Vimana of the “gods” stolen! Last laugh’s on the UFO thieves!

Those of you who’ve read my E-book UFOs, Vimanas, Antigravity and Mystics will understand this.  The rest of you’ll probably find this breaking news on the spirited away vimana of the “gods” (happened Tuesday, October 4, 2011 in an ultimately failed black op) incomprehensible.

How They Stole Zoraster’s Vimana

The mixed guard force (three U.S., three Afghan Army soldiers) keeping continuous eyes on Zoroaster’s ancient, perfectly preserved vimana failed to report in, which brought a sergeant to the scene.  The men were all found asleep, a serious military offense, but later,  routine testing for alcohol and drugs established that they’d been injected with acetylcholine, knocking them out.  Am told this is a CIA specialty. This was reportedly done to make sure they stayed “under” after a knockout gas grenade “about the size of a hockey puck” was fired into their midst.  This allowed the covert UFO recovery team to swing into action, carry out its tasks, then depart unobserved, with the ancient, apparently still lethal, vimana under closest heavily armed guard.

How the antigravity vimana was extracted from the gravity well is unknown, but one source thought it might have something to do with prior extensive all-angle photography of the vimana, the imagery of which was characterized as “classified past Mars.” Zoroaster’s antigravity craft, his ancient, devastatingly powerful UFO, though, reportedly looked something like this. Boeing X-20A Dyna-Soar

Image credit NASA/Dryden

However it was gotten out of the gravity well, the vimana left Afghanistan in a giant unmarked C-5A Galaxy transport, destination unknown, since no flight plan was filed. Fortunately for the world, this astounding ancient UFO with “the power of three suns” was rendered safe (not one system functional) by Zoroaster through the very sort of neural interfaces described by rocket experimenter David Adair following his unplanned trip to Area 51.  Years ago, the writer had the privilege of hearing him lecture at the Granada Forum  right after he’d testified for selected members of Congress as part of Dr. Stephen Greer’s then-nascent The Disclosure Project. He told this writer that, while waiting to testify, he’d met someone who’d accurately and precisely described the same casing markings David Adair had seen on an ET fusion drive, with neural interface, recovered from a crashed UFO.

Did Neutralizing This Vimana Save Us from Ourselves?

Given humanity’s known propensity to use “weapons so lethal they’ll stops wars from being fought,” (see Gatling gun, machine gun, dynamite) we can be grateful someone decidedly “not from around here, ” Zoroaster, whether ET (extraterrestrial), ED (extradimensional) or both did the right thing by completely neutralizing his vimana and maybe, just maybe, saved us from ourselves!





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