YU 55 Asteroid Reportedly Diverted by Thermonuclear Blast!



YU 55 The Hidden History

Asteroid 2005 YU 55
Credit: YU 55 radar image via by Goldstone Deep Space Communications Facility

YU 55, formally, Asteroid 2000 YU 55,  originally 1/4 mile across, 8/10 of the distance from here to the Moon (~200,000 nautical miles = YU 55‘s distance from Earth) and traveling fast enough, 30,000 mph, to cause massive Pacific-wide tsunamis and crack the ocean floor if YU 55 had hit, has now been diverted and will NOT hit the Earth. Informed sources do NOT say whether Earth will be pelted with radioactive meteorites as a result of this first successful diversion of an inbound asteroid via human weaponry. That weaponry was thermonuclear, a converted MK? gravity bomb of 3-5 megaton yield, launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base (AFB), Launch Complex Five, California on some variety of the problematic Atlas-Centaur rocket in a crash effort Tuesday, November 8, 2011 “sometime betweeen midnight and 1 a.m. local time.” Detonation was confirmed through an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) received by radio telescopes at Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank. West Virginia.

YU 55 —  Alarming Coincidences

“Coincidentally,” the expected impact window, November 9-10, saw the EXERCISE PACIC WAVE 11 (tsunami response) in full swing, and the FCC’s conducting a “communication exercise” Tuesday, November 8.  As the video explains, Asteroid YU 55 Info on YouTube, there are way too many “coincidences” occurring at once, especially to those of us who recall the scenario being gamed on 9/11, which just “happened” to mirror what actually occurred, and that fulfilled the “New Pearl Harbor” desired by the Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

YU 55 — “The Lie Is Different at Every Level” (Richard Hoagland)

YU 55 seems to fit Mr. Hoagland’s insider quote, obtained from a military intelligence officer, to a “T.” The media kept/were kept quiet, public officials were not at all forthcoming, yet a complicated, large scale tsunami disaster relief force for a YU 55 strike was already in place, its presence covered by the long-planned above exercise, itself suspicious; communication links were quietly tested by the FCC, and an all-out effort was mounted by Vandenberg AFB to avert a disastrous asteroid strike using a cobbled together impromptu launch platform and warhead combination to do what had never been done before–divert an onrushing asteroid, in this case, YU 55. While those involved in the effort were jubilant, there has been zero information since, which may mean we’re not out of the woods yet, especially if radioactive chunks of YU 55 are still inbound. If so, these pieces of YU 55 will strike Earth “sometime next week.”


The YU 55 story presented above now has a wholly unexpected Cold War plot twist. It turns out that the warhead, contrary to earlier reports, was not a converted U.S. thermonuclear gravity bomb, but something far more unusual–a 3-megaton Russian R-12/ SS-4 SANDAL IRBM (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile) warhead assembled from obsolete Russian warheads sent to the United States for safe disassembly and disposal when the Cold War ended.  The SS-4 SANDAL is the very same IRBM whose installation in Cuba triggered the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, and its use, by the U.S., to attempt to divert YU 55 is remarkable, to say the least!





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John F. - 3 years ago

that YouTube site reminds me of SCI-FI TV Channel mind control, makes me wonder how many ETs are vying for this planet & its resources inclu-
ding us of course. World domination seems to be an eternal top game

    Trugli Vartna - 3 years ago

    John F: I don’t choose to believe much that comes down the internet pipeline, but this Atlanticobr site helps me believe in the benevolent and protective nature of Creation … particularly at a time when integrity seems to be a lost art. A lot of “channeled” information is just a bunch of dribble, but this Andromedan cat –“Mythi Sicphephics” — puts out information that is highly credible and evidential enough for me to believe we are getting more help on the pathway to freedom than we are aware of. It also gives me something more for which to be grateful and positive. World domination is for what I call the “Undeveloped” souls. Freedom, wisdom, and unbridled power are for the Creators who know how to handle it, as well as who they are, where they come from, and why. It’s the road considerably less well-traveled.
    Trugli Vartna

      John Kettler - 3 years ago


      Will have to take a look at it, and the “90% of everything is garbage” rule seems truer than ever there. As for help, we need all we can get!

      Surferess - 3 years ago

      I agree, I like the Mythi stuff. I am one of their youtube subscribers and follow them consistently. I like it b/c it is off-world info but from a second source other than the GFoL. Don’t get me wrong, I love the GFoL, but it is always nice to get a story from different perspectives for clarity and confirmation.

        John Kettler - 3 years ago


        According to multiple contacts, both here and “there,” the GFoL is an extremely dangerous machine intelligence operating from a practically unkillable giant ship. Please see my FAQ on things that aren’t what they seem to be.

