YU 55 Intercept Launch from Vandenberg AFB Multiply Confirmed!

YU 55 Intercept Launch Seen By Three Independent Eyewitnesses In Two Different California Cities

Despite the strenuous, repeated objections of Mr. Janos Clare of Hungary and several others, it has now been conclusively established that two independent eyewitnesses in Santa Barbara, California and one in Lompoc, California directly observed the launch of the nuclear-armed (3-5 megaton converted thermonuclear gravity bomb)  YU 55 Atlas-Centaur interceptor from Vandenberg AFB ( Air Force Base), as previously reported by the writer. This effectively demolishes Mr. Clare’s position that “If someone had seen it, it would’ve been reported.” Three different people saw it, and it was reported. The Yu 55 intercept launch probably looked something like this to those who saw it.


YU 55 intercept launch
Minotaur IV rocket night launch
Photo credit: U.S. Air Force

YU 55 Eyewitness Identities Protected

YU 55 intercept launch eyewitness identities are being protected in order to avoid the same government strong arm tactics, intimidation and silencing practiced after over 100 eyewitnesses reported seeing an ascending flame trail rise from the water, turn in midair and streak toward the plane shortly before TWA 800, a Boeing 747-100, blew up in midair at 8:45 p.m local time and fell into the Atlantic Ocean off Long Island, New York on July 17, 1996.  This writer’s taking no chances the same could happen in this case, whose stakes were enormously higher, considering the vast number of lives at risk and the simply stupendous damage to the entire Pacific Rim had this potentially cataclysmic Pacific Ocean strike by YU 55 occurred. Conveniently, a “tsunami preparedness exercise” (planned some three years before) was already under way, as was previously reported by the writer.

YU 55 Interceptor Launch Occurred–Despite the Skeptics

President Jimmy Carter’s Secretary of the Navy once said, during his time in that post: “Everyone’s entitled to his own opinion; everyone’s not entitled to his own facts.” The same holds true here. No matter what Mr. Clare or anyone else wishes to believe, there was a launch from Vandenberg AFB to intercept and divert Asteroid 2000 YU 55. Of that much, we’re certain. Newly obtained information, though, indicates that what we thought happened to YU 55 when the thermonuclear warhead detonated didn’t occur.  Rather, it was something infinitely stranger and wholly unexpected. Stay tuned!







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