War In Middle East Not Permitted, ET/ED Sources Say

Middle East--Where war is not permitted

Middle East--Where ETs/EDs Have Forbidden War! Map Credit: Wikimedia Commons

War “Not On,” Even Conventional Warfare!

War in the Middle East will not be permitted, according to ET/ED (extraterrestrial/extradimensional) sources repeatedly proven correct after making a series of a priori predictions which a)  later occurred and b) were independently confirmed by extremely well-informed terrestrial sources. This “No war!” message came with some very specific targeted warnings.

Neither War Nor Further Middle East Nuclearization Justified

The ETs/EDs view, and rightly so, any war in the Middle East as containing the potential for all out global war, particularly given that the U.S. and Russian navies have carrier battle groups confronting each other in the Mediterranean Sea as this is being written. Simply put, regional war has the scary potential to drag in the great powers, creating a hugely dangerous and extremely unpredictable escalation potential. And this is with the major powers already on heightened nuclear alert following the death of North Korea’s Kim Jong Il and the almost immediate ballistic missile test, which greatly alarmed and annoyed Japan, following his demise. Here are the warnings:

The doctored U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel surveillance drone which mysteriously wound up in Iranian hands is not casus belli (cause for war), though it is intended to be precisely that. The ETs/EDs find current U.S. talk of negotiations with Iran “encouraging.” The principal “justification for war,” Iran’s nuclear weapon program, has suffered a rash of accidents and “accidents,” as various commentators have begun to note. Net effect? Iran has been all but completely gutted in nuclear terms.

“The House of Saud, which badly wants nuclear weapons of its own, would be not only well advised to avoid this path, but needs to immediately stop these horrific practices. Further, it needs to cease funding Wahhabist madrassahs  all over the world, for these are proven spawning grounds for terrorists and recruiting centers for suicide bombers.”

The French have taken the unprecedented and utterly insane step of providing a retired nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) to a militaristic, fully mobilized for war (against both Iran and Syria) Israel. The ETs/EDs are well aware of it and emphatic that it never leave port. The message was blunt: “If it becomes combat ready and moves, it disappears. If it launches while moored, its weapons will be nullified, and the sub and crew will disappear.” The U.S. and Russia in particular have painfully learned this lesson, to include a B-2A Spirit Stealth Bomber which recently vanished in a brilliant green flash moments after takeoff. Bomber and crew are still missing! The ETs/EDs view this SSBN and the quiet Diesel-electric submarine (now being armed with nuclear cruise missiles) Israel recently received as wholly unnecessary and directly in opposition to the denuclearization of the region, which is their goal, in order to reduce the chances of war, both there and on the planet as a whole.

War Fomenters and Advocates NOT Exempt!

Whether it is an attempt to bring about Armageddon via a Middle East war for misguided religious reasons, seize oil, reap huge profits by supplying the tools of war, enhance personal and political power, or even eliminate a perceived threat, the party or parties initiating war will suffer a terrible reckoning. The handwriting is already on the wall for those with the eyes to see it: The rabidly militaristic Kim Jong Il is dead, would-be Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is seeing mass protests against his rigged election, coupled with a demand for new, untainted elections, and Syria’s Bashar-al-Assad is fighting a revolt from within. The winds of change are blowing, and soon they’ll reach gale force, as the weather already has.













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