BEK Info Pours In–Why You Should Care!!!


BEK    Image Credit: Added to the Wikia by TheCipher

BEK information recently received indicates a real and potentially mortal threat to anyone who encounters them. How serious? They eat souls and destroy that which makes us who we are! The importuning kids with the solid black eyes (not tied to any known condition, per a California opthalmologist), kids who must be invited in (avoid doing so at all costs) are not even human! BEK appearance is simply a disguise that makes them  approachable. The BEK are apparently slaves of the Reptoids/Cabal and are tasked to “clean up the planet.” That is NOT a green environmental goal. It means ridding the planet of us!  BEK’s normal function? Remove degenerated, irredeemable souls, much as wolves cull the sick and the weak animals from a caribou herd.

BEK–What They Are & How They Work

The basic BEK operating procedure is detailed here and describes how prospective “dinners” are approached, worked on on a bunch of levels, what can happen if someone foolishly/in ignorance/via mind manipulation allows the BEK entrance, but this isn’t by any means the whole story. That’s infinitely more disturbing. What follows on the BEK is from one of the Ground Contingents and from within the Liberation Forces proper. BEK encounter summaries at the end are from a sensitive source.

“Brian Bethel reports his feelings registered hard when two children approached him. They were scary, and he could not wrap his head around his reaction. In other words, he had a whole body response. This is an attempt by his Greater Self, to alert him to the danger; a soul mechanism, and a survival signal. If he could, he should have  run away. This was not an intellectual reaction, it was visceral. The mind needs time to process, yet he knew something was wrong before his mind could present something to show him. Note the time difference between the first alert and the final realization they were black-eyed. No one should need more than the first register of terror. People already know, on a deeper level what these creatures represent.”

The source then went on to analyze what was going on behind the scenes in an encounter with the BEK. Turns out we humans are seriously disadvantaged in a BEK encounter!

“Because People on Earth are absolutely dumbed-down about the realities in this sector of creation, we cannot initially ascertain what the possibilities might be. Because these BEP or BEK needed to be invited it, they are giving lip service to a creational law, where one must agree to be enslaved, or consumed. Being invited in, means to the predator, you agree to whatever comes next. This creational law also states a person must have a choice, again lip service, but it gives an excuse to the predator to take advantage of ignorance and innocence. The soul reaction of Brian Bethel tells you they want his soul, and the soul knows it. This means nothing to most people on Earth, because people have no clue what a soul really is. It is connection to Source and to Divine Intelligence. Without it we become lifeless, dead and controllable. Without a soul, we become nothing.”

Got your attention now? BEK= mortal peril–for anyone unfortunate enough to encounter them! The source goes on to characterize the BEK and their horrific mission.

“An inquiry to the ET side indicates these are of an insect nature; hence the black eyes. They work with the reptiles and are here to clean up the planet, that is, to get rid of the humans. They are of the nature of a succubus. Although your eyes cannot see their true form, they are definitely not human.”

As the readers will see momentarily, this rates as British grade understatement!  The source provided the above and more, but was deeply affected by what was perceived.

“It not only creeped me out, but it got all over me. When I went to dinner, I couldn’t shake it. Eventually I realized these black-eyed children pressed on my third eye. They apparently wanted me to know who they were. We had a short conversation, with them in their childlike voices. I said, “Drop the act, I know you are not children.”

Then flowed a more masculine adult tone. I cannot remember the conversation other than they verified they were soul eaters. Then I said, “Show me what your appearance is.”

I must admit, it was one of the more stupid things of my life, for I will never forget it. It was a triangular form with the top point being the head. Although I could not see the body details, I could see the sucking mechanism. Two tubes. The feel of them was insect, they verified they were insect. I don’t dare guess the size. If you can see the image, you can get it yourself.”