Trugli Vartna - 3 years ago

John: Interesting bit of somewhat contradicting info from Atlanticobr:
Taken From: http://www.youtube.com/user/atlanticobr?feature=watch
Video 68
Friends of our channel and YouTubers welcome. Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video sixty eighth – November 2, 2011.
Friends, I had to do a 5-day trip which prevented contact with Mythi. Yesterday we could talk and exchange some information. I received many many emails about the YU-55 and follow what was explained to me: –
The perihelion of the YU-55 as you call it was diverted to demonstrate the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence for the entire population of planet Earth. Its trajectory was sidetracked by the influence of Krulian ship which followed the Elenin comet, a comet which was also “ordered” to this action. The comet YU-55, will be accompanied by your astronomers and may be diverted to reach the Moon and it will be operated by spacecraft, all seen by you in real time. If the YU-55 reaches the moon on Nov. 8, a great rain of debris will be attracted by the gravitational pull of Earth, possibly neutralizing your communication systems, plus the trail of the comet Elenin scheduled to begin the first effects of this early month. Even though it is not directed to reach the lunar surface, the whole movement of spacecraft will provide the necessary disclosure for the moment, a fact that thousands of people on your planet may be seen with regular telescopes, without the censoring of your governments. –
The Community Galactica requested the total evacuation of all activities on the Moon since the approach of Elenin already setting the stage for this event. Scheduled after this revelation, the “solar system Nibiru” may be placed on the original route again; it is being moved forward by the “spaceship Krulian” and is causing orbital changes and declination of the axes of the planets in outer orbits, especially on Saturn and Jupiter which are more easily observed. This is a decision to be taken in the wake of these events, and you if so, will finally see the two suns in a few months.

Video 69
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video sixty nine – November 10, 2011.
Friends, I came here at the insistence of CB to comment on these points and I return in about three days for a new conversation. We are assisting the Arcturians in an operation to remove a submarine base near the island Socotra in the Arabian Sea. As you could follow, the asteroid YU-55 was diverted from his route to the moon by Krulian ship, bringing it a little more close to Earth’s orbit, and that made your astronomers make corrections in the distances of Earth flyby. The Community Galactica decided to hinder the plans by the current elite of your planet, they were advised by Pleiadeans. If major natural disasters to happen at the moment as they were certain and confident, would facilitate the plan of genocide. A large craft Krulian passed near the planet covering the effects of meteorites, the trail of Elenin, which would disable your communications in early November.
Your elites are losing time, they could not count on Elenin, nor with the YU-55, and not with the system Nibiru in its correct time, and so will they lose control of the situation soon. Unfortunately, at first, you are in the midst of planned retaliation for them but will not for long. The reptilians are unable to voice any participation, because their activities are practically suspended on Earth by orders of the Community Galactica that is, your elites will be without any coverage. The military movements clearly demonstrate the purpose of this game, putting the nation against nation, especially in more populated areas of the planet. For your elites this is a game with marked cards, everyone involved knows exactly what role they should play the game of populational elimination.

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    A lot to digest! Have sent it “upstairs” for comment. I was “told” that YU-55 was originally NOT on a collision course with Earth, but some unspecified encounter had changed its trajectory.

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    Please copy this comment to my newest Yu 55 post, the one with the Cat People.It may explain the previously unspecified trajectory deviation.

Brian - 3 years ago

Lord William MacGregor, KBE, PhD, ScD, PhD, RAS, RAA

So secretive that the enigmatic Lordship doesn’t appear anywhere except as deceased and minus a few qualifications. Incredible he has access to the internet…;-)

PS RAA should in fact be RA in case your google fu failed to notice, and no the polymathic Lord isn’t on record as belonging there either


Some noteworthy people of the name MacGregor

Sir William MacGregor (1846-1919), British colonial administrator, governor of Newfoundland (1904-1909), and Queensland, Australia (1909-1914)
Air Vice-Marshal Andrew MacGregor (1897-1983), World War I flying ace, recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross
Joanna MacGregor (b. 1959), British classical, jazz, and contemporary pianist
Alasdair Alpin MacGregor (1899-1970), Scottish writer and photographer
Ewan MacGregor (b. 1971), Scottish actor, best known for his role as the young Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequel trilogy
John MacGregor (1825-1892), Scottish explorer, travel writer and philanthropist
Sir Ian Kinloch MacGregor KBE (1912-1998), Scottish metallurgist and industrialist
Sir Colin MacGregor, Chief Justice in Jamaica
Douglas Macgregor (1906-1964), American industrial psychologist
John_MacGregor (1889-1952), Canadian recipient of the Victoria Cross during the First World War

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    The review was published, exactly as submitted. It’s not my job to vet reviews. It’s my job to screen and answer comments, such as yours. As I said, not all things are public. For instance, quite a few people have private FB pages, yet somehow you don’t come unglued over that. Am convinced His Lordship is quite real, every bit as much as your terrier like worrying of the matter! Thanks for the clan MacGregor update, too.

Skywise - 3 years ago

Have you ever considered you are gullible.



Lord John MacGregor of Pulham Market OBE PC FKC (He was made a life peer as Baron MacGregor of Pulham Market, of Pulham Market in the County of Norfolk on 5 July 2001)

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    I’ve said my piece. After rechecking with sources of multiply proven reliability, I have found no reason to modify my previous comment. Am quite satisfied His Lordship is real, whether or not you can find him in available public records. The British are famous for protecting their privacy, you know, especially the hereditary peerage.

Skywise - 3 years ago

Lord William MacGregor, KBE, PhD, ScD, PhD, RAS, RAA wrote “gush”

John. Pity you aren’t as questioningly thorough when it comes to checking the identity of ‘Lord MacGregor’ (20 October 1846 – 3 July 1919) on your home page. lol


    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    Did you consider that the title could be inherited and that there may be a lineal descendant of the dead lord who now bears the same name and title?

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