and was trying to avert our current situation in the 50’s. I presume you may have heard of him he was and is real and does pop in to the govt officials and tries to sway them. He hosts many galactics who visit and teaches them of the earth situation. Dr FRank had an open invitation and di visit Victor One an 100 yard diameter ship which is staioned at lake mead near las vegas. He visited and did go on board many times. His first visit was to watch the kennedy assasination in 68. He has also been to venus and the interior of the planet. Which bring me to my point inside the earth there are beings who are very large and there are unicorns!!! HHHmmmm pretty cool beans huh so your research is vindicated by an eye witness and though he has passed on Dr Franks legacy remains intact you may read of his teaching through his many books and tapes and dvds he also had many you tube presentatins. You have not touched upon this in your posts but much of the et ed efforts are spiritual in nature…NOT Religious but spiritual. the is adifference the ets and ed,s do pray and have faith in an eternal creator. They also acknowledge the life of Christ and many other great teachers who have been sent to this wayward sphere through the years to uplift this planet. They work within councils to determine how best to liberate earth from those they consider “Fallen” who have been running things here through their earth minions. Before he passed in 2008 he did say that The commander ansd his “people” were closing up some of the “Demon Holes” or bases in underground that have been spawning very bad things. Dr FRank came from a background of faith and did use the bible and the life of christ with his message. The commander did give him the true tranlation of the dead sea scrolls which are being suppressed by jewish authorites. These scrolls indicate many contacts with et and ed’s and would radically alter the spiritual thinking of the wolrds religions and usurp thse authorities! he recieved many attempt and threats on his life. He was protected and infact rescued several times and even healed from life threatening injuries by Commander Val who would materialize at the right time. I hope you find this information helpful ,…sicerely you new friend Rob

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    Part of my “beat,” before the ET/ED stuff pretty much overwhelmed it, is cryptozoology, a subject which has long fascinated me. I am familiar with Dr. Frank Stranges, having seen one of his talks in person. Eventually, it got too weird and unbelievable, even for me, let alone my friends, so we split. Did get one of the slim books, though. Know nothing of these inner Earth beings or the unicorns you describe. While the ETs/EDs I’ve dealt with do talk about spiritual matters, I’ve heard NOTHING of what you describe, certainly not the topics you list. There are numerous higher councils, but contacts I have who can operate on those planes have reported nothing along the Christian lines at all.

John Kettler - 4 years ago

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Glad you enjoyed it, and the topic is of continuing interest to me, but in future posts please refrain from blatant commercialism on my site. That’s why I edited your post and killed the link as irrelevant to this site’s purpose.


John Kettler

kid ugg - 4 years ago

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