Upon further reflection later, the source came up with further details indicating these awful, yet sentient, beings are winged, really don’t like what they’re being forced to do and are bored, in a sense.  The source continues about the BEK experience:

“I asked them, “What do you do after you have eaten all the souls?” They replied, “It is not a problem, we can make more.” There was a forlorn feeling to the entire thing. I guess eating souls gets boring after a while. I don’t know why they were so interested in showing themselves. It seems they wanted something. Perhaps they want the exposure, they don’t want to work for the reptiles, or some such thing. I find it odd. If they can make more souls to eat, then what are they doing here? Another kind of enslavement. They, too, are enslaved by the Cabal?”

BEK & Health Problems? The Least Of Our Concerns!

The account you reported where they had had been invited in and the people had some health problems is only part of the story. The occupants were probably incubused. That is, the souls were taken and the holographic inprint of the soul was merged with an incubus. It is hard to tell the difference between the original and the clone. Thus these creatures have a good cover. One of my contacts knows personally four people who have been incubused. She could tell the difference by their lack of interest in certain areas. A subtle but definite change of attitude, and lack of responsiveness to matters that used to be important; other than that, they behaved the same. The power of the dark is way beyond our simple understanding. It is probably best to simply get out of the way. ”

Here’s what can happen when we don’t. The BEK don’t mess around!

BEK–New Cases

What Happened to the Neighbors?

The place: California, an unspecified (by a different source) rural area, with neighbors living nearby. From what can be determined, the origin of this story is from law enforcement officers.

The situation: BEK, who repeatedly knock, at night, on the door of a rural home. The owners wisely resist all the urgent and even emphatic requests by the BEK for admission, supposedly to use the phone. Frustrated, the BEK go next door–and are admitted.

Outcome: When the neighbors haven’t been seen for a time, the homeowners call the sheriff’s office to have deputies see what’s going on. The neighbors have simply vanished!  Everything’s intact, and vehicles are still there. No neighbors and no BEK, either!

Now, that didn’t turn out well, did it? Fortunately, better BEK outcomes are possible and have been reported.

Rural Encounter

The place: Texas boondocks, a lonely rural road, broad daylight, in the middle of nowhere.

The situation: A concerned farmer in a battered pickup truck sees an apparently stranded teen (a BEK, unknown to him), no vehicle in sight, and pulls off the road to investigate.The teen approaches the truck and asks for a ride to town. Initially receptive, the farmer’s put off by the rude insistences and begins to feel alarmed. He races away, not knowing how close to BEK disaster he came.

Outcome: The farmer knew at what mile marker this bizarre BEK encounter  had occurred. 100 miles later, he turned around and went right back to the scene.  No teen there or anywhere. Let’s hope no one else succumbed to the BEK!

To wrap up this admittedly ghastly read, let’s look at the importance again of trusting your instincts.

And You Thought School Was Dangerous!

The place: California, a rural school bus stop with a 1/4 mile walk home for the family’s kids.

The situation: BEK vs. the youngest child, a boy. It’s a siege, with the boy targeted Monday-Friday when he gets off the bus. He’s accosted by the BEK, who first asks, then later insists, on being invited to the house. Undaunted, our young stalwart does his parents proud by replying firmly to the BEK “Only if my Mom says it’s okay.” The BEK has no choice but to wait. The boy treks to the house, tells his mother the strange tale, and the two of them walk all the way to his stop. Nothing. This goes on for five days!

Outcome: Frustrated BEK and a little boy who gets to stay human! How many of your children, small relatives or the neighbors’ children would have the presence of mind to respond as this little boy did? Best teach them!

Let others debate whether BEK are real or imaginary as they will. You’ve now been warned. You know the truth!



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TJ - 3 years ago

Its strange. I was lead here by a search caused by the initial linking of a podcast sent by a work colleague that told me it reminded them of an incident about we shared about three years ago. I haven’t been able to verify that it was BEC and truthfully I’m not too sure about all things mentioned here.

