Unicorns–fact or fiction? New cryptozoology post coming soon!

Unicorns aren’t just for little girls and young women. Rather, unicorns fall squarely under the gimlet eye of cryptozoology, the science that studies the creatures conventional scientists by and large wish to ignore, preferring to protect their reputations and “rice bowls” (conventional funding sources).  Unicorns make for a natural first blog on cryptozoology, with the added bonus of appealing to my currently pending all-female site friends.

I first learned about unicorns as a child, and then there’s the memorable song about them by the Irish Rovers here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4bc9UwZsYs They figure prominently in myth and legend, to include being unapproachable by anyone save a virgin maiden, are incorporated in heraldry and are perennially favored plush toys and even cartoon characters. My blog, though, will take an altogether different approach, being based on a book review I wrote years ago for the once-devastatingly-truthful, now financially extinct, magazine Perceptions, right before it went under! Those of you interested in seeing what shocking revelations were lost may E-mail (pergwenn AT ca.rr.com). The slim volume I was sent home to read and review blew my mind, for I had no idea such data on unicorns even existed, let alone that skeletons of unicorns had been repeatedly discovered and even examined in the eighteenth century by the eminent mathematician and philosopher Gottfried Leibniz, who invented calculus.  Frankly, this was a real jump in my cryptozoology knowledge base, hitherto confined to the coelacanth, Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, mokele mbembe (an apparent surviving apatosaur in Kenya) and a few other oddities, such as the Mothman. But unicorns?

Join me, then, as we look at an obscure little volume, doubtless long out of print now, which documents the factual evidence for the real existence of unicorns.  And, no, we’re NOT talking about narwhal whales with their spiral tusks!

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