Anyway, five of us were opening up the grocery store where we work at 8am in the morning. There were five customers waiting outside, two regulars and four children, roughly about 10-12 years old. I didn’t really think anything of it, so I went ahead and opened up the doors, and we lined up to welcome the first customers, as is store custom. The two regular customers stepped in, and the children seemed to approach us, but before they entered one of my colleagues stepped in front of them, right into the doorway and said in a firm voice, “I see you, and there is nothing for you here.”

All my other colleagues and I looked at one another in disbelief, I mean, in a customer service industry speaking like that is recipe for the sack but we said nothing. The children and her (my colleague) stared at one another for a few moments before the children turned and left.

I thought nothing of it, but the colleague in question left of her own accord a week later, and had only worked there for a month beforehand. She was a really strange type, with the brightest blue eyes I have seen, and she didn’t speak much to anyone. Often people said they found her staring at them, which made them uncomfortable, as anyone staring at you does, but never felt any threat from her, instead she almost always seemed to be smiling. She got the reputation of being ‘with the fairies’ so to speak, as in, being a bit of a dreamer.

Since the incident though people have talked. Now I can’t verify this, and truthfully I take it with a heavy pinch of salt, but according to one colleague the woman always insisted on being there at opening time, every day. They also reported that one of the children showed up on the woman’s first week working there, seemed to stare at her, without trying to enter, turned, and left. This happened every day for a week, and the next week, the same child showed up with a ‘friend’, same result, and then a third on the third week and so on, all the way up to that day, then the visits stopped, the children never showed up again, and the woman left.

I don’t pretend this is anything groundbreaking, and to me it seems to be the overactive imaginations of one of my colleagues adding filler to one bizarre incident. I never saw the buildup, as I wasn’t involved with opening up before that one day, and I never saw any black eyes, but I can’t deny that day was bizarre, and I can’t deny the woman and children were strange. But I am sufficiently interested to have listened to the podcast, and performed a google search on it all.

Any theories?

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    Not off the top of my head, but thanks a bunch for sharing this remarkable story!

adams471 - 3 years ago

With all respect to the man who ask the BEK to show theirreal form;this could have been true form,oritcould not have been. GOD sayes in the BIBLE that HE will send strong delusion to those who dont believe so that they will believe a lie. I’m not sayin the man is a non-believer,but the BIBLE says in the endtimes satan will come with all manner of signs and wonders.

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    You are certainly entitled to your views, but I think you’ll find them severely challenged here. The person who had that experience has the ability to work way up in the higher dimensions, has repeatedly confronted and broken down demons by understanding what made them that way in the first place, and I’ve seen this person immediately after an unwanted higher dimensional visit from the BEK, who wanted to talk. The expression this person had was one of shock and disgust, the kind of thing forever burned into one’s mind. Made me shudder!

John Pierce - 3 years ago

While jogging on the beach in San Diego county, California, I saw a group of 3 BEKs pretending to play in the sand with shovels. They kept looking up and around them as they “played”. Totally black pupils. Creepy! What would their agenda be at the beach. No adults seemed to be with them.

    John Kettler - 3 years ago


    Good thing you kept jogging! The answer is, most likely, accosting children.

      John Pierce - 3 years ago

      Two boys and a girl, John. They were all in the 10-12 age group. Serious expressions. Nice looking, athletic builds. No running to and from the water like kids do at the beach. They looked around at me jogging by, then went back to their digging. It was a typical kid’s stand fortress…the tide was coming in and soon it would be swamped. I could almost imagine some poor kid buried in the sand behind the sand wall with his/her head under a bucket soon to be underwater as the waves washed into the pit behind the sand wall. But I didn’t see any bucket…it was just an imagination on my part. lol Remember what happened to Long John Silver in Disney’s version of Treasure Island? That was what came up in my memory. Spooky.

        John Kettler - 3 years ago


        Considering someone just called me a liar and a fraud over the BEK issue, I’d call the amplification of your earlier comment most welcome!

          John Pierce - 3 years ago

          LOL…I’ll bet you get plenty of that…I still need help with the Insect Queen! 😉 It takes a tough skin to do what you do. I admire you for it.

          John Kettler - 3 years ago



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